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I was playing around with something and as far as I can see there's no way to get/set the scaling for objects (mostly the problem is with 'get'). There's only Object.IgnoreScaling and GetScalingAt, which aren't quite what I was after.
Would it be possible for Object scaling to be handled like Character scaling? Object.ManualScaling in place of Object.IgnoreScaling, and Object.Scaling to get/set scale.

I don't know how important this is (it's easy enough to work around using Characters), it just seemed like a strange thing not to have.

OK, the theme this time round is:
Keyboard Interaction

Yes, we already have the Keyboard Movement Module, but what kind of adventure can you have just walking around?
I want to see code that allows players to look at, talk to and interact with the game world without using their mouses (mice?). Some mouse interaction is OK, but there should be a keyboard equivalent for every mouse action (as far as possible).

Here are the rules:
1. Must be open-source. We can hardly inspect your coding if we can't see it.
2. Must contain instructions for how to add to an existing game, this will obviously be easier if the scripting is done as a module.
3. Only use of the 3D, TCP/IP and maths plugins are allowed.
4. Must provide sample game using your code.
5. Team efforts are allowed, and you're probably expected to get help for sprites, etc from elsewhere.
6. As far as possible, entries will be judged on their scripting and gameplay rather than GFX, SFX, music, etc.
7. Winner will be decided by 1 week of voting at the end.

Competiton runs 18th March to 1st April. (No joke entries, please ;))
Then, a week of voting.

The Rules:
1. Must be open-source. We can hardly inspect your coding if we cant see it.
2. Must contain instructions for how to add to an existing game, this will obviously be easier if the scripting is done as a module
3. Only use of the 3D, TCP/IP and maths plugins are allowed
4. Must provide sample game using your code.
5. Team efforts are allowed, and you're probably expected to get help for sprites, etc from elsewhere.
6. As far as possible, entries will be judged on their scripting and gameplay rather than GFX, SFX, music, etc.
7. Winner will be decided by 1 week of voting at the end.

The Specifics:
I'll be honest: I couldn't think of a topic - I'm better at problem solving, than problem setting. So, I've stolen one from the Script modules/templates that need writing thread.

Inventory GUIs.
It's as simple, or as complicated , as that. I want to see as many custom Inventory GUIs, in as many different styles as you can come up with. Sci-fi, medieval, contemporary, one that was scrawled on the back of a cigarette box - it's up to you.
A nice touch would be including a screenshot of your Inventory in action, when you enter - but remember it's the code we're interested in, not just the graphics.

Let's say Wednesday January 4th. A little over 2 weeks, to allow for the holidays. This means voting will be a little under a week, so as not to overrun too much. Winner to be announced Monday January 9th.

I'm away over Christmas, so if you've got any questions about specifics, ask 'em now, while I'm still here.

Modules & Plugins / MODULE: Hotspot ComboLock
« on: 03 Dec 2005, 16:55 »
MODULE: Hotspot ComboLock
by Nik 'Ashen' Mallon.

Yet another Passcode Lock Module, specifically designed to use hotspots and objects, rather than a GUI. A module-ified version of the code I posted in this thread, partially based on SSH's Combination Lock Keypad module, and compatible with both 2.7 and 2.71 (as far as I can tell).

Everything should be explained in the README, let me know if it isn't (documentation isn't my strong suit).

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. // room script
  3. function room_a() {
  4.   // script for Room: Player enters room (before fadein)
  5.   HotspotLock.SetCode(1,9,7,9, 5,0);
  6. }
  8. function hotspot1_a() {
  9.   // script for Hotspot 1 (Hotspot 1): Any click on hotspot
  10. //Button '1'
  11.   HotspotLock.EnterCode(1);
  12. }
  14. function hotspot2_a() {
  15.   // script for Hotspot 2 (Hotspot 2): Any click on hotspot
  16.   //Button '2'
  17.   HotspotLock.EnterCode(2);
  18. }
  20.  // Etc, etc ...
  22. function hotspot12_a() {
  23.   // script for Hotspot 2 (Hotspot 12): Any click on hotspot
  24.   // Button 'Enter Code'
  25.   if (HotspotLock.CheckCode() == eCodeCorrect) {
  26.     //Code entered correctly
  27.     Display("Well Done!");
  28.     player.ChangeRoom(10, 120, 200);
  29.   }
  30.   else if (HotspotLock.CheckCode() == eCodeWrong) {
  31.     // Wrong code entered.
  32.     Display ("Code Invalid");
  33.     HotspotLock.ResetCode();
  34.   }
  35. }

Download here:
Hotspot ComboLock Module

Modules & Plugins / MODULE: SumPasscode
« on: 03 Dec 2005, 13:55 »
MODULE: SumPasscode.
by Nik 'Ashen' Mallon.
This module was inspired by a problem posted by theatrx (see this thread for a fuller description).
It's a variation on the normal keypad/combination lock. Instead of entering the code on a keypad, you have to add different amounts, towards the total (combination).

The functions are explained in the README file. The only requriement is a label named lblPass to display the input.

SumPasscode for 2.7, or
SumPasscode for 2.71

Test Game:
Source (written in 2.7 - import 2.71 module if needed)

A simple test game. You're given a random code, and have to enter it. Use buttons [1000], [100], [10] and [1] to change your input, [ENTER CODE] to submit it, and [RESET] to start over. The target code is only displayed once, so make sure you memorise it.

 What is a Photoshop Phriday?

At this point everyone should know already, but here goes, once again.

Photoshopping isn't drawing a completely new image -- It's editing images to create a new image, such as editing one image or combining several images. The contest usually lasts for a fortnight. Also, you don't have to specifically use Photoshop -- Paint Shop Pro, MSPaint, or any other programs can be used. Please make sure your image doesn't exceed the width of the screen.

See this link:

And for other examples, see here:


This week: Cross Mojo-nation

Take a character (or characters) from one game (any type), and put them in a game from another genre. Then show us a screenshot, boxart, or other promotional goodies.

Monkey Planet, the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood, Space Pirate!
DOOMQUEST3: The Pirates of Pestulon

Entries to be judged on the quality of the shoppage, the quality the idea, and the ability to make me laugh 'til diet Coke shoots out of my nose.

(Yes, believe it or not, this did take me 2 days to come up with. If I was good at ideas, I'd have finished a game by now.)

Enjoy! You have TWO WEEKS to comply.

EDIT: Deadline extended!

So, I know how to make a GUI pointer (GUI *myGui;), and I know that if I put that in the script header, the myGui pointer will be available in every room/script. BUT if I set myGui (myGui = gInventory;) in the global script, it's only usable in the global script - unless I also put a myGui = gXx in (for example) a room script, it crashes as a null pointer.

It's not, obviously, a major problem - I can just watch what/where I call - I was just wondering if there was a way to keep the settings across scripts.

Advanced Technical Forum / Inventory index in 2.62
« on: 04 May 2005, 15:02 »
(Not a great title, but I couldn't think of anything more descriptive.)

Is it possible to find the inventory slot of an item (as used by game.top_inv_item)? Something like InvWindow.ItemAtIndex[] in 2.7, but the other way round (i.e. returns the index rather than the item number, or -1 if you don't have that item) - and that works in 2.62, obviously.

EDIT: Or, is there some sort of inventoryindex[] array, like savegameindex[] , that I could use?

I've got a workaround for now, but it's a lot of scripting for something that might be an existing but undocumented feature. (Unless it is documented, and I'm just an idiot, in which case, roll on the RTFM's).

Words and pictures. Words and pictures.
Here are the pictures:

Now give me words.

Every couple of weeks, a post will be made with a list of items and a scenario. Using your wit and skill find a way to complete the scenario with the items provided. You can only use a set number of items of your own choice. When I say use your skill, use it.

Yeah, I guess. After the deadline, you'll have about a day to vote. Most votes == Winner.

The Grand Prize:
That inner feeling of smugness and self-satisfaction that comes from being told you're better than your peers. And, I don't know, a picture of some kittens or something.

As I said a while ago, I think one of the reasons Puzzle Time has been dropping off lately is that they've been overly restrictive. Mind you, I didn't think Radiant's last one was, and that still didn't get many entries.

Regardless, have this (nearly) restriction-free Puzzle Time:

You're trapped. In a house. Why, how you got there, and whose house it is, is up to you, just get out of there. You can have a number of small items in your pockets (e.g. money, keys, credit cards, a penknife), and as many other inventory items or background items and rooms as you want.

One thing: Everything you use must be realistic for the room you're in, even if the way you use them isn't.
For example, you couldn't have a Nuclear Reactor in someone's spare bedroom, even if they are a Mad Scientist, or a hand grenade in your back pocket (even if you are). But, you could MacGuyver up some plastic explosive in the bathroom using shampoo, shaving foam and bleach. Although, you'd best not, 'cause it was my idea.

Another thing: I know it's mentioned up there in the Rules, but Be creative. I want to see something slightly more complex than 'KICK DOWN door' or 'THROW LAMP through WINDOW'.

I was going to make this last 2 weeks, but then I realised I'm going away for Christmas on the 18th, and wouldn't be able to finish it up. So, it'll last about a week and a half, ending just in time for me to bugger off until the New Year.

Deadline: 15th December.

Good luck to all!

Competitions & Activities / Sprite Jam Oct 20th - 27th
« on: 20 Oct 2004, 18:02 »
I was thinking, and I thought 'What would be a good Sprite Jam?' Then I thought, 'Nah, I'm not going to win anyway.' Then I won, and came up with this:

Show me The Greatest Invention In The World, Ever!

What's the best thing that exists?* What's the best thing that doesn't exist?
No colour limit, but no bigger than 120x120.
Bonus points for interesting/funny descriptions.

*Besides AGS, of course. (grovel, grovel)

The rules are simple. I provide a situation and a problem for you to solve, as well as any additional details, and you need to build a puzzle around the situation, by using the provided list of items and a limited number of your own items.

Close Encounters of the Random Kind (3/10 - 14/10 or 10/3 - 10/14 if you prefer)
  Aliens, hey? Can't live with them, can't walk down the road without getting abducted by them. At least, you can't if you happen to be Phillip Barrow - and for the purpose of this Puzzle Time, you are.
  One minute, you're walking home from the shops, the next you're in a stinky, darkened room, watched over by a large, unpleasant-looking alien, with an equally large and unpleasant-looking gun. Not a happy turn of events, and one it's up to you to reverse.
  The puzzle is quite simple: Get Phillip out of the alien hold and, if you want, off the ship. How you do that is up to you. Include as many background details, in-room objects, extra characters and locations as you want / need.

You must start with:
   A perilously thin plastic bag, containing at least 1, and not more than 3 of:
      A bottle of cheap white wine
      A bottle of decent quality vodka
      2 litres of diet Cola
      2 pints of semi-skimmed milk
      A loaf of Thick sliced bread

Additionally, you must use at least 2 of:
   A laptop computer (or palmtop)
   A bunch of flowers, or a plant of any sort
   A DVD (disk, not player)
   A bunch of keys on a key-ring
   A contact lens case and/or cleaning fluid
   Loose change (coins) 

Finally, if you want them, up to 2 items alien technology, but no weapons. NOTE: this is just inventory items, you can have as many in-room objects as you want.

Other Rules:
You must use one 'Sense' interaction, in addition to Look
(i.e. Smell, Taste, Touch/Feel, Hear/Listen)

Well, good luck, voting starts next Thursday. Winner gets bragging rights, and to start the next Puzzle Time.

EDIT: Went ahead and added a few days to the deadline.

General Discussion / Read any good books lately?
« on: 05 May 2004, 03:08 »
Since a lot of my posts in the 'Movie Sequels' thread seemed to be about the books, just thought i'd use my first thread to bring a bit of literature to youse bums.

So, read any good books lately? Me, I've just started my 9,999th re-read of the Hitchhikers trilogy

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