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This game is in the very, very early stages of progress, so it doesn't quite fit on the Production board. The plotline is storyboarded out, and much of the gametext is written, but I'm still fiddling with style, and could really use some input.

This isn't going to be a long game, and it has a very simple plot.

You are temporarily staffing a watchtower on an island, due to illness of the staff member assigned to the duty. The watchtower is on a small island in between the mainland and a larger island; you're watching the larger island and the water in between. The community on the mainland is counting on you to protect them.

A storm is coming in fast, and communications are being temporarily shut down between your tower and the mainland. But that's not really a problem. After all, you just have to wait it out (an estimated ten hours) and full communication will be re-established.

Of course, ten hours can be a very, very long time if something goes wrong-- and since this is an adventure game, something will go wrong.

There is no sound or music at this early date, and the graphics are NOT mine at all-- I've built all the sets and the main character in the Sims 2! I'm not much of an artist, and I really want to concentrate on storytelling; sorry if this is considered "cheating".

Download here: [REMOVED - no longer current!]

There isn't much to do right now-- I just wanted to provide a general feel for how the game is supposed to operate and what it's generally looking like so far. You can poke around the main room, take closer looks at most areas (excluding the computer and the desk drawers), and pick up a useful item in the bedroom. At this point, there's nothing that can kill you.

I'm thinking I may remove the choose-your-own-look option, though-- the coding is starting to be incredibly cumbersome, as well as inflate the filesize. We'll see, though.

Any feedback, notes on gameplay or things that broke, etc, are appreciated.

Thanks for your time in reading this!

It's official: I really have to start learning how to script properly. I have a general idea of how text scripting works, in terms of else/if, or expressions, and multiple conditions [thanks to the tutorial]. What I want to check is to see if I have the right idea in terms of combining these elements.

Example situation: Mary needs a book. John knows that Sue has the book. Sue is willing to sell it to Mary, but not give it to her.

If Mary talks to Sue before she's talked to John, she doesn't know Sue has the book; and Sue doesn't know Mary needs it.

If she talks to Sue after talking to John, but before having the funds, Sue tells her she has the book Mary wants, but won't give it to her for free.

Mary has to talk to John, and must have money, before she can buy the book from Sue.

Okay, if I understand how this works, my code would have to check for multiple conditions, as well as use else/if to decide what happens under a given set of circumstances. What I'm not sure is quite how I'd set it up.  Would it be something like this?

Global Integers: TalkToJohn, set to 1 after talking to John, set to 0 before.
Inventory: The sum of money is the first item in her inventory, making it player.inv[1].
Dialog topics:
1 - Standard greeting, since Mary doesn't know Sue has the book.
2 - Mary knows, but doesn't have the money. Sue tells her how much the book is.
3 - Mary knows, *and* has the money.

My code would have to checkfor multiple conditions:

if ((player.inv[1] == 1) && (GetGlobalInt(TalkToJohn) == 1)) {   
   DisplaySpeech(MARY, "Sure, I'll sell it to you-- here you go. That'll be fifty Reality Dollars, please!");

However, since I have three possible outcomes, I have to check for three possible combinations, correct? That would mean using else/if. So then, I might have:

if ((player.inv[1] == 0) && (GetGlobalInt(TalkToJohn) == 0)) {   
   DisplaySpeech(MARY, "Hi, there.");

else if ((player.inv[1] == 0) && (GetGlobalInt(TalkToJohn) == 1)) {   
   DisplaySpeech(MARY, "Sure, I have the book, but it's going to cost you fifty bucks.");

else if ((player.inv[1] == 1) && (GetGlobalInt(TalkToJohn) == 1)) {   
   DisplaySpeech(MARY, "Sure, I have it, and I'm willing to sell. That'll be fifty Reality Dollars, please!");

Am I on the right track here? Do I at least have the correct general idea? If not, where am I going wrong?

My submission can be downloaded here: http://overactivei.net/ags/am01.htm

General plotline: Homicidal robotic zombies, under the command of Margaret Abbott, have overrun the quiet English countryside. It's up to Felicia Delgado to figure out what's going on, stop her nefarious scheme, rescue the captive Lord Bright, and, ideally, not die.

It's my very first complete game, and I really, really hope there aren't any outstanding bugs.

This is my first *real* game, so I've played it and re-played it and re-re-played it, and I'm pretty sure that I'm missing some problems. That's why I'm hoping to find 1-3 beta testers for my potential entry in this month's MAGS competition. The game is essentially finished, except for the final cutscene, credits, and some graphic touch-up.

If you're interested, just PM me, either to volunteer or for more info-- and thanks!

Beginners' Technical Questions / Broken GUI script.
« on: 11 Feb 2004, 02:14 »
Somehow, I seem to have managed to break my basic inventory - save - restore - quit GUI. I've looked over the code a dozen times, and can't see where I'm going wrong. Hopefully, fresh eyes will spot what I've goofed up.

I'm only posting the ICONBAR script; I added an @overhotspot@ function, and a parser window, and I can C&P the script for them, as well-- just wanted to start with the basic stuff, first.

  if (interface == ICONBAR) {
    if (button == 0) {  // show inventory
    else if (button == 1) {   // use selected inventory
      if (character[ GetPlayerCharacter() ].activeinv >= 0)
    else if (button == 2)    // save game
    else if (button == 3)   // load game
    else if (button == 4)   // quit
    else if (button == 5)    // about
      Display("Adventure Game Studio v2 run-time engine[[Copyright (c) 1999-2003 Chris Jones");
  }  // end if interface ICONBAR

Thanks for any help!

Critics' Lounge / One Day [demo]
« on: 25 Jan 2004, 18:52 »
Much to my surprise, I finished a project! I hesitate to call it a game, because it's extremely short; and I'm not entirely sure I'll ever finish it entirely, so it isn't exactly a demo. In a finished game, it would act more as an intro, as it's intended to get exposition out of the way, introduce the main character, and let the player get used to the general setup.

There's zero actual puzzle solving, except finding a key, which doesn't require any serious effort [in the demo, anyway]. The full game would require problem-solving and character interaction, rather than puzzles.

The setup: 12 year old Norah is alone in her dormitory. She's been almost completely on her own for a few days now, and frankly, she's bored-- to the point of doing extra chores, just to occupy her time. Unfortunately, in the process, she's lost the key to the trunk containing her most valued possessions.

http://elainemc.web1000.com/gg.zip - 680K.  I've only just started using this webhost, so I'm not quite sure how well it's going to work; let me know if there're problems.

This is the overall look of the game. It's very, very basic, obviously, because I'm still learning; but it's functional. There's no music or sound yet.

I'd greatly appreciate comments or critiques on anything from the artwork, to the text, to the game function itself. Thanks for your time.

ETA: One Day is set to run at 640 x 400.

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