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Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Castle of Fire
« on: 29 Apr 2016, 04:02 »
So yeah, I just played a game in AGS called 'Castle of Fire'

It is a bit like an Arcade game (actually based off an Atari game called DragonFire)

I thought I would post my High Score, and see if anyone feels like trying to beat it. I think I can do better.

Current High Score: 2345

Hints & Tips / Anastronaut II
« on: 01 Feb 2014, 13:49 »
Hi everyone :)

I am really enjoying the look of this new game, but at the moment I am super stuck!

I have made it onto the bridge of the cargo ship, but the countdown is still going down...

Spoiler: ShowHide
When I look at the records on the computer a guard comes, and I have tried so many times to hide behind a column, but to no avail

Or maybe I don't need to deal with the guard, but is there a way to get a retina scan? I have a toilet roll with asbestos mould with a hole in it...

Thanks to anyone who can assist

General Discussion / Problems with Mediafire
« on: 04 Sep 2011, 22:17 »
Hi, I recently over the weekend tried to download some games that were hosted at www.mediafire.com, only to find "object not found".

My first reaction was: 'broken link'

But then I have contacted the games authors, and both seem to think there are no troubles with the link. I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble.

The games I were looking at were 'A Simple Fix', and 'Abduction'

Hints & Tips / Beyond the Horizon (Alpha)
« on: 21 Jun 2009, 12:53 »
Very stuck in this game. I walk to the cellar near the start of the game, then get locked in and can't get out of there. I feel I need to do the ole put something under the door, poke the key out of the lock, and slide the key under the door and into my possession....but nothing seems to work  ???

Well two nephews of mine were over the moon when I showed them an AGS game. The game was Counterfeit, and it was an adventure where you type what you want to do instead of point and click (is that called parser interface?). Their dad, my brother, was also happy cos they are still learning to read and write.

The game, very enjoyable, is also quite short. Soooo.....does anyone know of a similar game that is fairly easy to play and where you have to type?

Oh yeah, I love playing AGS games! Don't get to play much nowadays, but thanks for everyone who makes a game  ;)

Hints & Tips / Day of Darkness
« on: 10 Jan 2005, 23:40 »
I'm not really stuck in the game, I just don't understand the keys. How can I interact one object with the other?  Thanks for any help

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Sort games by date
« on: 23 Aug 2004, 14:49 »
Didn't there use to be a way to list all the games by when they were added to the archives. I liked this as I could see what new games had appeared whilst I was busy on a particular adventure. Well I'm not complaining or anything, just wondering why it is gone.

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