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Normally , I would go searching / researching first to see if anybody else posted already about such things but today I do not feel like it. So , new thread. Hopefully that will not be an issue for anyone. Besides, it's to my understanding that "necroing" threads / posting in old threads is frowned upon here , just like it is frowned upon in most or many boards.

List of my favorite sites and other things I find interesting , I am posting for others who might be interested as well since we are all gamers and game creators , interested in various gaming related things and have interests outside of gaming , and there may be things that might interest other wannabe game creators here. For information and inspiration. Stuff. (laugh)

Gourmet Gaming

A site for those who want to try recreating something they found in a game or something.

The Drunken Moogle

Alcoholic drinks for gamers , apparently.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Food Related Entry in a blog

webtender - various drinks

AGS of course I love AGS (laugh)

List of fictional drinks

Seventh Sanctum Generators
Inspiration , help , and contests for artists and writers.

Food Pills - more science fiction stuff
Never been to sf-encylopedia before but it looks interesting! This may be of interest to you guys as well...

Springhole Another great "stuff generators" type site and has some articles and other things as well.

Eventually , well...hopefully sooner than later....I will have a new website and will link to it here and elsewhere.
Right now I have no website. My old one was destroyed along with many others , alas. I needed a new one anyway.

With any luck I will have more than one website or at least enough space and such for all my interests.

Ludum Dare Great site where they hold contests and lots of people make new games based on contest theme.

Ren'py A great tool for anyone who wants to make "visual novels" aka interactive "novels" , games,  and "ren'ai" aka dating sim type games and "kinectic" novel ( aka static...just full of words...I am not a fan of kinectic since they're not really games...if I wanted to read a book - I'd read a book... *sigh* ) There may or may not have been other things done with Ren'py but it's mainly for those who are wanting to make dating sim type games.

By the way , I hate Unity. Just hate it. I wish people would stop using it to make games or at least make a version of their game that doesn't use / need Unity. *sigh*

I also hate it when I get an AGS game or game demo I want to play but the game is basically unplayable in my book because the creator limited their game to one resolution and it's the one resolution that normally refuses to run fullscreen on my laptop. ( The Bum is an example of an AGS game I consider unplayable because of the tiny screen if I put it in window mode and it won't let me play fullscreen ...sorry to whoever made that game but...ARRRGGG ;)

I hate it when I have to use WASD for movement , in my opinion it's a strange and sadistic "design choice" some creators make and it takes any fun out of a game for me. I hate having to use - ( in my opinion ) - weird keybutton choices for shooting enemies or jumping and other things and there's no way for me to change up how my character moves and interacts with the world. I don't mind having to use keyboard for movement ( like up down left right for example ) but I prefer using my mouse.

I hate when people refer to adult works as "porn" , especially if there's nothing wrong with the writing or coding.

I hate that more creators aren't afraid to push the envelope and go beyond pushing the envelope with some things but at the same time I can understand people not wanting to make stuff all about sex , nudity , and violence. I love that there are people out there trying to and succeeding in making non-violent games and there are girls out there making romance games for girls that don't include nudity and sex. I love silly fluffy mushy stuff. :-[ I think it's important to include disclaimers with certain creators need to take responsibility for their games.
In a way , it's a shame the things we should be doing but often don't do...because there's so much negativity from people who just don't get it...they don't get us...they don't get games...
We need to keep showing and reminding people that it's stupid to blame game creators or games for the stupid things that a small handful of monsters and criminals do...but we also need to take responsibility for - ( if we have it and when we show it) - our violence , twisted sense of humor , perversions , and whatever else we may represent in / via our games. Hopefully someday people will truly realize and accept that games aren't just for kids and shouldn't be just for kids ....making books for a variety of people is why aren't games , toys , animation, and comic books?  Why are these particular things still stuck in the mindset of so many as being "just for kids"?!

Anyway...back to the list of stuff and sites I think people should check out.

Parsifal Unfortunately , site apparently needs some updating or major updating. Old links are old and "baf" or "wurb" is not working! I used to go to baf aka wurb all the time. The only thing I never liked about baf-wurb is the fact that they referred to adult works as porn. *sigh* Anyway , if anybody knows of a more up to date interactive fiction related site...please let me know. I will include it in this post or update this thread later and link to such a site. Either way , once I have my own website going I will have "pages" dedicated to interactive fiction. I worry that IF may be dying or it's already dead , even though I one day found something called Twine...I like some Twine works but wish there were more and more easy to find.

I don't remember what initially led me to neglect the forums but I'm sure this played a huge part in it too...Sometimes it's really hard to deal with this loss. I think he had planned on becoming a doctor or got interested in the medical field. Before he was taken from us, Jason seemed to have gotten interested in selling photographs....something to do with taking pictures anyway , enjoying taking pictures... it's one of the few things me and my brother had in common....I was often very annoyed and angry with him when he was with us. He hurt my feelings a lot and drove me nuts sometimes , but that's family, right? Heh. But I miss him. I miss him so much.

The whole thing is just stupid and sickening. Two guy I had never met but kinda "knew" about through talking with my parents and stepfather , ect. The other guy , Chris *spits* , I remember him riding with me and Jason to Mom's place and we all had dinner together once. *curses and mumbles*

And that was...what...only four days or so - ( ? ) - before the murder. :angry:

We may have had our suspicions or "bad vibe" feelings or whatever but didn't even realize that something was seriously wrong until my mother tried to contact him and couldn't get into contact with him because he reportedly missed work. I don't know why they didn't realize two other workers that day missed work too if they didn't realize it.

I can't remember...don't like to think about it.
I'm not good with dates / time and crap..and I don't want to remember that my brother was murdered.
I don't want to memorize the dates.

I can't remember what day it was when my poor mother found my brother's body or when I found a thread online that helped with the case...they stole my brother's ride after they killed him....I don't remember what day it was when I held my father's hand and told him about the disturbing thread I found online about a boy wondering where the heck his brother was 'cause his brother - ( matt I think it was ) - was missing. This helped the police to track them down.
Chris and Matt.

They claimed to be his friends. Real friends don't react to alleged gun fear the way they did. Smart , good people don't react the way they did. If they were truly afraid for their lives just because my brother happened to own a gun , why didn't they just leave and call the police or talked to somebody? They didn't do that. Instead they decided to fight and stab my kill him. Of course it took my brother's death to realize what big pathetic losers and idiots they were. It took my brother's death to find out that one or both of them was more of an acquaintance really and they were just co-workers / acquaintances not real friends. From what I understand , it was early in the morning or very late into the night - perhaps midnight or so... ( see? not good with time...folks ) - when they went to my brothers for whatever reason they were really there for. So Jason wasn't fully awake or even understood what the heck was really happening to him when it happened. From what I understood , my brother never waved his gun in their face or anything like that. There was no reason , no good reason at all... for him to die. And even if he had waved a gun in their face , I wouldn't have blamed him much for it. Who the heck claims to be a friend and barges in on you unannounced very early in the morning or late at night? Doesn't even call first to let you know they're coming over and ask you to write it down to remind you they're coming over , blah blah , ect. ?! *sigh*

If I could time travel. I would warn my brother..."Don't trust them. They're not your friends , Jason. They're not your friends. Please be careful around them and avoid them like the plague if you can. Please don't live there. Please don't work there. Come live with me and dad or at least near us. In the general area. Something! Anything...anywhere but there. Please."

Now some people may claim my brother was selling weed. I don't know if that's true. I didn't find out until after he died that he may have been taking marijuana. But selling it? I was surprised when I found that out and I still am not not trust....I'm not saying it's impossible but even if he was , so what? Did those idiots really kill my brother over weed?! Losers.

I really hope that the rumors being spread about my brother are just that, stupid rumors with no truth to them at all. Even if my brother may have smoked weed or whatever the heck stupid thing he may have done...I really hope he wasn't selling it. I doubt he was selling it but I learned a lot from the loss of him.

Also, "MichaelJCheaney" , I doubt you will ever read this but if you do, you're a stupid jerk and I just wanted you to know that. You should've kept your stupid thoughts on the matter to yourself. We don't even know you and you don't know us. ( is that sort of thing allowed on these forums? If not , sorry for letting my emotions get the better of me and turning kinda childish...but you can understand how hurt and angry I am, right? No matter how I feel about my mother sometimes , she doesn't deserve stupid crap from some dumb stranger on the internet. You can edit this part out for me mods if you want to. )

I...ok, I'm done. Thank you for your time and I'm sorry for being Debbie Downer but I had to get this out of my system....

Ok. I've looked over the manual/tutorials, did searches and nothing seemed to have quite the answer I was looking for. Help please. I made a floating eyeball intended to be the player character. His name is Lars and it took me a little while but I got his graphic(s) in the game. However, the "character" Lars has the default craptastic but lovable roger showing up for some reason and I can't figure out how the heck I'm supposed to make the darn thing recognize that I want the graphics from Lars sprite to go with Lars the character, not Roger's sprite(s). In the meantime I'm using Death (from RON of course...who else has a Death char for free? heh) as the player character because I'm stressing over this one. (I'm guessing that this is probably gonna be something really simple that I should've already figured out but was just too impatient or something. *blush*)

In the "random banner" up top I currently see a handsome Black haired character and then some shots from other unknown games....something that looks like a dungeon and then a ruin or abandoned building then an old fashioned car (Red) ends the banner. Any information on what adventure(s) these shots are from? I'm especially interested in the mysterious character in the front of the banner. If this rings any bells, please post in here, pm me, or email me at  :)

General Discussion / Female Gamers & Creators
« on: 25 Sep 2006, 10:09 »
I thought this would be the safest place to put this.
Any way , I think any and all females here should try and join as a team.
I'm an amateur at alot of things myself , so I apoligize if I'm not much help with games but I try and am always grateful for any interest in me and my limited skills. ^_^;

It would be nice to know just how many members here are female and it would be cool to have an all female group ( even a small one ) involved in helping each other and others out , creating games as a team , games that weren't made as a team but still by a female AGS member , blah blah blah.

What do you all think? ( and a note for male creators : thanks for any non-stereotypical female characters in your games and the ones that do make stereotypical female characters in their games...I want to hurt you. ;-P )

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Older games / Dante's Day
« on: 17 Jun 2005, 10:05 »
Does anybody still have Dante's Day?
I'd like to have this old game again  , I tried the old thread but the link there doesn't work anymore and the creator didn't leave up an actual email address so I have no way of reaching him / her.  I can't think of any other old games with similar problems at the moment but feel free to add comments so that I'm not the only one complaing about the lack of being able to find an old game.  ;) Please and thank you.  If you need to be reminded about the story in the game , you play as a Jester and you have to take care of some stuff for the king , however the game has a very sad ending. I thought such a thread wouldn't really fit elsewhere so apoligies if this isn't where it's supposed to be.  I'd love to have Dada Christmas Special: Stagnation in Red & White again too.

What's happened to 'em? I know they're old but that old? I tried using the search engine but it brought up something else / didn't bring up Mir En Muir at all and didn't have any other threads either.

I can't remember the title of it , but there was this one game inspired by Larry Loader and it had the song Ruby by Tweaker in it. Thanks to that game I learned of the song and fell in love with it , I have a copy in my music collection. However it's been a long time since I've played the games , I know they were short and monotonous but that's what I liked about them , so I wish I had them again. Any information on these and other such older ( specifically dark and depressing materials that I can identify with ) projects would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you. I didn't know where else to put this but I figured the best place was here.

General Discussion / Just a reminder.
« on: 28 Oct 2004, 14:33 »
It's been a long time , hasn't it?
I vaguely remember joining some group and yet I haven't gotten any messages from the guy that started the little group ,  ( at the time it was just him and like one other guy....I can't remember either of their nicks...*blush* ) ,  if this sounds familiar to you...Hey , I'm still here! My email address shouldn't be that hard to remember and it's not a very long one either , so...what's going on?
I know I should've been trying to keep on top of things too but really if there's anything I've missed due to not getting messages before , I hope you're still around too and drop me a PM or email.
This goes for anybody else who's been chatting with me about projects in the past too...I know we're all busy , but , hey , I thought I was supposed to be the forgetful one here! *laughs*
But seriously , I miss you all and I'm sorry for not sending anything for so long myself.
I hope you all aren't too mad at me but you've gotta admit it's partly your fault too if you never pm / email me once in a while with little reminders about what I'm supposed to be doing.

I haven't done anything game related in a long time but I still have my projects , haven't deleted them or anything , so anything you still need , just let me know.
Thanks again for letting me be a part in all this.

My email is
if you don't check people's profiles for some reason....
( lol )


I thought there are people working on making sure there aren't any hate sites?
If so , looks like they missed one. ( then again it'd probably be hard to get rid of all hate sites completely , given how easy and quick it is to set up sites and how big the internet is. )
As for the "creator" pic , this guy thinks he's a hit with the ladies?

Hints & Tips / A Better Mouse Trap
« on: 04 May 2004, 05:50 »
Oh , so there wasn't really anything to do after that.
Great ending. *laughs*

Spoiler: ShowHide
I was messing around trying to figure it out for myself again and realized that I hadn't taken the nail , so I tried some of the tools and finally got the nail , messed with the nail for a bit and ended up with a hook so I attached it to the pole and rope ....tada , fishing pole! Now I have the skull. Yay.
I'm surprised at myself that I completely missed / forgot about the nail after taking the picture down. Whoops.

I hope I'm right in assuming this is ok to put here since it has no screenshots or anything , so it doesn't belong in "games in production" ...and since it's adventure related , I thought it didn't really belong in general...anyways , I have kicked around this idea for a while now and even started working on it but with a different engine ,  but I think it'd be a better idea to have it as my first ags game. The biggest problem is that I have no plot , so it's just "well it hasn't been done before but I only have a very basic idea about what I want to do"...which play as a centaur , in a game about centaurs , hence the title , Centaur Mania.  I read this article where a person complained that you could only see centaurs as NPCs and such , but you'd never actually get to play as a centaur , I agree and think there should be at least one game out there in which centaur lovers like me can do that.  Yet when it comes to anything more creative than that ( like what is the players a princess or what? lol ) ,  I can't come up with anything / am lazy and haven't come up with anything.
It's annoying because I consider myself a pretty creative person , or I at least try to be. Yet , so far , all I see in my head for this game are centaurs and pretty tents out in a desert.
Soo ....should I go with a cliche and have the plot be a "save royality / the world" or what?
Oh , and of course it's supposed to be pretty funny , since the word mania is in the title.

General Discussion / Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« on: 21 Apr 2004, 00:20 »
Being a newbie myself , I request that this be stickied so that future newbies can have a place to meet and maybe help each other out.

Self Intro
Hello , my name is Karessa but I prefer to be known as Kara. I would give out my last name but my parents made a big deal about it. *sighs* I'm 24 , what's the big deal with giving out my last all put it in your email accounts even though you should know better! Oh , sorry , got off topic there. Any way ,  I'm interested in AGS because I love classic gaming and I grew up with things like Atari , Sierra's older stuff ,  interactive fiction , ect.
I am interested in many other things too , so if you ever want to talk about Anime or dolls , please drop me a PM or email some time!
I am an amateur programmer , artist , and I wish I could sing and make awesome music too.
I don't have any instruments yet ( I used to have a few but lost them ) but hope someday to be in a band or some thing , even if only for a little while.
My full given name online is Kara Ann Vortex.
I was born in Germany in 1979 ( which of course means that I grew up in the 80's ....woo hoo! )
I was into Anime back when I didn't even know there was a name for it and it wasn't as popular as it is today.
I was there ( but not "there there" if that makes any sense ) when the Berlin wall , aka Iron Curtain came down.
My father was in the army and now he's a postal worker.
So don't tick me off or I'll find out where you live and complain to my daddy. j/k lol
Yes , at my age I still usually refer to my dad as Daddy. I'll hurt anybody who makes fun of me for that. ;-P
I now live in beautiful washington state.
I guess that's it.
Sorry if you thought any of this little speech was boring.

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