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General Discussion / The Greatest Muhammad Ali
« on: 08 Jun 2016, 16:24 »
It's almost one week and I'm surprised that no one has posted this already.

The greatest Muhammad Ali---as I'm sure almost all of you would have known by now---is no more. May the champion rest in peace.

He was quite phenomenal. He was one of those very rare sportsmen. He was loved by everyone around the world. Generations were crazy about him! He was a common household name. Add that to the fact that the name 'Muhammad Ali' is already a very common here, and you can be sure that his name can't be easily forgotten ever. I personally know at least three 'Muhammad Alis'.

My father, my uncles, my grandfather, and a lot of elders around me often talked about him. They would tell how they made sure to not to miss any single match of his (which were broadcasted live, btw---something not common in Pakistan in those days). Despite never being fortunate enough to get to watch him live, I grew up having a lot of respect for him. And when I later came to know about his stance on Vietnam war, my respect for him only deepened.

Since this is a forum for old(school) people, I'm sure many of you must have seen his matches.  Tell me how the greatest Muhammad Ali was in your country as a phenomenon?

Hello BTQ, long time no see! :)

Since the last time I visited here, I've learned much about AGS
Scripting and still continue to do so. I, however, don't have any prior
experience of Voice Scripting. Therefore, I decided to have a go. But
unfortunately, I've come across a problem and I don't know what to do

My character name is cMom. I wanted to add voice speech for this
character. I read the manual and followed its instructions. I copied my
voice clip (.mp3 file) in the game's Speech Folder and named it MOM01
(faithfully similar to the manual entry).

Then I added the following code:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function cMom_Interact(){
  2.     cMom.Say("&01 Why is your room so messy every time I walk in
  3. here?"); //lets name this whole line "A" for now.
  4. }

But no sound/voice is played. I thought that maybe I accidentally turned
 volume down either within game or externally. But when I checked,
neither was true. I added a sound effect and it was playing fine. Then I
 thought that maybe something is wrong with this clip so I even copied a
 song (.mp3 file) into my Speech folder and renamed it to MOM08. But
still, no voice is played when I call the following code:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function cMom_Interact(){
  2.     cMom.Say("&08 Why is your room so messy every time I walk in
  3. here?");// lets name this whole line "B" for now.
  4. }

I checked my Compiled folder and speech.vox was present with the
exact size of my Speech folder. I tried rebuilding my files but to no
avail. After some more banging my head on my desk, I noticed a
warnings.log created in my game folder. It said:

(in room 6): Speech load failure:
  ---- when I were using A.


(in room 6): Speech load failure:
  ---- when I used B.

I wanted to know:

1. Why is the game failing to load speech?
2. Is .mp3 not properly supported by AGS?
3. What am I doing wrong?

I searched the forums before posting here. But I couldn't find something
 similar of this nature.

Thanks in advance. :)

Latest Update:
We've got a winner. Thanks to everyone who participated. For more details, please see my latest post in this thread.

Lat Update:
The voting time has finally arrived. For more information on voting, please see my latest post.

Previous Update:
Hedge and TGames haven't responded so far. For the very last time (and not wanting to disqualify their entries), I'm extending the deadline to October 05, 2013, 23:59 GMT. Please make sure that your entries fit according to the rules.

If anyone else wants to enter and wishes that the deadline be extended. Please feel free to ask here.

Meanwhile, I ask the opinion of participants:

If in the likely case that TGames and Hedge don't change their entries to fit within the rules. Should I disqualify them or should I allow them? Your vote, your choice. Please try to respond quickly.

Time for a new Colouring Ball Competition!

Here's the shape:

This time, the theme is: The World As You See It.

Background Introduction:
This goes without saying that the world is as you see it and how you see it. Imagine yourself looking out of a window. What you're seeing? A Dark, Gloomy Place with no hope? Or a beautiful, cheerful place full of hope? Carefree children playing outside or the Elders waiting for the end of their life?

Create something which shows that you're looking out of a window. What scene you depict, is the way how you see the world!

To make the shape more comfortable and understandable to you, here's a quick guide (zoomable image):

  • You're free to depict any kind of scene but the scene should look like that it's being viewed from a window.
  • You must show the frame of the window. Whether the window is opened or closed, is entirely up to you. You'll have to draw the frame accordingly.
  • You're free to use any style for the window's frame but as mentioned before: you must show the frame of the window.
  • You must use, at all costs, the lower portion of the shape to depict either a ledge, a furniture piece (which may be placed beneath the window) or just plain room wallpaper. The choice is yours.
  • The size of the shape should be enough for everybody. If anyone is unhappy with the size, they're allowed to change the size. Provided, the shape is kept intact.
  • You must show furniture/ledge/wallpaper below the frame of the window (in the area which I've shown).
  • The frame must be inside the shape.

Deadline for the Submission of Entries is: October, Friday 4th, 2013, 23:59 GMT. It maybe extended if someone requests. Voting has began. Please see my latest below for details. Voting has been finished. We've got a winner, please see my latest post in this thread for more detail.

Good luck and have fun! :)

UPDATE: The game has been fixed and uploaded. All the possible bugs were killed. The game no longer crashes and is fully playable now. Sorry for any inconvenience, I would've caused you. For more information, please read this thread.

Hello Everyone. How are you? I hope that all of you are fine and happy!

Today, Oldschool_Wolf and I proudly present to you:
Summer Woes

It's the hottest summer. This summer's so hot, in fact, that it has broken all the previous records. Hot Summer brings some woes with it. Eric - The Protagonist, i.e, you are also facing some problems. But will you be able to solve them? Will you able to get what you want?

First of all, sorry for just one screenshot. This short game consists of 3 rooms only and we can't post more screenshots because we're afraid that would spoil your game experience.

Summer Woes is a MAGS August 2013 Entry. This month's theme is Heat. This game is developed by Adeel Sohail Ahmed (Me - Cool, eh? :D) and Oldschool_Wolf. Since this game is created within a month and I'm not a not coding guru, therefore there's a possibility that you may encounter a bug or two. In the unlikely case of a bug (since we've tested it throughly), please PM me or Oldschool_Wolf and we'll sort it out. You'll get credits too.

Game Instructions:
All Instructions are provided in the manual.
Please read the Read Me.pdf or if you can't view .pdf files due to some reason, please read: Read Me.txt.

  • Cheeky Narratives
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Three Music Tracks
  • References
  • ... and meet Al Lowe
System Requirements:
450 MHz Processor
8 MB Free Space
Compatible Sound Card
DirectX 5
Windows ME
Cheer up! Your PC comes in the category of Recommended! ;-D

So, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD and play the game right away!

Please note that the mention of viruses in the MAGS Thread was a mere joke. The game is virus-free.

This is the MAGS version of this game. We'll release the Deluxe Version in near future. So, stay tuned. :)

If you've questions of any sort, please feel free to ask.

If you liked our game, please vote for us because each vote counts.


Releases his first game unofficially and the game isn't broken.
Releases his second game officially and game is broken.
Way to go, Adeel. :~(

    Everyone listens to music more or less and loves a particular genre. My questions are:
  1)  What is your favorite music genre?

  2)  Who is your favorite artist relating to that genre?

    I like Ghazal Genre very much and My Favorite Singer relating to that genre is Jagjit Singh.

P.S: Don't know if there were a post similar to this. If there were, it would be nice to have this again so that new members can answer this too.

Critics' Lounge / My First Attempt
« on: 01 May 2013, 10:21 »
Hello Everyone. How are you all? When I thought that I have learned enough scripting to get myself started. I moved to more difficult task: "Drawing". I had never been a good artist and it is even more difficult for me to draw pixel art on pc.
    I thought it would be best to start from (320x200) so that when I became good enough I would then move onto bigger resolutions.
    Well, I tried my best and spent one and a half hour on my first character sprite. I have made front and side views. I have also added some shading (but I am not sure it is good). I have also made talking animation for front and side views.
    Please criticize it and suggest me some improvements. I am using Aseprite for drawing sprites. I apologize in advance, if my you couldn't understand my words since I am not a native English Speaker.

Front ViewSide ViewFront TalkingSide Talking

P.S: I liked the way, characters used to nod while talking in Yahtzee's Trilby Series. I tried my best to make them nod but I couldn't succeed. Can you guide me?

Hello All Members.
I am new to A.G.S. & its community. Now I am facing a problem. I would like you all to help me.
I have two characters. I want my player character to give (use) an inventory item to the NPC. I have done it all right. Player gives the item. Item also disappears from the inventory. BUT the REAL PROBLEM starts when I want to add the interactive dialogues. I have read in forums to use 'character.say' command, but N.P.C. only speaks.
    I, on the other hand want N.P.C. to ask (such as:) "Which item would you like to have?" and then player would choose from the three items, such as (book, journal or pen). And then he may receive his chosen item. How can I do it? Also, please be kind enough to upload the code because I am not too good in scripting.
    (P.S: Moderators, I hope you do not lock this. Since I am new & as per my knowledge, I am posting it in the write section.)

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