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Recruitment / tribute to FUKITOR - voice actor wanted
« on: 05 Oct 2018, 15:21 »
even if you've never heard of "fukitor", simply try to imagine a guy from Illinois, who is producing his own comics and comic-zines and distributing them to all over the world within a time period of 18 years (2000-2018). His name is Jake Karns and he never got rich or famous, but he never intended to. He was my biggest inspiration and his art was probably the reason why I started to draw my own comics. I always ordered his newest issues and visited his blog regularly until his entire online-presence has disappeared. His fukitor.blogspot is gone at no notice as well as his facebook page. I guess, he's simply tired of doing the same stuff since almost two decades, but his art deserves to be remembered, even if the only person who cares is me, a geeky guy from Germany. I collected all his publications including unfinished projects and I want to compile a simple video presentation depicting some unfinished stories, no big deal, but I would like to tell a short story, why fukitor is actually disappeared (fiction) and recite some of the letterings.
If you are a taleted voice actor and willing to support underground comics, maybe you are a wtiter too, then let us create this tribute together :)
my idea of JAke's disappearance is as follows: kidnapped by al-qhaida for some sensitive content (you have to know that fukitor is not really politically correct, Jake's comics are imo the biggest tribute to the so called exploitation movies including a lot of boobs, blood and swearwords), his blog and facebook has been deleted by NSA and so on...

fantagraphics publication of fukitor

Recruitment / [NON-AGS HELP WANTED] Web comic - Proofreader wanted
« on: 23 Sep 2018, 22:40 »
I need your support simply by proofreading my web-comic and translating it into decent english.

Thank you in advance for your response,
Brick Jove

Advanced Technical Forum / online game content
« on: 02 Aug 2018, 14:31 »
I would like to know if it's possible to load sprites from www in real time while playing an ags game? What I mean is creating an object with a certain sprite, which is just and only online, so the algorithm has to verify, if the picture is available online and if it is, than load and display it in the game???

Year 2025. Things are looking bleak here. There are two main forms of wealth in today's world, land and cryptocurrency. By the time Bitcoin became worth 100.000 $, services began to build gated cities called CITADELs where the "Bitcoin rich" live isolated from the rest of the world. Most governments no longer exist, as Bitcoin transactions are done anonymously and thus most governments can enforce no taxation on their citizens.
After seeing the enormous damage done to the fabric of society, terrorist movements emerged that sought to hunt down and murder anyone known to have a large balance of Bitcoin, or believed to be responsible in any way for the development of cryptocurrency.

Owning 0.01 BTC you are one of the “riches” running a chance to join a citadel, where everything is automated and you are supposed to be safe, even if you have to leave your family and change your name.
Brick Jove left everyone and everything behind, but his new life isn’t how he has expected. Behind the walls of the citadel is no place for humanity, there is nothing but greed, agony and…

- graphics 5%
- puzzles 1%
- scripting 7%
- music/sound 0%

Critics' Lounge / Brick Jovian mini game
« on: 18 Nov 2017, 20:48 »
who should be Bricks opponent, any suggestions? I made 3 examples but none of them I really like put into the game.

General Discussion / foto generator
« on: 05 Jun 2017, 19:29 »
today I discovered an interesting page:
this is what you can get drawing some simple sketchlines

pix2pix_5" border="0
pix2pix_6" border="0
<a target='_blank' href=''>upload pic[/url]

pix2pix" border="0
<a target='_blank' href=''>image upload[/url]

pix2pix_9" border="0
<a target='_blank' href=''>upload picture[/url]

pix2pix_11" border="0
<a target='_blank' href=''>image hosting[/url]

Completed Game Announcements / mhoczny dom
« on: 22 May 2017, 12:41 »

"Mhoczny dom" is a mystery riddle solving game that contains three different endings and took me about 4 years to complete. You can also take part in the development process and send me Your suggestions. If You are interested, go to and get the zipped game-file for free.

Advanced Technical Forum / ags 3.4 custom resolution
« on: 03 May 2017, 10:56 »
after setting a custom resolution of 427x240 I realized, that the default guis are displayed twice as big as assumed (each pixel became 2x2 pixels). Fonts were also affected but general setting for 640x480 designed fonts set on true made the text normal again. Newly created guis appear normal too, but the debug functions for developers such as ctrl-x for teleporting to rooms don't. Any ideas? and thanks in advance.

Beginners' Technical Questions / outlined fonts
« on: 01 May 2017, 15:45 »
I'm using AGS 3.2 and recently I discovered a bug. I'm no sure if this bug appeared since I've added some SCI-Fonts, but problem1 is:
the font is not anymore displayed in the font settings, just a white empty square, so to see a font I have to switch to a GUI with a Textwindow
problem 2:
it's not possible to create any kind of outlined fonts and I need it bad, what I need is a black font outlined white

any suggestions? thanks for reading anyway

I want to make an object fall down with proper physics. My approach was to put the object-move function into a while loop and alter the speed. Something like this:
while(speed < someValue){
speed = incremented speed
but the object is still moving with the initial speed anyway, any ideas what went wrong?

General Discussion / dead carl
« on: 16 Feb 2017, 20:55 »
long time ago, before even anybody knew what a smartphone is, a guy, whose name I don't know, made some highly sophisticated animations for the nokia 3210. I wished this quality of animations for my project.

MD is a fpp riddle solving game with over 50 rooms to investigate and about 40 items to collect. What I need is some extra motivation to finish this game. I guess there are almost 90% done but I still have to type in the remaining scripts and make some rewarding animations so that the player will get at least a little bit satisfaction after solving some sophisticated puzzles;)and I'm not very content with the gui therefore it has to be reworked too.

some discarded graphics:

Update: 01.05.2017

my work is done, preliminary, I know, it took too long but today I skipped my daily gymnastic exercises just for finishing a playable version.
Now I need YOU. You can be a beta-tester for MhocznyDom,
if You are interested, go to
and download the zipped game-file.

no, the game isn't over, it just begins

Critics' Lounge / heretic comic
« on: 26 Mar 2016, 23:40 »
Inspired by video games like heretic and hexen I started to draw a comic. I have no idea where the story is going to. If you have an idea you can share it here with me.

any ideas how to manipulate the order of items inscription. normally a horizonal row is filled, I want a column to be filled at first.

my charakter has several keys, everytime using any key on a certain door a text should be displayed, how to avoid repetitions like

if (player.ActiveInventory == inventory[2] || player.ActiveInventory == inventory[7],....) Display("say what");

what I'm looking for is a list of numbers appropriate to apply in the square brackets of inventory[]

I would be grateful for any clues

how can I simply let the scrolling down button disappear  if it's not needful?

this is my attempt and it seem's to work, feel free to propose improvements:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int initem = (invMain.ItemCount/invMain.ItemsPerRow)*invMain.ItemsPerRow;
  2.   int finitem;
  3.   if(initem == invMain.ItemCount){
  5.     finitem = initem - invMain.ItemsPerRow;
  6.     }
  7.     else if(initem != invMain.ItemCount){
  9.       finitem = initem;
  10.       }
  12. if (invMain.ItemCount > (invMain.ItemsPerRow * invMain.RowCount)) {
  14.     if (invMain.TopItem == 0){
  16.       btnInvUpMain.Visible = false;
  17.       btnInvDownMain.Visible = true;
  18.       }
  20.       else if (invMain.TopItem == finitem){
  22.         btnInvUpMain.Visible = true;
  23.         btnInvDownMain.Visible = false;
  24.         }
  26.     else{
  27.       btnInvUpMain.Visible = true;
  28.       btnInvDownMain.Visible = true;
  30.       }
  31. }
  34. else{
  35.   btnInvUpMain.Visible = false;
  36.   btnInvDownMain.Visible = false;
  38.   }

Beginners' Technical Questions / Musicbox
« on: 09 Mar 2013, 18:52 »
I would like to make my game play music tracks controlled by score. It means, the player collects point for doing something and if the number of points reaches some value, the music track should be changed immediately. Does anyone have an idea how to solve it?

Beginners' Technical Questions / inventory listbox
« on: 03 Apr 2012, 10:31 »
I would like to make a text based inventory like in the first Maniac Mansion version or access software's "countdown" for example. Additionaly it would be fine if the actions would be displayed too (walk to item)
Unfortunately the 9verb gui isn't an adequate solution for my project, because I want to change the mouse actions with the right mouse button while the actionline-gui shows the current action (look/talk etc) and the item should be also displayed (use item with someone)
Can someone help me out?

AGS Games in Production / Kira Hara II
« on: 14 Aug 2011, 21:58 »

I know, that my project is too fresh to be introduced to you, in fact I have tons of pictures and sprites already done, but the whole programming stuff I still have to realize. Take a peek on my few screenshots and feel free to criticize.

eaten by a grue

Intro & Music

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