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Critics' Lounge / Premise Ideas
« on: 08 Apr 2018, 21:02 »
Do any of these premise ideas sound interesting for a point-and-click adventure game? I'm trying to figure out what I want to dedicate my time to. Feel free to list and discuss your own premise ideas too.

1. An abused boy seeks solace in a videogame but soon has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality and must regain sanity before hurting his mother.

2. Dirty Treasure. After finding clues from his deceased antique-collecting grandfather, a germaphobic boy struggles through one filthy location after another to find the grandfather’s most valuable possession before his deranged grandmother finds it and uses it for nefarious purposes.

3. A calico kitten gets abandoned in the woods and must survive and find a new place to live. (I imagine an "on the road" type of story in which the kitten hears about a loving family that takes in kittens, but she has to journey through the wilderness to get there. She starts out vulnerable to predators and Mother Nature. Along the way, she slowly "powers up" by finding animal friends who help her.)

4. A boy finds a cursed camera and must figure out how to break the curse before everyone he has photographed dies. (I think I thought of this independently, but I have a feeling it's been done before.)

5. Boy Unplugged. A videogame-obsessed city boy, forced to spend the weekend unplugged with his grandparents, must expose a crooked neighbor’s scheme so his grandparents don’t lose their farm.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Creation Process
« on: 23 Oct 2017, 09:04 »
What is your initial process for creating an adventure game? Do you write the story? Do you make a map of the world? Do you write the dialogue? Do you create the art?

I have ideas for a game scribbled on notebook paper, but figuring out how to proceed from here seems a bit overwhelming, so I'm just wondering what steps other people have gone through.

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