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Critics' Lounge / Portrait (sketch) of a young girl
« on: 12 Jun 2011, 15:55 »

I tried to keep it fairly simple, not many lines or shades. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's very sketchy obviously but I'm not sure if I could refine the detail into something more realistic without losing the simplistic charm. If I were doing it again I'd do the hair differently I think. All comments are welcome. The subject was quite pleased with it but I'd appreciate some outside feedback.

How do you plan out your dialogues?

In the game I'm making I'm writing some fairly convoluted dialogue puzzles with lots of options and sub-trees of options which loop back on themselves and can jump into what you might have thought was an entirely separate tree of options. I'm doing it like this so I can model fairly complicated conversations and have a stab at having them flow more naturally than standard adventure game dialogue.

I'm finding it hard to plan out though. I've bought some extremely large pieces of paper and I was thinking I could make a huge web or graph with lots of lines flowing between all the options. But that's already going to be hard to maintain and just thinking about it makes me ill.

Anyone have experience with this? How did you solve it in your own game?

Critics' Lounge / Yes I'm STILL working on this sprite
« on: 11 Aug 2009, 18:41 »
So I've been tinkering with this a lot and I've been trying to finally nail a final final version before I animate it. You may recall it, I've posted it several times.

What I tried to do in this iteration was increase the contrast and... interestingness of the colours. Any thoughts or criticisms? I've been working on him for so long that I can't tell when it's done. I was aiming for quite a clean look but simultaneously the sort of interesting and cool "Oh look how nice that is..." effect that really nice pixel art can bring.

And a 3x version to make life easier:

The old version can be seen here for comparison if you like.

Any and all help is, as always, appreciated.

Well not necessarily the END of the Internet, but certainly the end of nice open Internet.

As I understand it the proposal will force ISPs to limit the services you can access unless you buy additional packages- kind of like how you can buy packages of channels on digital TV.

Your usage of the Internet will be severely restricted and not all of the services and sites you enjoy the use of currently will be available to you in the future. To quote the second website;

"It means that the Internet will be packaged up and your ability to access and to put up content could be severely restricted. It will create boxes of Internet accessibility, which don't fit with the way we use it today.

Just think - what's your web address? Unless people have that address in their "package" of regular websites - they won't be able to find you. That means they can't buy, or book, or register, or even view you online. Your business won't be able to find niche suppliers of goods - and compare prices. If you get any money at all from advertising on your site, it will diminish."
(My bold text, not emphasised in original text)

IF this draft resolution is accepted.

If a vote is passed successfully on this thing, we'll never see the end of it, which is why action is important.

You can find out more here, and on the more detailed pages it links to.

And this site will provide some more information, particularly on how to contact your MEP and a template email you can send if you feel like it.

(I know emailing your MEP sounds like a lot of hassle but there is a fairly convenient form for it)

I also know this isn't the place for political punditry, but I know a lot of AGSers have websites and that this may be of concern to them. Even those without websites may find it concerning. The usual caveat applies here, that passing legislation will not necessarily lead to 1984 overnight etc. and there have been other legislations (eg. Net Neutrality in the US) which have been brewing for years without any kind of actual... impact.

Well, okay. I'm not actually updating in the truest sense, but I can get this code working nicely in the old style of string, but not the new Strings.

And, whilst I could just use the old strings, I'd like to do things properly. Seems cleaner to use new Strings...especially since all that StrCopy stuff was such a headache! Anyway, the code.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  2. string my_buffer;        
  3. GetInvName( (GetInvAt(mousexpos+0,  mouseypos-28)), my_buffer);
  4. SetLabelText(1, 0, my_buffer);

I tried using the label.Text="    "  method, but that didn't let me pass variables. That's another isue, actually. Code like status.Text="Walk to %s", some_String; gave errors. How should it look?

Anyway, the reason I'm having trouble updating is that GetInvName will take only old style strings. The equvilient, InventoryItem.Name or whatever, requires me to know the item number...which I don't. I tried using the pointer in the manual (it worked with the display function) but I couldn't assign the variable to any sort of.. you know... useful code. Basically, I did read the manual, several times. I used the code snippets and everything, I really did try. I just can't make it work.

Sorry for being a huge, blundering idiot here, but could someone help me update this code for use with the new Strings? Thanks  for reading, any and all help appreciated! :)

Edit: Thought I'd save a mod some work, and add in my own Solved tags.  :)

Alright, here's the thing. I have a GUI that I want to display with a middle button click. This works fine and dandy. But I also want to be able to middle click again to close the GUI. This doesn't work.

The debug console tells me that the click is registering as a click over a GUI, so I made a button in the centre of the GUI (where the cursor would be) and set it to close the GUI if it received a middle click. But it still doesn't work. Can anyone help me with this? I just want the middle click to toggle the GUI being open or closed..

  • I tried switching the middle button for the right mouse button, made no difference, so I'm guessing its the "Mouse click over GUI" part that I'm being an idiot over.
  • In the middle, you'll notice my code for using the mouse wheel to alter a variable. It's primative and inefficient but it works :)  and I'm only including it for the sake of completionism.
  • Also, the game will have an option for playing without the middle button and mousewheel, because I know a lot of people do not have these. I still want to make it work for the people who do, though :)
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, because I've been tussling with this one for ages now..

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. #sectionstart on_mouse_click  // DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS LINE
  2. function on_mouse_click(MouseButton button) // called when a mouse button is clicked. button is either LEFT or RIGHT
  3.   {
  4.   if (IsGamePaused() == 1) // Game is paused, so do nothing (ie. don't allow mouse click)
  5.     {
  6.     }
  7.   else if (button == eMouseLeft)
  8.     {
  9.     ProcessClick(mouse.x,mouse.y, mouse.Mode);
  10.     }
  11.   else if (button == eMouseMiddle) // MIDDLE..
  12.     {  
  13.     if (gVerbwheel.Visible== true) {
  14.       gVerbwheel.Visible=false;
  15.       }
  16.       else if (gVerbwheel.Visible== false) {
  17.         gVerbwheel.Visible=true;
  18.     }
  19.     }
  20.   else if (button == eMouseWheelNorth)
  21.       {
  22.      if ((GetGlobalInt(1)==0)) {
  23.         SetGlobalInt(1,  1);
  24.         }
  25.       else if((GetGlobalInt (1) ==  1)) {
  26.         SetGlobalInt(1,  2);
  27.         }
  28.       else if((GetGlobalInt(1) == 2)) {
  29.         SetGlobalInt(1,  3);
  30.         }
  31.       else if((GetGlobalInt(1) == 3)) {
  32.         SetGlobalInt(1,  4);
  33.         }
  34.       else if((GetGlobalInt(1) == 4)) {
  35.         SetGlobalInt(1,  0);
  36.         }
  37.       }
  38.   else if (button == eMouseWheelSouth)
  39.        {
  40.       if ((GetGlobalInt(1)==0)) {
  41.          SetGlobalInt(1,  4);
  42.          }
  43.                          else if ((GetGlobalInt(1)==4)) {
  44.                            SetGlobalInt(1,  3);
  45.                            }
  46.        else if ((GetGlobalInt(1) ==3)) {
  47.                                  SetGlobalInt(1,  2);
  48.                                  }
  49.                          else if ((GetGlobalInt(1)==2)) {
  50.          SetGlobalInt(1,  1);
  51.          }
  52.        else if ((GetGlobalInt(1)==1)) {
  53.          SetGlobalInt(1,  0);
  54.          }
  57.  }
  58.  }
  62. #sectionend on_mouse_click  // DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS LINE
  65. #sectionstart interface_click  // DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS LINE
  66. function interface_click(int interface, int button)
  67.   {
  68.   if (interface == VERBWHEEL) {
  69.    if (button==0) {
  70.      if (button==eMouseMiddle) {
  71.     gVerbwheel.Visible=false;
  72.   }
  73.  }
  74.  else {
  75.    gVerbwheel.Visible=false;
  76.    }
  77.  }
  78. }
  79. #sectionend interface_click  // DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS LINE

Oh, and this may be useful too.
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. #sectionstart repeatedly_execute  // DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS LINE
  2. function repeatedly_execute()
  3.   {
  4.   int mousexpos= mouse.x;
  5.   int mouseypos= mouse.y;
  6.   if (gVerbwheel.Visible==true) {
  7.   gVerbwheel.SetPosition(mousexpos-22,mouseypos-21);
  8.   }
  9.   // put anything you want to happen every game cycle here
  10.   }
  11. #sectionend repeatedly_execute  // DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS LINE

Thanks in advance for any hints you can offer.

I've accumulated a collection of sprites and backgrounds.. I feel like getting some feedback. Some of this stuff I feel to be finished but I'd like to show some of the veterans who remember my earlier works (nb: they were dire) that I have improved!

First off, it's a... it's a unicorn I drew for my girlfriend.
Don't laugh, she loved it.
Anyway, I'm more interested in showing the nice shading. The outline is very strong here, and thats because I make shameless  use of a photo reference. First or second on google image for "horse" I think.

Of course, once you start telling people you can do art they all want portraits...

This would be a chibi version of my friend Declan.

And my friend Betty, who likes Amercian McGee's Alice in Wonderland.

These images I don't really need any feedback on as much. But now... the important stuff.
The stuff from games.

I'll soon be making a game called Stellar Drift, a sci-fi adventure with a strong basis on character-focused story.

This second one looks a bit off. I have a side view too, but that'll be on my other computer. I'll upload it later. I'm actually damned pleased with the 3/4 view sprite, even though I say so myself here.

And finally, an unfinished background for the same game. To be used in a cutscene, so the fact that there's no room for actual adventuring is fine with me.

I like what I have so far with this one, but I've run out of fresh ideas for the rest of the spaces. Right, thanks to anyone who bothered to sit through all this. All comments are welcome :)

So I've got my new wifi router. Everything is good. Almost.
At present, this PC is wired into the router. I was about to go set up the other computer for the network, but then I hit a snag.
As you may have guessed, I CAN access the internet. Through Firefox. I open Firefox, it detects my LAN connection, and I can browse away.

The problem is that Internet Explorer doesn't seem to be able to access the connection. Even when I've just activated it though Firefox, IE refuses to acknowledge the existence of it. It starts set to default as "Work Offline", and when I try to connect, it gives me the option of my (now defunct) broadband (defunct because its looking for an external USB modem which no longer exists) and my really old dial up connection (which is also useless because that modem isn't even plugged in). Internet Explorer won't even access the IP address set up page, which Firefox was able to. Its an OFFLINE PAGE too.

So essentially the problem is this. Although I am clearly connected to the internet (as this post bares out), IE can't tap into the same connection. I need some way of making IE work, because my dad and brother use IE (and I cannot convert them, so don't even offer that as a solution!).

I tried a hotfix on the M$ website, by adding a reg entry to ignore dialup connections, but with no joy.

For those whom it interests, I'm running Windows XP SP2, and the Internet Explorer is version 6. My ISP is Tesco (yes, I know, I know...). The router set up identified the connection as PPPOA, which seems to be correct. But Window's internet setup wizardy thingy offers only PPPOE, which is no good. It also tries to connect through a WAN something, which is not ideal, as the only networking cable is the ethernet one.

If I've left anything important out, I will do my best to add it in. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated... thank you!


Uhh... boy do I feel stupid. I fixed it. I was just messing about with settings and I told IE to never dial a connection, then I turned off all the LAN options. I don't know exactly HOW this worked. But it did.
I suppose now this topic is essentially defunct, although that depends on how well the installation on the NEXT pc goes. And the next PC is runnng Millennium Edition... that'll be fun...
Well... I suppose this post will be a good help to others in the future, as I encountered several forums while googling with people touting the same problem.

This can probably be deleted, unless someone else wants to use it for their own router chitchat. Tell me about your network, and I'll complain about Millenium Edition!

General Discussion / What was that cartoon with the duck?
« on: 19 Feb 2006, 23:17 »
Firstly, I know I should seek out one of those specialist cartoon web boards, but I feel more comfortable asking here.

When I was little, I watched this cartoon show about a little yellow baby bird. It was some time between 1990 and 2000 (in the UK), but the exact date I do not know. It made me cry when I was little, and I'd love to track it down again.
Here's all I know about it.
  • Main character was a little yellow bird
  • Credits showed a blue background, cut in two. On the top half, I think there were stills from the show. There were also little images of the bird, half inside his shell.
  • I believe the "bad guys" were lizards of a sort
  • The birds parents may have been killed
  • The bird was on some kind of quest or voyage
  • It was incredibly downbeat
  • At one point, the bird was incarserated in a tower, and started crying (my only vivid memory)

Anyone else remember this?

Sorry about the delay here, I've been offline for a while and forgot to do this.
First, some house rules.

- Participants will write a story not limited by length unless specified by the month's rules;
- It's impossible for a judge to be impartial in this kind of competition where, for instance, great writing can save a meager plot. So the voting will be public, and go on for at least a week after the deadline, when the winner will be announced.
- The competition should last a month. Therefore, this particular one will run until the 28th of February - though some slack may given. Don't abuse it, though. Five days after the "official" deadline no further entries are allowed and voting begins, but this tolerance is not mandatory, rather left to the thread-starter's descression.
- The actual posts must NOT contain the story, but a link to it. The story MUST be hosted somewhere, even if temporarily.
- The object of this is to write a story. It can be a short story with 10 lines, it can be a whooper with 20 pages. It can have no characters, or a myriad of them. It can be in first person, or third; present or past of future tense. Your ONLY limitations are the ones the rules state, if any.
- The winner provides the theme and rules for the next comp.
- The comp-starter may participate. It's happened already, and this voting system should elliminate unfairness. Of course, out of fairness, the comp starter should start it without already forming an idea of the story he may write.

With these few and fairly liberal rules,  here's the theme.


You can apply this in whichever way you feel fit, the theme is really just a scaffolding for your ideas. Don't feel limited to End of the World scenarios, whilst these are perfectly valid, feel free to explore the theme and be a little bit creative. I'm not going to be 'Theme Nazi' with you, so relax, and just write something.

Alright, go get 'em! I want to see a lot of entries here.

Writing is highly subjective, everyone will view a piece of writing in a different way depending on how they relate to it, so even if you write a story and decide you don't like it, enter it anyway, you never know what might catch someone else's imagination.

I remember when I was little, there was this adventure game.
It had 256 colour graphics and was low res.
All I really remember was the Russian theme. It was like medieval Russia, or some Eastern Country from that neck of the woods.
I had a shareware version, but lets see...
The main character was blonde, I remember a house, with a well, but one of the main puzzles was getting into the King's Castle for some reason. I remember there was a white horse in the King's Stables, then you got a letter from the King's Daughter? I tihnk you could pick up an egg at some point. I think it was possible to lose, as I remember having to start again because I didnt get the shovel(?) from the garden with the well.

Does anyone vaguely remember this game? I'd love to play it again, since it was the first adventure game I ever played. Sorry for my incoherent description, but thats really all I remember, and I don't know enough to google it.

 Basic Rules:

  • A sprite is supplied, with a theme.
  • Participants must use the given sprite for their animation.
  • Each competition will last 11 days.
  • The starter of each competition will decide on the winner.
  • The winner, who will decide on the next competition's theme, must also supply a sprite.

Last time we had Doc X abusing an orphan. Good times were had by all.

But what happened to Little Timmy The Orphan I hear you cry!

You see, Little Timmy's Orphanage threw him out, and he's all alone in the world. So here's your chance to decide his fate, in this weeks animation competition which I have entitled,
"You Don't Have To Go Home But You Can't Stay Here".

So what did Timmy do after being kicked out of the Orphanarium? Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to show him doing a typical orphan on the streets thing. Go nuts. Does he steal? Go to Mexico and help with the harvest?

And incase anyone looks at this and decides not to enter, look at his sad face.
You tell that face that nobody loves him, and that his foster parents last year were right to whip him with the extension cord...

Critics' Lounge / C&C /CPR Required for Messy Walkcycle
« on: 07 May 2005, 21:44 »
This is the walkcycle for a game I'm making. However the animation quality is really rather poor.

There isn't any shading on the legs, as I wanted to get the actual movements sorted
out before I started messing about with detail.
In retrospect the arms need to be thicker, but I'm more concerned about his
suicidal bobbing up and down.

Paintovers are openly encouraged.
I'm not saying "I suck, paint over this and do it for me" . I know the problems, but I don't know how to correct them. Therein lies the paintover request.

Many thanks.

General Discussion / Will I need a CD-Key?
« on: 16 Mar 2005, 23:47 »
Since I'm getting into this whole AGS thing in a serious way (and my trial version won't accept a re-install, damn XP with its fancy system register. How I miss Win95) I've decided to buy Paint Shop Pro.
At the moment I'm looking at PSP8 on eBay, as it suits my price range. Although I'd probably like to get PSP 9.
The problem is that unless I want to pay almost full retail price (over 50 quid) I don't get a manual or any documents or boxes, just a disc.

Now, most software titles today have CD-Keys, or Athentication Codes somewhere on the packaging.

I was wondering if PSP 8 or PSP 9 has a CD key requirement, before I go and blow 20 bucks on a CD which lacks that code. Anyone got PSP who could give me advice?


General Discussion / Underdogs Errors
« on: 22 Jan 2005, 17:02 »
Recently I wanted to download the first RON game (having never played it) so I went to HOTU and clicked download. I entered the code, but then I got a 404 error. I tried evrything, but nothing would work.

So today, I decide I want to play discworld. Underdogs. Copy Code. Doesn't work.
I tried the firewall option, I tried using BitTorrent, I tried reading every FAQ, I even looked for mirrors, but it doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Before I got my new PC (and new 56k modem) everything worked fine, but now I can't dowload any HOTU files that are covered by their scripts. I could download the sample music and decoder fix, but thats all.
I have a 56k Aztec v.9 modem made by Smart Link, and my ISP is Wanadoo. I think thats the only tech info that would make a difference.
I tried going on their forums, but aparently I've been denied access. Then I tried their contact button, but i get the impression that they don't want to receive mail from some idiot who cant get a dl to work.

Thanks for any help, and I apologise to any passing mods who might look upon this with scorn.

This is a holiday game that doesn't take itself too seriously. And don't worry, the titles a joke too.

John Everymann is spending Christmas alone this year. Just like every other year. He takes a glug of whiskey and turns on the television to watch a festive movie.
His movie is interrupted by a news report, which tells him that xmas has been cancelled!

*320x200 resolution at 16bit
*Amazing cinematic scenes (really!)
*A host of wacky characters
*A ripped walkcycle
*A catchy soundtrack
*An "original" story
*Trivia and rip offs!
*A barrel of fun,  suitable for ages 4 and up.

This is my first finished AGS game, and its a little bit rushed because I wanted to get it finished for Christmas.

Its a bit of fun.

Download ~2.5mb
(Right click, Save Target as)

Or you can use Candle's mirror. 

I'd been having trouble with the standard DisplaySpeechBackground, so I came over to the boards, searched, and found this.
It seemed to be an ideal solution. So I copied and pasted the code into AGS, but the script won't compile properly.
I think the problem may lie within version differences between my game and scorp's code. To the best of my knowledge, I use ver 2.61.
These are some of the errors I get.
"ERROR line 25 Undefined token "DisplaySpeechQ_RE();"
This is from re.exec, and the code is:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function repeatedly_execute() {
  2.   // put anything you want to happen every game cycle here
  3.   DisplaySpeechQ_RE()
  5. }
When I delete that piece of code, for arguments sake, I get this error.
"Line already referenced as import"

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function qStopSpeech() {
  2.    if (qIsTalking()) {
  3.       qStopSpeechChannel();
  4.       RemoveOverlay(cur_overlay);
  5.       int i = mod(cur_say, BUFFER_SIZE);
  6.       int CharID = Buffer[ i ].CharID;
  7.       ReleaseCharacterView(CharID);
  8.       if (prev_char > -1) { ReleaseCharacterView(prev_char); prev_char = -1; }
  9.       stop_talk = 0;
  10.       cur_say = cur_str;
  11.    }
  12. }
Though I doubt the two are related. When I deleted THIS piece of code, I got a message saying certain code didn't add up properly, and the game crashed. Though It DID compile.
I did attempt to fix this myself, but since I didn't write the code, I have a limited understanding of how it works.

Critics' Lounge / Need help with walkcycle
« on: 17 Oct 2004, 17:48 »
I'm having trouble doing the walkcycle for the main character in my game.
I think it needs more frames, as it stands it only has the key frames. And I'm not too happy with those either.


The front view of the charcter is much better. Click here for proof.
(Although I don't want c&c on these)

I'd like some help correcting the existing frames, and possibly adding in a few new ones. I had 8 frames a while ago, but it didn't look right in AGS's animation preview (a godsend, BTW). With ALL the frames, the char looks a bit stupid.
I've checked a load of walking anim tuts, and whilst I found out a lot of things, I didn't come away with any practical tips.

You will recognise the man, and if you don't, you should at least have a vague idea who he is.
I'm trying out a cartoony style which is new to me, but I can't exaggerate his movements without him looking, well, gay.
EDIT: If you see the red x, please wait. I'm changing the pic.
Can you all see it now?

I really would appreciate help with these. I just checked the preview and realised how truly bad they are. Don't think I didn't put work into them, because I did. They are also my first attempt at a walking animation. Actually I've done a few unorthadox animations, like people falling over in a drunken stupor, or doing the dusting, and they worked quite well. Its this everyday activity I'm having trouble with.

I know this has been gone over before, but this is different.

I've got Spybot Search & Destroy, which has deleted 19 spys from my system. But my browser is still being hijacked by "windowws".

I tried to get AdAware, but it won't function on my system.

So any advice? There isn't actually anything crippling about a hijacked browser but it is really annoying. I've tried to set it back, which wore off, and SS&S found no other entities.

So is there another Windows95 compatible ad/spy destroyer? Or is there something I can do manually?
I have IE by the way. I know I could just update to FireFox, but I'd rather get rid of this trojan.

EDIT: In particular I'm having trouble accessing eBay. It keeps flitting back to this strange homepage. On on this obscure homepage, I get hundreds of pop-ups saying "Your computer has spys etc. Your OS is Win95! Click here to get rid of them". I haven't clicked because I'm not that stupid.

Any help?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Problem with walking
« on: 27 Aug 2004, 23:33 »
Firstly I want to apologise. This seems like such a simple problem, but I can't find a solution. It really baffles me. I read here, BFAQ, Google and (of course) the manual.

I have created a room. I set a walkable area that runs right the way around the floor. I make sure the character starts in the middle of the area.

But the problem is, he can't walk. I threw in some interactions, and they were fine, but walk mode isn't working.

I have an extremely simple control system at the minute.
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function on_mouse_click(int button) // called when a mouse button is clicked. button is either LEFT or RIGHT
  2.   {
  3.   if (IsGamePaused()==1) // Game is paused, so do nothing (ie. don't allow mouse click)
  4.     {
  5.     }
  6.   else if (button==LEFT)
  7.     {
  8.     ProcessClick(mouse.x,mouse.y,GetCursorMode());
  9.     }
  10.   else // right-click, so cycle cursor
  11.     {   
  12.     SetNextCursorMode();
  13.     }
  14.   }

The default from the empty game, in fact.

I was confused, so I started a new game, but used the template with Roger et al, and it worked perfectly.

Now either I'm, doing something really stupid, or...actually thats the only option.
I made sure I had not confused Walkable Areas with regions or something like that. I changed the colour of the area, just in case, and a whole pile of other things.

So, what can I do? Should I start a new file and hope the fault goes away or something?

Once again I apologise if this is a stupidly easy thing.

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