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If you have questions concerning the solution of a AGS game, please use the thread in the  appropriate board or create one if it does not exist yet.
Please do not post questions concerning the solution for games and hints in the completed games board.
It would be nice of the moderators to be (more) vigilant about this.
Thank you. :)

Hints & Tips / Echoes of the Past
« on: 16 Apr 2015, 14:08 »
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How do I find the expert to ask for the Valley of Fire? Nevermind, I found it: You need to search for 'book of thoth' (all lower case) in the 'Internet'.
[hide]What else do I need to go to Egypt?
I xeroxed the journal,
looked at the Eye of Horus with the magnifying glass,
translated the name of the city on the back of the picture,
have all the stuff from my house
Never mind, I found it: I had to look up the valley of nobles  in the internet.

How to get the
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 design from the cabinet?Never mind, I found it :)

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