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Hints & Tips / Lance the Penguin
« on: 29 Sep 2010, 03:28 »
Okay, I got
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the nail, plank and flashlight, but the battery is dead.

Apparently, I don't have to enter the cave, as the creator said that there might be another way around the monster. My suspicion is that the boulder blocks a hole in the ground, but I can't interact with it! I think I already tried everything on this screen, but nothing happens!

Hints & Tips / Les Miserables Demo
« on: 02 Jan 2009, 13:54 »
I have the "stick" which I poke at everything I find, but else I'm stuck now. I know where I have to go, but not how I can move the police away.

Maybe the game is just too confusing. I very quickly lose any orientation in the sewers. The map screen doesn't help much. It's the first game where I had to remember the location names so I would find the way again.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / What a shock!
« on: 21 Sep 2007, 00:39 »
Man, I think my heart made a jump when I saw these new and modern screenshots in the Games Showcase on the frontpage.
What an unexpected sight!! My eyes were so accustomed to the old ones that it seemed scary. :o
So, how regular will it get updated!? Sooner than 2 years? ;)

Critics' Lounge / Small eerie tune
« on: 10 Aug 2007, 18:13 »
I wrote a little piece on the e-piano and I want to hear your opinion about it: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=370014

I guess this is the result of listening to the score of Trilby's Notes, 6DaS and Gabriel Knight 3 while trying to play a Mozart tune.....in my opinion it sounds very much like "Day Is Done" from Nick Drake.
I don't know why it sounds so "distorted". The recording quality is crappy, I know.

Critics' Lounge / Lyric - Be your own leader
« on: 15 Apr 2007, 12:40 »
Okay, probably this text doesn't make much sense.
But I wrote it for a song, so it mainly should sound nice.

My main problem is that the grammar is probably a bit wonky.
It would be nice if someone could fix it for me.

But all critic is still very welcome.
I'm not exactly that proud of it. It has probably a bit too much pathos.

Here it is:

I am all drowned in absence,
trouble takes its time.
Digging in hope to find sense,
problems near to shine.

Caught the hope in my hands,
held it to my heart.
Kept this shimmering darling
for troubled times apart.

And the riot adopts the street,
spreading over every city.
Fighting for things they're unaware about,
anarchy is the winning arm.

I sense fire burning,
fed by anger and hate.
No one, no one could extinct it,
it seems to be all too late.

You can fight, you should, you must fight,
but it's better, it's better to listen first.

You're your own leader,
ignore the belief feeders,
where is a personal advantage
there are lies.

And the riot rampages through the streets,
destroying every city.
Fighting for something they're not sure about,
civil life is on the run.

Why is this happening?
Why is this happening?

No bond is holding together,
everybody's fighting each other.
When all is battered and broken,
a miraculous wonder is spun.

Nothing remained intact,
nobody remained alive.
And out of the corpse of death,
vitality struggles for life.

A new culture starts to breed,
building on the ruins of the past one.
They have some million years to beat
to follow the fate of the lost one.

But maybe they will do it better, learn together to avoid a pattern.
There's still the hope in my heart
believing in a change.

Critics' Lounge / An up-beat song played on piano
« on: 09 Jul 2005, 00:19 »
Hm, I post for quite some while more or less regularly in this forum so I thought I should present my abilities a bit.
This is a quite short song from me played on piano, the length is about 1:28.
I have sometimes problems to hit the keys properly, I think you can hear that. I also get a bit fast towards the end.

Don't want to say too much negative, I just hope you like it!  ;D

http://www.fileUPYOURS.com?nr1.OGG 1,36 MB

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