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Completed Game Announcements / Journey Home
« on: 03 Mar 2018, 16:51 »

Neat Fire Games proudly presents Journey Home

Journey Home is an old-school point and click adventure game with a modern twist.
The game features multiple endings, death sequences, secrets, optional puzzle strands and much more.
It will take most players around 1 hour to complete.

Game Development
My goal was to make something that I could be proud of and to hone my skills in every aspect of video game development.
The game took around one and a half years to make, in my spare time. I have dabbled with AGS in the past, but this is my first completed project.
I feel that I have a much stronger understanding of the program now and can't wait to bring this knowledge to bear on new projects in the future.

The Story
A sharp clap of thunder jolts you awake.
You find yourself cold and alone in a dark forest clearing.
You have no memory of who you are or what you're doing here.
You just know that you need to make it to the distant light that you recognise as home.

But the forest is not going to make it easy...

And you might just find that there's more to this strange pilgrimage than meets the eye...

Launch Trailer


The Team
Jim Clark: Game Design, Art, Animation, Sound, Programming, Marketing
Kate Rock: Voice Acting
Testers: Kate Rock, Mark Chamberlain, Mike Clark, Julia Clark, Nathan Lusher

Special Thanks
Chris Jones and the AGS Community.

AGS Game Page
Itch Game Page

Neat Fire Games Facebook Page

Hi everyone,

I'm deep into creating my first game and have reached the point where I want my character to produce different footstep noises as he walks onto different surfaces.

I was planning on using the CharacterRegionSounds module by Strazer but the code seems to relate to a much older version of AGS, so I'm reluctant to put it into my game. From a quick look around it seems like I'm right to be skeptical.

From having a look through the forums it seems like the best way to approach this is to use region Walk Onto and Walk Off to produce the different footstep noises. As far as I can tell the way to approach this is to create functions in the global script that I might call DirtStep or Woodstep for example and call these as needed.

The problem is that I am at a bit of a loss on how to code these. Am I right in saying that the Game.GetViewFrame and LinkedAudio property are central to this?

As you can probably tell, I am completely new to coding and AGS, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi everyone,

I wonder if you can help me with a major snag I've come across whilst developing my game. This seems a better place to post this than beginner technical, as although I am indeed a beginner I can see no rhyme or reason as to why my problem keeps happening.

Whilst in the third area of my game, the path to the next area is blocked. Once the blockage is cleared by solving the puzzle, a walkable area is enabled that allows you to go to the next area. On this area I have two regions, one below the other. The first region you reach is simply there to darken the player, and the second one is for the room transition to room 4. All works fine initially, path is cleared, walkable area is enabled, player can walk onto the region and into the next area. All good.

The problem arises when you walk back into the room. I have tested this and you can immediately go back to room 4 if you wish by clicking onto the relevant area on the path. The transition happens as expected, fade out player in room 4. The issue is that if you interact with anything in room 3 once you have gone back from room 4, you simply cannot walk onto the region that transitions you to the next room. You can walk onto the one below it, which darkens the player and is also deep onto the enabled walkable area I mentioned above, but you simply cant walk onto the region that enables you to transition to room 4.

There is zero code that would disable that region, it's on constantly, just unreachable until you solve the puzzle and enable the walkable area. I have tested this further by giving the player a colour tint as they walk onto the regions, and as expected the player just can't get onto the region on which the player transitions.

I can't think of any reason why this is happening. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any and all help and suggestions greatly appreciated.

(Additional info: You can also interact with any item you wish before you leave Room 3 for the first time, and the regions and walkable areas perform exactly as expected. This problem only arises once you re-enter room 3 from room 4 and do anything at all other that walk straight back into room 4. Is my game maybe corrupted in some way?)


A sharp clap of thunder jolts you awake and you find yourself cold and alone in a dark forest clearing. You scrabble through your mind for some sense of who you are, of what you're doing here, but the memories lie hopelessly out of reach in the darkest recesses of your subconscious. The only thing that offers you any comfort is a distant light, a shining beacon that you instinctively recognise as a place of safety. And so you begin your journey home…
Neat Fire Games proudly presents Journey Home!

Journey Home takes strong inspiration from Playdead’s Limbo and LucasArts The Curse of Monkey Island. You use a classic point-and-click interface to navigate a (mostly) mute young boy through a series of challenging (and often deadly) puzzles, making your way towards your goal, “home”. The tone of the game also reflects these two titles. It’s dark and mysterious, but it's not lacking a sense of humour.

You’ll face numerous deadly creatures and environmental hazards on your trek, utilising whatever you can lay your little hands on as you make your way towards the distant light. And you might just find that there’s more to this strange pilgrimage than meets the eye…

Neat Fire Games is currently a one man team (Hi, I’m Jim by the way :wink:), but I have a couple of excellent programmers on standby should I need any help with the scripting work. I might be looking to take on additional help with future games, but for the moment I am really enjoying learning every facet of the production process for myself. I’m creating the game using the default AGS interface.

I initially intended to do a small 5 room game to get used to the game making process, but the project quickly grew to twice its original size. It’s currently been in production for just over a year. This game is the fulfilment of a long held ambition of mine, a true project of passion.

Current status (as of Sept 9th):
• Background Art 95%
• Puzzles 95%
• Animation 95%
• Sound 25%
• Scripting 5%
• 9 rooms (linear progression, aiming for around 30 mins gameplay)
• Alternate endings (depending on number of deaths and optional puzzle strand)
• Hidden puzzles and secrets
• Deep and detailed 3rd person text based commentary on objects/hotspots etc.
• Over 120 custom animations and sound effects
• Crisp 1080 x 1920 resolution
• Freeware (to get as many people as possible playing)
Release date: Aiming for late 2017/early 2018
Visit the (so new it’s still warm) Neat Fire Games Facebook page;
Thanks for reading!

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