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As for Ankou, I agree, and I'm updating the new version to have another trigger, although I'm not entirely sure what yet.

May I suggest you the moment Nikee reads the paper on the table? It's very difficult to overlook it.

Another thing I found improveable is the item selection from the inventory. I think is annoying having to click on the item and then on the arrow to exit the inventory dialog. In other games, you usually click on the item, the cursor becomes the item, and then you move the cursor out of the inventory dialog in order to close it.

Hi Moloko.

Congratulations for your game, it's very funny. However, my play was ruined by the De Sade bug, and I'm waiting for your fix before playing it again. I supose you will notify the new version release in this forum, but I think it's also a good idea to append the version tag to the exe file name. Something like ponderabilia20140113.exe ... It will be useful for knowing wich version are you downloading.

I know something about web design, and I found the buttons on the Ponderabilia download website a little misplaced. Take a look to the code I've rewritten, you may use it if you like.


Another suggestion... The way Ankou appears is very tricky. I got stuck for hours with that.

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