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Advanced Technical Forum / Multiple languages.
« on: 28 Apr 2013, 13:24 »
Hi guys. First, sorry for my catastrophic English . I hope that you can understand, more or less, my text.

I am the Spanish guy who is doing the Curse of Monkey Island Demake. I am nearly to finish, but I have two problems/questions to be able to upload the demo finally.

The first, follow here:

I knowk that, today,  AGS has support for sources of the Spanish text. But as I've done, is to take the work that JackPumpkingHead had already done, so I've followed its Script, which does not have the options of language that brings the AGS 3.2. So, then, the question is this: with texts on screen, calling with "Say" commands , I have no problem, appear the spanish "ñ" and type symbols like "?". The problem appears in the Dialog options...: when I write the options in a Dialog, and then, they appear on screen, Spanish symbols appear as "!"... but once select the option of dialogue, and the text appears on the screen, "speaking" that's all rigth, sources are correct, just that commands "Say"... I was given several turns with all SCRIPT, but I don't finded the way to solve that.
I speaked with JackPumpkingHead, and he tell me that he used a little program of the AGS website called "font maker" he believe. So, Can someone take me a hand with this sources?. Since the commands SAY recognize Spanish sources, it should not will be have any problem with these sources in the Options Dialog.

My second question follows: There is an Italian boy who wants to translate the game. How could I throw in game in several languages? I have to make two different versions of the SCRIPT, (and, twon "games" so) or I can put some option at the beginning of game, like "Select your language". I understand that's possible. So, what are the steps to follow? First, to change the verbs of the ActionGuy, and then, all the rest of game texts...
And now, I wont to say something that it's not from this section, but let me to say that, if someone wants to translate the CURSE DEMAKE into English, it's the moment... There was a boy who volunteered to do this, but I had no more news from he. Anyway, I will say this it in the appropriate forum.

Thank you, and again, pardon my spanglish!

Curse DEMAKE resurrected.

Hello dear friends. First, I am a Spanish guy that dominates not quite English and I am using a translator, so perhaps it's not easy to understand my English. I am sorry.

Well, after that, I start. As many of you know, a boy named 'Jackpumpkinghead' began has make a version "DEMAKE" of the Curse of Monkey Island. Here is your forum thread on this page:


I was one of many, it seemed an interesting idea, and I followed the progress of our friend. Personally, I was looking for someone that would like to draw my own Monkey Island FANGAME funds, because I have prepared a great script (as everyone says of his screenplay on a FANGAME of Monkey Island.) (Already are more than 100 people). So I came across your project. Although personally I don't like too much the script of the CURSE, it seems very, very charming to see this version, with the original graphics of the saga.

Thus bequeathed the day I discovered, like many of you, that our friend JACKPUMPKINGHEAD left the project. It gave me enough penalty, but then I found that put the project in the hands of who would want to continue with him.

Well, as I have not found anyone who wants me to do the funds of my own FANGAME, (while I have searched lot and for a long time), I decided then to follow with his project, to continue learning to program with AGS and also with the PIXELART. Of this a year ago, and I have well advanced. Had not told yet anything to anyone, but inside very little I have a DEMO to upload, and I want to be sharing this work with all of you.

So here I am. I will upload some screenshots and I say what you think.
It must be said that as I do not have anyone that makes me the room's, I transformed the originals, and I've adapted them to the type 2 Monkey graphics. Or is that I have not restricted to clone the rooms, but I have adapted them. In catches may not appreciate, but comparing them is it quite noticeable.

More fun and also more difficult and laborious has been to transform the characters, and I have to say that I think that the result of so much work was worth it.

Well, I will not write more than time. I just want to point out two issues: the first is that I still don't have music. I'm trying to get in touch with the musician who was working with JACKPUMKINGHEAD in the original project, but do not get it. If you read this and want to get in touch with me. If there is another musician who composed in MIDI, the same applies: I need a musician.

The second thing I want to say is more important to me: what I want is originally develop my own FANGAME. I have the script, I have more than 6 characters, I have the knowledge, the time and the desire, need only one thing: that someone draw me the Room's... not asking for much: with drawings in black and white (with shadows better, but do not need) could start. Another friend can paint them with Potoshop. I would like to say that if I've done on this project, it is only with the intention of using this DEMAKE CURSE as curriculum, to find someone that wants to make my bankroll and start with my own FANGAME. So there is the message.

Nothing more. I hope you enjoy it! Edgar

AGH!!!! And above all one last thing. Many thanks to Jacpumpkinghead for his work. Thank you.

Here are the screenshots.

And here a comparison between the room's original and the result of my version:

One thing: the my project's room catches are landscape... not is very well why, perhaps because I did catch with my laptop, which has the panoramic screen. The fact is that the game itself is not seen, but in a natural way. Anyway...

Well, that's all. I shall count...   EdgarMonkey

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