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Hints & Tips / MMM Episode 90: Packing the Suitcase
« on: 27 Mar 2016, 12:33 »
Nice fun Maniac Mansion game... but I'm stuck in this one.

I have the toothbrush, cd, tv remote, wet dishcloth, ball pen refill, red fruit gruel, nail lacquer remover, red towel,  batteries, chaffed cushion, and small key.

I cannot open the locked door (tried pen refill - seem to need something else?)
I cannot open hatch
I cannot get bernard out of room (i'm guessing something to do with phone...?)
I cannot open the garage

I still need the following:
toothbrush (tried microwave to disinfect - said plastic would melt)
pillow (maybe in bernard's room?)
sexy underwear (no idea...)

Erm... help?

Hints & Tips / Camp 1
« on: 31 May 2015, 13:22 »
Fantastic game, for starters. Wonderful atmosphere!

But I'm a little stuck...
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I've made it back to the base, and have found Parker and am trying to reconstruct the filter. I found the blueprints, and have tried every combo to build the filter... but no dice. I've swapped the filter and membrane, and tried everything I can think. I've used the cap, membrane and filter multiple times... I assumed originally I was only supposed to use one of each.


Hints & Tips / Cale Quest
« on: 18 May 2014, 08:48 »
Cale Quest is a great game, and really enjoyable. But I'm stuck on a few parts. I've gotten the tomato, bread, mayo, bacon and lettuce (plus other gear like matches, tree sap, etc) and based on points am over halfway.

1. Bearing in mind what Lantz says about the comic store knowing about bad smells.. and I got the mayo from there (which smells).. I can't work out how to get Ken out of the bar...

2. I'm guessing I need the lemon to stop the yodeller from hitting that high (pink) note. But can't work out how to get it from the kid.. he likes money, but I can't find any. Help?

Hints & Tips / DSM: Are we alone?
« on: 26 Dec 2013, 11:30 »
First off, brilliant game Slasher! Really well done in pretty much every regard, and your best game to date in a massive way (and I do like all your previous Elf games, and particularly House de Sade!). I've gone through a good chunk of the game, but have hit a wall and need some help.

Planet KT2:
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I've gotten into the alien's ship in the lake. Can't work out what combination to use for the sliders though?

Planet K955:
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I can't seem to win the drinking game. Used antacid, but no dice. Saw the barrel, and figured may have to dilute the drinks.. but couldn't work out how to get the water to use it.

Planet ZB59:
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Can't work out the puzzle in the pyramid. I suspect I need to fix other planets first.

Planet PZ3:
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I'm guessing I need the long pick to get the flower of visions.. but can't work out how to get it.

Planet PB11:
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Can't pickup the flower of visions.. because of the pick? Obviously I can't use the shop till I sort out K955.

Hints & Tips / Absent
« on: 09 Oct 2013, 10:45 »
Wonderful game which I'm thoroughly enjoying, but I've finally hit a wall.

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I'm in the Reaper's cave, and have sent Steve to go looking for Chris. He keeps appearing/disappearing when I touch his key, or leave/enter his room. The Reaper God told me I need to do something with Crystal, but nothing I give her works, and all I can do with any effect is close the curtain and freak out Danielle.


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