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The voting is over and we have a runaway winner:

Hydrate by Retro Wolf!

Well done, sir. You'll be contacted soon about coming up with a topic for May.

Thanks a lot to all participants and voters.

by Retro Wolf
by VampireWombat
Suspicious Mind
by Creamy and Kastchey

Topic: Glass of water
Suggested by: Cassiebsg and morganw

The theme for this month is "glass of water".
Specifically the game must display the text "glass of water" during a complete playthrough.
Use of any pre-existing assets is permitted.

  • the case of the text may be modified
    e.g. "GLASS OF WATER" or "Glass of water"
  • the text can be part of a longer phrase
    e.g. "I'd like a glass of water"
  • the game name must not reference a glass of water
    (this is to help ensure that game names are not duplicated and that the text displaying requirement is not met by the title screen)

Deadline March 31st


What is MAGS?

Started in 2001, MAGS is a competition for amateur adventure game makers. The idea is to create a game in under a month, following the rules set by the previous winner. It aims to help you work to a deadline, improve your skills, and provide a kick-start into making adventure games. Regardless of skill, MAGS is for everyone. Voting is based on "favourite" games, and not the most artistic, or the best coded. If you have bad art skills, use it as a chance to do some graphic work. If you're sub-standard at coding, use it as a chance to give scripting a go. Ultimately, people will vote for the most enjoyable entry.


Entering MAGS is simple. First, conceptualise your game following the month's criteria (see above). Second, create your game fuelled only by coffee. Finally, post your game in this thread, including:

* A working download link
* The title of your game
* A suitable in-game screenshot

At the end of the month, voting will begin, usually lasting for fourteen days and the winner chooses the next month’s theme.

AGS Archives / Re: AGS Archives archive torrent
« on: 08 Jan 2019, 07:28 »
Yeah, thanks for all the help with hosting AGS stuff.  You'll definitely be back (no one ever leaves for long...), so see you then!

Yes!  :grin:

You and Terri, presumably?

It's that time of year again!

At last Mittens it seems there was more interest than ever in doing it in Australia. No time or location in mind yet, but would enough people be interested?

Interested Parties

Privateer Puddin'

That sounds sufficient; there isn't really a need for a dropdown, then. But it should probably be communicated: "Search forum/board/thread"

About search:
Yes, cause I often use the search to search for topics, not necessarily just in the topic I'm currently at... so maybe an explanation on how the search works is needed? I always missed the option to search a specific part of the forum, like just "rumpus room" or "beginers..." or... Maybe it always did that and I didn't noticed?  8-0

I've added a dynamic label, so now it shows "Search Forums", "Search Board" or "Search Topic" depending on your context.


Added to game description
"Made for Dec's Mag 2018."

Sorted now, thanks!

1. Fixed.

2. This is actually intended behaviour (didn't it always look like that?), but I'm working to swap the text with the bluecup icon we see for unread posts.  Far more fiddly than you'd think!

3. I'm working to get the improved search functionality reimplemented, but it's massively unsupported these days, so it's quite possible it won't work.  At very least though, search is actually limited to the current context by default (i.e. within current topic, current board or current whole forum).

Game Database.

'About this game' section

add  a "  see  \"  when saved

add an '  see  \'  when saved

Can you give me an example of a game page that has this?  I just picked a random one of your games that had a ' in the description text and couldn't see it.

Bug report! I just noticed that thread prefixes (and the option to add them to posts) have disappeared from the Recruitment forum.

Other than that, I haven't noticed any major problems. Good work, AGA!  ;-D


Indeed the new WYSIWYG editor seems to work fine.  I'll just need to run a query to convert CJ's old BBCode syntax to real HTML.

This is now fixed.  Linebreaks should show sensibly in all games' descriptions.

I mean it's not a huge problem, it just means that there's an irrelevant comment about a special offer that's no longer active.  But it IS odd!

Deleted the comment, and fixed the bug.  Now users can delete posts they themselves made (along with admins).

In game database, adding an ' or " results in getting \ as well...

Sorry, can you give me an exact example of what you're doing to see this?  I've tried to work it out, but all results I see have just the intended symbols...

I see it as well, I think because I have admin rights on the game DB (I sometimes help people fix their DB entries when they locked themselves out).
Maybe you have them as well? Some people were given those rights during one of those "fix screenshots and download links" activities.

That was my first thought, but nope, CaptainD has none of those permissions (indeed none but 'normal user'...).  Being his own game shouldn't matter.  And weirdly, when I impersonate his user in my test environment, I see no delete option!  CaptainD, just to be sure, can you do a CTRL+F5 hard refresh on the page?  I made some small tweaks yesterday, so very surprised you're still seeing the delete option!

Also some older comments seem to have disappeared (or, the "see older comments" link is just not showing?).

On the game you linked in particular, there really are 'just' nine comments.  The logic was indeed broken on games with more than ten comments (e.g. https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/269/#comments - the most commented game to date), which I've now fixed.

The [ br ] and [ endsummary ] tags don't seem to work in the games DB description (Example: https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/2314/).
However, just putting line breaks directly into the edit window works (Example: https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/2316/)

Indeed the new WYSIWYG editor seems to work fine.  I'll just need to run a query to convert CJ's old BBCode syntax to real HTML.

And exactly which game are we talking about?  Can't see any obvious cause why you're seeing this!

Not sure if this has already been found, I tried to delete a comment on my game's page (it was about a sale that's been and gone so no longer relevant) and got a "Page incorrectly accessed." error.

Yeah, you aren't meant to be able to do that (and never have been). I'll fix the bug that shows you the option when I get home.

Has the option disappeared now?

Not sure if this has already been found, I tried to delete a comment on my game's page (it was about a sale that's been and gone so no longer relevant) and got a "Page incorrectly accessed." error.

Yeah, you aren't meant to be able to do that (and never have been). I'll fix the bug that shows you the option when I get home.

Yeah, the draggable line Snarky mentions was always there, and I just put the diagonal one back in. Do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5) if you don't see it.

It won't work on mobile though, since you can't drag.

Good work, AGA. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Not a major problem, but there's no longer that little thing in the bottom corner of text boxes that lets you expand the size of the box. I often find that quite useful.

On the forums, or main site?  Can you give some examples?  It's back on the forums now, at least.

Don't mind me, as I never go to the main page, but...
Why is there a huge blank space between the block to the left (download AGS, Make Games & Play games) and the one to the right? (recent news  (not very recent to be honest) and from the forum)??  And if I make my browser window fill less, like I normally do, the block doesn't follow to the left, meaning it "disappears" to the right.  8-0  :-[

Because I'm not very good at CSS!  On other pages it's more sensible, it's just not aligned very well on the front page.

Fine by me, as long as it can scale as big or small as necessary, and still look unbroken!

The Member Map seems to link to the old one and terribly out of date. I'd remove it completely.

The map linked to on the forums (https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?action=googlemap) is definitely up to date... How do you define "the old one"?  I think it may be the style changed slightly, but it's definitely using up to date information, and the latest Google Maps API.

In your profile page, the marker is in Rotterdam. But you are not shown on the member map there. If this member map requires to be updated separately by each member, I think it's quite useless. Either use the locations from the user profile or remove the link to the map.

Ahhh.  Turns out there was a max 250 pins per map option.  So every page load it would pick 250 random members to show.  Sometimes I was included, sometimes not!  I've raised the limit now, and I'm visible without fail.

Great job!

One thing: the "download AGS" button here used to be twice bigger? Now it's rather small (it has like zero padding) and has a light color, as if it was disabled.

I'd suggest make it wayyyy more visible.

The reason for that is I have changed the old image based buttons to be dynamic, which means I'll be able to use them to do more dynamic, context based stuff.  I can't have gradiants or complex colours if I do that, so the button now looks flatter.  The text also has to be a standard, off the shelf font for the same reason.  If someone can do a design that meets those requirements, but looks better, I'd be happy to use it.

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