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I noticed there doesn't seem to be any visible links to the old (but still useful) GTD threads, so, in the hope that it is of some use to people other than I, please find below a collection of GTD's I have found by scouring the forum:

GTD: What's wrong with adventure games?
GTD: Creating Atmosphere
GTD(?): Handheld Adventure Games
GTD - on Dialogue options (potential spoilers)
GTD: The Language Problem
GTD; On game worlds
GTD: Backgrounds and "mise en scene"
GTD: Media Analysis of Games
GTD The Importance of History
GTD: How are game aspects linked?
GTD: giving personality to characters
GTD: analysis of game verbs
GTD: Minority characters in adventure games

Unbranded GTD's

Voice acting or not voice acting?
What do you expect from a good GUI?
~ The future of multiplayer adventure games ~

There is of course an old Save the GTD's thread here although I'm not sure it's relevant.

Of course if you happen to find any others, please reply in topic and I'll add them to the list.

Would it be possible to have a forum dedicated to GTD's where they can constantly be contributed to despite their age? (No, but people are welcome to post to them, or make new GTD threads in this forum and add them to this list. -Snarky) I think some of the stuff in here is still valid today and I'm sure we have some more newer experienced people now that would be willing to contribute.

General Discussion / Heading to Estonia
« on: 19 May 2012, 12:31 »
A friend of mine is celebrating his 30th Birthday soon and as a result we are heading to Estonia for the weekend (next weekend to be precise).

Whats it like? Does the water taste funny? Anything weird I can eat? Places to avoid? Place not to avoid? Should this thread be posted in hints and tips? Anymore questions I should be asking but haven't thought of? Will Increator respond to the thread?

Just some general advice about it would be nice as it's always better to find these things out from people who have been / the locals as the information on the internet is sparse at best.


Just checked the bug tracker and couldn't find this anywhere.

Basically I occasionally help people out with polishing up English translations of their game. I have however noticed how messy the order of the translations are. For instance the dialogue at the start of the game ie room 2 or 3 for instance is at line 4562 of about 5800. Is there already some sort of workaround for this. If I was just sitting there translating a game it would be very easy, but the problem I find with proofreading is that often the text is fine, it seems to be context based errors (ie plural singular, possessive etc) that require playing the game to work out which form the game needs. It's just very awkward trying to go through thousands of lines of text to find the ones you want to alter

I'm hoping this is a genuine problem, and not just people writing very messy code to begin with, and making things hard for me.

Question as the title suggests. Thinking of writing a Xinput controller plugin, but I suppose theres no point if it can't be used.

Critics' Lounge / 5min scribble new website ideas
« on: 16 May 2009, 18:16 »
Hi as you may or may not be aware from my other posts, I am attempting to resurrect my old website at

It was a resource for freeware indie games, mainly point and click and sim games. The idea im aiming to acheive now is to incorporate all forms of indie games free and commercial into a sort of independant Gamespot type website. The site will provide news, previews and reviews, will offer a downloads resource for all you folks, a hints/tips/cheats/walkthroughs section, and im considering something unique about the account page (I dont know what yet).

Anyway the first thing I would like critique on is the layout im planning for the site. Ignore the quality of drawing, its not exactly my forte

If thats a little unclear - warning large image!!!

the boxes with the little triangles on the top are the drop down menus on the nav bar. They only become present when you mouseover a menu button.

The second half of the page is a rough draft of ideas for a reviews page.

Any criticism is welcome. Even if it is "It's Shit!!!"

Hi guys, I dont know if any of you ever remember my website, or ever visited it. It is/was an Indie Games resource on the web, that contained a large amount of games, some reviews and several interviews.I also hosted a couple of website for other people developing games. The last 3-4 years+ its been a soulless archive of what once was (I thought so anyway) an enjoyable resource.

I thought all was lost when my backup disks disappeared into the abyss (most of them still are), luckily whilst at my folks over the holidays I discovered some buried treasure (well, it was buried amongst other crap), one of the backup disks. I shoved it into the laptop, and despite scratches and the test of time, was amazed to find it still worked. Its only a small portion of the sites files, but better than nothing I guess.

Regardless, I would like to bring AGSN back from the dead. I am however wanting to avoid the repetitive drone of phpnuke, joomla etc websites that are already out there and Im planning to work on my own small scale one from scratch.

Problem is, Im not exactly a veteran in php/mysql, nor can i draw to save my life, so was wondering if anyone would like to join this conquest with me.

I will also further down the line be looking for contributors to the content itself, as it was a big task to manage by myself.

Any help would be vastly appreciated, I look forward to hearing from any of you.

Just curious as to people's styles etc and how people  do things. What I'd like to know:

Do you digitally draw in an art package like photoshop etc and if so are you hardcore and use the mouse, or a perfectionist and use a graphics tablet?


Do you hand draw your stuff and then scan them in using the trusty flatbed?

What graphics software(s) do you use?

AND Finally, that good old favourite:

How long does it take you to finish a character/background?

I'm just curious. The only game I ever made was a small demo (not even sure if I released it on here), At the time I had no Graphics Tablet and no Scanner, so everything had to be done the hard way. From what I remember some of the backgrounds used dodgy photoshop filters/textures to save time, and the one character I did was a rip off paintover of a RON character out of the insta-kit.
Suffice to say it was shite.

Now however, even though I still have no artistic ability, I have a super duper all in one printer which has a scanner, so I can do things the old fashioned way. Also you seem to be able to get (albeit small) graphics tablets fairly cheap.

Just wondering since in a couple of months I'll have a bit more time on my hands, and if things don't go to plan (ie no job) a LOT of time on my hands so I may start AGS-ing again.

So Spill...... :)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / AGSN Awards 2005
« on: 20 Jan 2006, 11:38 »
THe AGSN Awards are here! AGS has been nominated and so have a few developers for their games. Vote now!

Links are on the main page news.

I apologise If this is already added but i cannot see it in the features, but how about allowing DIVX .avi cutscenes, so that some of the larger games, dont, er, need to be so large?

Critics' Lounge / Critique on background
« on: 19 Sep 2005, 09:36 »
Although absolutley hopeless at art, i am designing a few backgrounds for a new game i am currently designing. I have to put a bed in here somewhere at some point but couldnt get the proportions right. Anyways here is the image i would like some feddback on if you will guys please

AGS Games in Production / Entrapment
« on: 25 Aug 2004, 19:00 »
Been making a Game recently using the AGS engine, which has proved to be excellent at what it does (thanks go to CJ). Just wondering if people want to criticise it before i continue on development. The Graphics are terrible and need help on but i would like people to focus on the games playability. Bear with me to because its my first game.

Critics' Lounge / Characters
« on: 10 Jul 2004, 22:40 »
I was just wondering if anyone knew where i could get a .char file of someone in a suit for my game. I would do a character myself, but i have tried and tried, and failed.

General Discussion / Object sprite jam
« on: 03 Jul 2004, 23:21 »
Ok i don't know if this has been done before but i'll give it a go anyway. Im not much of an artist neither so im not going to contribute so sorry about that. Here is how it goes:

We star of with A, and end at Z. Someone post an object picture starting with that letter. For example A could be an Apple.

Sorry about the poor language but im knackered and its lateish.  ;)

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