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Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 22 Sep 2011, 22:01 »
thanks for the reply wes,

i haven't been into the cellar, i tried all highscores, the date from the newspaper in the trash but none worked :(

ah so the switch was for the dinosaur part ;) ok.

so how do i get into the cellar ?

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 21 Sep 2011, 20:47 »
can anyone help me get on ?

Spoiler: ShowHide

1) i still need to get tim off the car. i already gave the drink to the mooseman, but he just sits there

2) can't pick up a dart or something for popping the ballons, thought i could do that with the rolled flyer ?

3) the switch in the profs room didn't do anything ?

did all other stuff already

can anyone help me with these 3 situations pls ?

to Eli:

Spoiler: ShowHide

btw. ATM is at the main screen in front of the hosiptal to the right above the subway entrance.

could someone help me get on ? i am stuck.

i got 36 points so far and on my todo list (F1) i see talk to dr hart (speaker doesnt work) and look for info what happened to her (was in her room and got all stuff, even found out the coordinates, but he doesn't want to go to the park).

tried roaming the museum again, tried combining all inventory, don't know what to do now :/

Hints & Tips / Re: stuck in Chance of the Dead
« on: 16 Sep 2011, 13:22 »
ok, got it.

the answer to the first post is simply

look on top right of the cupboard

Hints & Tips / Re: stuck in Chance of the Dead
« on: 16 Sep 2011, 13:07 »
Hi All
Ive straightened the bent pipe and tried to fit it on the exhaust of the Coffee Machine- it still doesnt fit.
Anyone have any ideas - I seem to have tried everything!!

i got the same problem, i've already got the pipe from the waste and used the hammer to straighten it, but it doesn't fit on the exhaust pipe on the coffe machine.

i did a pixel search on the whole cupboard area and on the waste area outside again, but couldn't find anything more, not even around the waste, there is just the dog and the door.

no items i got work with the exhaust pipe on the coffee machine or the pipe i hammered.

what now ?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Re: no midi output
« on: 18 Apr 2011, 19:42 »
yes, i did that. there is an app called Creative Midi Device Configuration Utility where i can Set the Midi Out to Synth A, Synth B, Midi I/O or MIDI I/O 2 (Front Panel).

i tried all settings, and when i set it to Synth A or Synth B i can play .mid files with Windows Media Player, but ags midi doesn't work.

I once realized i get midi fx though, like atmosphere (wind) or dull noises, that i didn't get before.

but no music.

i really think this must be related to the Hardware Synth in the creative audigy 2 zs card somehow.

who knows a way to set Windows' Midi NOT to use my soundcard's midi, but the general midi sounds fromo windows ?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Re: no midi output
« on: 17 Apr 2011, 15:45 »

so i guess no one is using an audigy 2 zs with hardware synth a or synth b ?

it seems the soundcard has its own hardware midi synths, and therefore ignores the standard mci device setting in winsetup.exe.

but i don't get it, why the win32 midi mapper doesn't route the midi track to the hardware midi synth on my card. maybe because i use vista 64 ?

i mean, since i selected synth a instead of MIDI IO out (front panel midi in/out) i can play .mid files with windows media player, but the ags engine doesn't work..

i still get no music in all ags games :/

does anyone know how i can maybe deselect the hardware synth from my soundcard and use the general midi sounds from windows ?

happiness! :)

just entered the changed code with eMouseRight for 3.1.2 and it works now.

so, until i won't have any errors with combining objects in the future, this left/right interface is DONE !

you are really cool people here.

i never really got that much help in any other forum so far with special codings, that really worked.

i hope i don't get into more trouble, soon :)

thanks a lot for your help so far!!!

will definately add khris in the credits for additional scripting.

is there a zipped version of ags.3.2.1 ?

(edit: looked through the thread, seems there is none)

i can't install .exe installers here at work. :/
can't extract from the .exe with winrar or uniextract either.. :/

will have to install it at home tonight and make a zipped archive for work for tomorrow and use 3.1.2 for today.

thx matti, will try it with the new version now..

and besides.. i found the error why it didn't work yesterday, even with the 3.1 version.

i used i<mouseRight instead of i<=mouseRight..

it should work now.. i'll post it when i installed the new version.

oh, that would explain it.

thanks for looking that up.

i downloaded the only version on the main page that is available, and that is



where can i get a newer version ?

have to go over your last post again tomorrow.. didn't get all of it this evening ;))

about the crash:

IsButtonDown only works with eMouseLeft and eMouseRight

was the full error message (little yellow popup box)

there was nothing more. how can it run with eMoueMiddle in your script if i get an error telling me that i can't use eMouseMiddle with IsButtonDown ?

ok, it didn't work for me like this.

when i go with the mouse to the top gui (gIconBar) the program crashes as soon as i reach the top with the mouse at the line:

    if (mouse.IsButtonDown(i)) {

and explanation: IsButtonDown only works with eMouseLeft and eMouseRight

fixed this error with
  while (i < eMouseRight) {

but now right clicking doesn't deselect the item anymore in the InventoryWindow. :/

i am still at the first lines, still trying to understand what you did before.

so you created a void instead of a function, because you don't need any return values from the on_event function ? i didn't see the on_event function beeing called somewhere. i just pasted the void in the main script.

so how does this work ?

are all functions that are in the main script called automatically every cycle ? and if so, all others would be called, too..

i don't really get this step, still..

edit: oh, i got  it... "the function is called when a particular event happens. "

simple as that. :/

so it would work, too, if we did it like this and set the number of the inventory gui as int data ?

function on_event(EventType eEventGUIMouseUP, int data) {
    if (GUIControl.GetAtScreenXY(mouse.x, mouse.y) == invCustomInv && player.ActiveInventory != null) player.ActiveInventory = null;

or is this the reason why you used it as a void, because we don't want to use the inventory gui ?


on to the new way you described:

wouldn't it be sufficient to insert "if (mouse.IsButtonDown(eMouseRight))" into the code before with the on_event function or wouldn't this work because the on_event asks for a mousebutton relase that is AFTER the ismousebuttondown function ?


i put this void in the main script, it works now. you are getting close to a god now khris...  :o
i tried to use GUIControl with invCustomInv before that, but this alone didn't do the job.

what is the eEventGUIMouseUp used for ? is this the same as mouseclick (i read it's the event if the mouse button is released..)?

the last of the 3 lines seems logic to me, but can you explain to me what is going on in the first 2 lines ?

so this void runs every cycle then and checks if a mouse button was released and if the mouse was over the gui control and if the player activeinventory is NOT empty ?

i miss the right mouse button somewhere in this.. and yes.. as i thought, it works with the left mouse button, too, but it shouldn't.

i see there is no way to use these 3 lines with the ags eMouseRight somehow because there is no clickable event in this area, therefore you had to use an own void and the guimouseup isn't even documented in the ags wiki.

so i guess there is no way to make the event only happen on a right click or a guimouseupright ?

i found IsKeyPressed(13) instead of an on click event in an older post, could this be of value to this somehow ?

i found out why it's not working..

it only works on the GUI, but not in the InventoryWindow, when no other items are in there to right click on.

seems that the InventoryWindow Area is an extra area and not the same as the GUI.

i would need a function to check if a mousebutton event was done while the mouse(x,y) are on the InventoryWindow area, as this area is not the same as the gui.

or does it work for you directly in the item area (not to the right where the arrows are) ?

i cleared all buttons and made the inventorywindow as big as the gui itself, i just left about 4 pixels on each side.
in this small area it works, but not in the InventoryWindow itself.

i am referring to the invCustomInv (InventoryWindow; ID0) (the control that is not clickable) from the dropdown box in ags inventory gui, not the gInventory (NormalGUI2) (that is set to clickable=true)

no error, i inserted that line in the onclick event of the gInventory GUI.

it compiles, but when right clicking in the inventory with a selected item, the item is not deselected.
it still only deselects if right clicking over an inventory item.

i also tried with button == eMouseRightInv, but no change..

the gui is set to clickable, checked that.

i found out why it's not working..

it only works on the GUI (4 pixel edges), but not in the InventoryWindow, when no other items are in there to right click on.

seems that the InventoryWindow Area is an extra area and not the same as the GUI.

i would need a function to check if the mouse(x,y) are on the InventoryWindow area..

that didn't work :/

ok, now i can select the inventory object with right click and left click shows the display message.

but i can't deselect it with right click if it is selected and i am somewhere in the inventory. it only deselect's it, if i am rightclicking on the inventory item itself.

how can i change it, so it get's deselected when right clicking anywhere in the inventory ?

got that thing with the inventory on my own just before you typed it and use my inv_yes bool ;)..

thanks a lot khris, i don't know.. but for me it seems, it's not really that easy for people who are not into coding to use ags with a different interface than ags default at all ;))

i coded an adventure engine back then in 92 together with my dad, he made routines in asm (like direct adressing the video memory for sprites) and i used them in turbo pascal ;)

i coded some bbs apps for proboard (.pex) the next years and some other stuff, went into c++ coding with directx9 after that, but ags is really not as easy as directx9, i have to say ;))

if you know ags very good, it may be simple, but for a newbie into ags.. i really didn't know where to get this from..

InventoryItem*ia = inventory[game.inv_activated];   // item the player clicked on

i still don't know where to look for them in the manual..

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