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Sorry I've taken so long to start this Bg Blitz. I've been out of ideas and it was christmas. I sent neutron (as the last one was really a draw) a PM to see if he had any ideas but I've had no reply...Oh well.

Well I've been watching a series called 'The Planets' and one of the episodes was about Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. It's believed that the surface is a sea wich has frozen over and that maybe deep beneath, nearer to the core, the sea might be liquid and there might be life.


So this weeks Background Blitz is to draw a background with something to do with Europa. Maybe of what creatures might be down there? Or a ship melting it's way through the surface.


No color restriction and the resolution should be something sensable, 320*200/240, 640*400/480.

Here's some insperation! (Wich I found with google image search)

Good luck all!

General Discussion / Does anyone here work with video?
« on: 24 Dec 2004, 13:20 »
I have a little problem that I need sorting.

I recently made a skating video of me and my friends. I was quite happy with it and I gave my friends each a MPEG version of the unfinished edit.

Then I had a new computer and I tried transferring all the data across. After transferring it all and (stupidly) formatting the other disk I went to see if it all was there. At first I thought it was a success but then to my disbelief I realized that it had gone :o! Then I remembered that I gave my friends each a MPEG copy of the video, it may not have the quality but all was not lost.

So I got the disk off one of my friends and copied it over to my computer but my editing software I have doesn't accept MPEGs so I couldn’t finish the edit.

So my question is, does anyone know how to convert MPEGs to Avis?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :).

Critics' Lounge / Flash web site.
« on: 16 Nov 2004, 20:06 »
I decided to make a little web site for my games and with some tutorials. So far i've come up with a little design in photoshop. Its going to be made in flash.

Here is the design-

In white

In black

I was hoping for some for a little critic on them. And I was wondering if they're better in black or white?

Isometric perspective.

What is Isometric perspective?

*Draw a new bg of a building and its suroundings of your choice which uses an isometric perspective.

No colour restrictions and the resolution should be something like 32x240, 640x480.

Good luck all!

General Discussion / InterVideo Media File
« on: 23 Oct 2004, 12:55 »
Hi all. I have a little problem and I was wondering if anyone knows the answere to it. Does anyone Know how to convert a InterVideo Media File to a .avi file?


AGS Games in Production / Mountain
« on: 19 Oct 2004, 22:37 »

How this project came to be…
This project was started after I decided to make a total remake of the same game which I  made some time ago. Off the Side is still being made however, though I find it hard making the graphics. So I decided to make a game with simpler graphics so when I’m not up to drawing backgrounds which take around a week to complete, I work on Mount Hill Rest, with simpler backgrounds graphics, which take an afternoon to complete.

In this game you play Sam. You live in a small town at the base of Mount Hill Rest (a mountain I made up). Your dream has always been to reach the top of Mount Hill Rest. You have tried many times but failed. But this time you are determined to reach the top.


So far Sam (the main character) is the only character I’ve drawn.

Screenies – Logo, cabin, outside cabin.



Plot: 75%
Character art- 20% (main charactors walk/talk and other animations.)
GUI: 100%
Sound: 0%
Scripting: 10%

Critics' Lounge / Snow
« on: 18 Sep 2004, 11:58 »
I decided not long ago to make a remake of a game I once made, Mountain. Since there's going to be a lot of snow in the game I thought I would try and make it look good.
Here is the attempt, using the tips I had in the adventure related talk and chat.

I'd like critic on the snow mostly but any other critic would be great.


Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Snow
« on: 14 Sep 2004, 17:04 »
Hi all,

I decided to make a remake of one of my games, Mountain wihch I made some time ago.

 Most of the backgrounds have snow in them... The thing is I cant draw snow very well. I cant make it look flufy like snow, it either looks white carpet or a blanket with white sprinkles. Does anyone have any tips?

I'm using photoshop (and paint) mostly for my backgrounds so any tutorials would be nice. I remmember there being a snoe plugin- like in the game with the gye in his underpans. Can someone give me a link to it?

thanks in advance,


Critics' Lounge / Inside Space Ship
« on: 18 Aug 2004, 18:09 »
I've been working ona new background today for my game, off the side. It was created in paint, exept for the floor, wich was created in photoshop. The background is of a room wich is full of jars wich contain specimens from earth (bare with me ok :)). I drew a heads in one of the jars so you can see what i mean. I'm trying to creat a Dott style backgrounbd so any c+C wich would make it look mare like one would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Critics' Lounge / Off the Side main character
« on: 01 Jul 2004, 12:38 »
Since my previous main character wasn't up to scratch I decided to make a new one.

The character is suppose to be an old woman in a dott style.. She’s wearing a addidas gym outfit and slippers. I wouldn't mind some critic on her (especilly with the hands) before I start animating her.




Critics' Lounge / Spinning wheel
« on: 10 Jun 2004, 18:58 »

I've been trying to make my metal wheel look like it's spinning really fast. So far the best i've come up with is the gif below. It's suppose to be spinning clock wise very quickly so i've tried to blur it in some places.
Does it look like it's spinning? Any ideas to improve or anything to critic?

Thanks ,


Critics' Lounge / colouring sketches.
« on: 25 May 2004, 21:05 »
OK, I'm quite sure this is in the right forum.

I'm trying to find my own style of drawing backgrounds and I thought it would be cool to sketch the background out on paper, scan it in to the computor and add colour to it on the computor...




The thing is that adding colour to the sketches takes forever.

Anyone know if theres a faster way of adding colour to them?


Critics' Lounge / New Alien charactor for 'OtS'
« on: 18 May 2004, 21:50 »
Here is my new alien charactor for my game, Off the Side. I made it from this sketch I drew.



I've been working on it all afternoon and I'm quite pleased but I would like some C&C before I continue animating it :).



Critics' Lounge / Alien Voice
« on: 06 May 2004, 19:36 »

Here are some voices for my alien for my game :).

Thats the last place I would go.

I come in piece.

What do you think? Any problems with them?

thanks in advance :)


General Discussion / upload wav?
« on: 06 May 2004, 17:51 »

Does anyone know were I can upload a wav file?



Critics' Lounge / Off the Side Space ships
« on: 05 May 2004, 22:36 »

Here are some sketches i did for my game Off the Side and i wanted to know what the C&C team thought of them...


Alien 01

Alien 02


Space ship 01

I was trying to give this one some charactor as it's the main one.

Space truck 01

sorry about the quality but my scanner wasn't working so I used a camera.



Critics' Lounge / Fairy composition- MIDI
« on: 27 Apr 2004, 18:13 »

Here is a piece I have composed in school for my O levels on Sibeliuse2. It is composed on a fairy and i have spent alltogether about 4hours on. It's about a minute long. The tempo is much faster than it should because when I save the piece as a MIDI the tempo increases and I dont know how to prevent it.

Here it is-

any C & C would be appreciated,

Hope you like it :),


Critics' Lounge / Off the Side- Alien- talk animation.gif
« on: 23 Apr 2004, 19:19 »
I made this talk animation today. It took me a hour to make. I'm trying to get a Dott style to it.  What do you think?


General Discussion / Night of the Hermit
« on: 07 Apr 2004, 18:46 »

I really want to play Night of the Hermit but I havn't got WinAce to extract it and it cost too much. Could someone e-mail me the extracted version or something?


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