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(Split from this thread. -Snarky)

Yes, it was a wonderful ceremony, but... there's something I feel I need to tell you.

You probably don't know me, I'm not a huge part of the community and I joined the forums only a couple of months ago. Well, the thing is, as a lesbian myself, I felt that yesterday's 'jokes' about lesbians were just... yeah, wrong. My friend AprilSkies told me it was all based on Eternally Us. I thought it over and, well, it still didn't make much sense to me.

Let me explain myself: would you ever consider making jokes about Jews just because "The Shivah" has been released? Did you make jokes about black people when The Journey Down was released? Would you keep saying things like "We want more Jews!", or "We want more ni**er!" during the ceremony? It was offensive because yesterday you didn't make jokes about all the other adventures released in, say, 2010. You just picked this one and kept hiding behind the excuse "Oh, we're just joking about Eternally Us, keep calm dude".

What's even worse, you put on screen images of stereotypical lesbians. Actually, they weren't even lesbians: they were just straight girls making out for the sake of male audience. Again, it's like you put on screen someone with a big fake nose who's supposed to be playing the Jew, or someone with his skin dyed black who's supposed to be playing some kind of Bwana.

It all made me very sad. We all know how the videogame world is still mostly made by men for men's sake. We all read of women developers being insulted on Steam just because of their gender. Yesterday I felt like there's still no place for women, let alone lesbians, in this narrow-minded world of yours.

This said, congrats to all the winners. 

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