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Small flash adventure game. You have to find numbers in avery screen to put on the telephone. Very easy, but fun for a couple minutes.


Okay, here's the thing: I have a room with a hotspot, you press it once and an object appears. What I need is to make the object disappear once you press the same hotspot again. Basically I need an on/off switch. Easy, isn't it? Well, no. I think I've tried everything and nothing. Can somebody tell me an easy way? As usual, asume that you are talking with an idiot without the slightest idea of programming.

Right, I need a hotspot to trigger an animation on a character when an inventory item interacts with it.

This is the code I used on the hotspot:

  // script for hotspot1: Use inventory on hotspot
if (character[GetPlayerCharacter()].activeinv == 1) 
SetCharacterIdle (0, -1, -1);
SetCharacterView (0, 11);
AnimateCharacter (0, 0, 3, 0);

But it does nothing. Where's the problem? Can anybody help?

One last, quick question: when I have an inventory icon selected as the cursor, I need it to change (either to another image or to ananimation view, whatever is easier) over a hotspot or an object.

It should be something global, that icon should change over any object or hotspot in any room.

I know that it's probably shemfully easy, but I really can't find it anywhere.

Okaay... now I'm trying to make an inventory GUI. It's in mouse ypos, it has an icon to pop up an iconbar, and an inventory window.

When the player clicks on a hotspot, I make it run a script on any click to give the character an inventory item.

Guess what. Nothing happens.

So... what is this inventory window missing? Here's the script for the GUI

  if (interface == INVENTORY) {
    // They clicked a button on the Inventory GUI
     if (button == 0) {
      // They pressed the OK button, close the GUI
      GUIOn (ICONBAR);

What am I supposed to add. Feel free to tell me how stupid I am as long as you explain this to me.

Help! I'm trying to get the script to make the left click work as a walk_to mode, and the right click as interact mode. But no matter what I write it won't accept it.

Could anyone explain it to me like I was a very, very dense person?

I was thinking on developing a game with AGS. While the AGS adventures I played were very good and oriented to mature minds, I saw that the game list doesn't have really extreme stuff: "Alien Rape Escape", for instance, would be the one I've played with more objectionable content (and even then, it is more about making fun of gratuitous erotism then being gratuitous itself)

So... is there a limit? Will AGS not promote some games?

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