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Completed Game Announcements / Essia
« on: 24 Feb 2014, 13:03 »
Hi guys,

I've always been a big fan of the games made with AGS but thought this would be a good opportunity to get more involved with the community. A friend and I are working on a larger point and click in ags so I'm sure I'll be around these parts more often!

I've been watching the double fine amnesia fortnight eps and had a few ideas about one of their game pitches; Mnemonic by Derek Brand. I thought I might as well stick some of my ideas into AGS. I ended up putting together this quick little game called Essia.

Essia, like Mnemonic, is a game about piecing together your memories in a 'noir-like' environment. I did this in pretty much one sitting so the art is very... me :). But its only a little game so I think I've got all the bugs and most of the interactions have unique flavour text.

Left click is inspect.
Right click is think about, including in your 'memory' (inventory).

I recommend playing the song 'How' by Regina Spektor while you play, you should be finished by the end of the song :p

Essia - Version 1.0



Total props to Derek Brand and all the guys at DF

[Edit: The AGS game page]

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