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Advanced Technical Forum / BUG?: asc/ash error
« on: 01 Feb 2009, 00:27 »

I was mucking about in AGS v3.1.1 and when adding a new script I accidentally typed the .asc extension. Things went a bit wrong at that point, and the upshot is I now have a script with a name whoops.asc.ash with no associated .asc file.

When I try to delete the rogue .asc.ash file from the editor I get an exception error:

Error: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: key
Version: AGS

System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: key
   at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentNullExc eption(ExceptionArgument argument)
   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.FindEntry(TKey key)
   at AGS.Editor.Components.ScriptsComponent. CommandClick(String controlID)
   at AGS.Editor.GUIController._mainForm_OnMe nuClick(String menuItemID)


Bizarrely as a side effect, I now have a second GlobalScript.asc in the list, and the keyboard movement script has now broken, claiming undefined tokens even though they are still defined:

GlobalScript.asc(111): Error (line 111): Undefined token 'KeyboardMovement'

Other than that, the second copy of the GlobalScript doesn't seem to effect things as double-clicking either of them brings up the same script, and the functions all seem to work still.

Is there any way of cleaning up this list and getting rid of the rogue files?



Advanced Technical Forum / Colour Tinting Sprites
« on: 12 Aug 2007, 19:21 »

We've recently added lightmap functionality to AGX so that we can drive smooth colour tinting values of sprites from separate per-room colour map bitmaps.

Now, what we were kind of expecting to do having not thoroughly researched the way it worked in AGS ;) was to have an RGB image where each pixel specified the exact colour tint value of the sprite. So therefore, 255,255,255 would be the sprite unchanged 0,0,0 would be a completely black sprite and all values in-between.

However the system in AGS is slightly different to this and has an RGB tint value and an amount. We figured we could drive the amount off of the alpha - thereby having an RGBA bitmap. Unfortunately, on further research the AGS tinting system is less compatible with a lightmap system than we thought.

We expected a tint of 0,0,0 and an amount 100% to be a black sprite, but it comes out white. So we thought it might be reversed, but 255,255,255 and 100% also comes out white.

So it appears that we can either drive the lightness of a sprite using the lightness amount OR we can drive a hue/saturation of the sprite, but not both with one nice neat RGB tint..

Can someone enlighten us to how this system works?

As an example, one of the rooms we're adding the lightmap support for is a dark room with a fire in it. Behind the fire, we want the character to be tinted orange, which fades down to black as you move in front of the fire, and fading to the sprite's original colour when you're at the edges of the screen. Can this be done with AGS, and if so how (without resorting to multiple regions)?


Cap'n Binky

General Discussion / In Honour of Richard Joseph
« on: 06 Mar 2007, 12:40 »
Following a short battle with lung cancer, videogame music legend Richard Joseph died on March 4th 2007.

Countless kids, including ourselves, sat gooey eyed after loading Cannon Fodder for the millionth time just to watch and listen to the theme tune, gazing at the pixelly photos of the team. We saw Richard Joseph peering out of the top of a tank, wishing we were part of that industry. Now we are and frankly Richard's work was a big part of that.

Basically, the guy was frikkin’ awesome. Gods, Speedball 2, Mega-Lo-Mania, and The Chaos Engine. These were games we remember not just for being great games with great graphics, but for having a soundtrack that elevated them into the annals of videogaming history. Magic Pockets, James Pond, SWOS. The list goes on and on.

We used to loiter in shops listening to this stuff – in fact these anthems were most of the reasons we wanted to get an Amiga after years pissing about with our C64’s. Many, many years later, we were both very fortunate to get the opportunity to work with Jon Hare, and to get a small glimpse into this pivotal time in the history of the industry that raised us, and our sympathies also go out to him for losing such a dear friend and colleague.

However Richard’s Amiga soundtracks aren’t the end, or the beginning, of his contributions to videogame music. His career spanned over 20 years ranging from the Spectrum and C64 (including the genre-defining Defender of the Crown) through hand-held platforms such as the GBA, consoles such as the PS2 (where he was awarded a BAFTA for best sound on Sim Theme Park), to recent PC games such as Evil Genius and Republic – both of which were BAFTA nominated for best music. In fact with his version of Cannon Fodder for the GBA, Richard has so far the only ever BAFTA best sound nomination for a small format game!

So, Richard, in honour of you we present a selection of your music that we remember most dearly, so that others can be reminded of your influence in an industry that would never have been the same without you, and others like you.

Cannon Fodder - Amiga
Gods - Amiga
The Chaos Engine - Amiga
Magic Pockets - Amiga
James Pond - Amiga
James Pond 2: Robocod - Amiga
James Pond 2: Robocod (Hub Theme) - Amiga
Sensible World Of Soccer - Amiga
Mega-Lo-Mania - Amiga
Speedball 2 - Amiga
Diggers - Amiga
Barbarian – C64
Sacred Armour of Antiriad – C64
Defender of the Crown – C64

Good God, this stuff is still brilliant now – maybe nostalgia has a lot to do with it, but then maybe not – a great theme is a great theme regardless of format or time. Okay, we’re probably breaking a whole heap of copyright laws on this stuff, so if we need to remove anything just drop us a line. But know this if you do: Shame on you… SHAME on you!

So sleep well, Richard. You will be remembered.

We've posted our blog entry in entirity, without linking, as we'd find it disrespectful proffiting from extra traffic for such a sad event like this...

Lemmy & Binky

General Discussion / Our Amazing New Flash Game
« on: 05 Aug 2006, 21:05 »
Lemmy & Binky Productions present
Our incredible new flash game!
Come play the all FREE demo! It's got music and speech and EVERYTHING!


Cap'n Binky


So, what's the deal?
An image is supplied, and entrants color. A general theme is given, but it is optional. The winner hosts the next AGS Coloring Ball.

This week's sprite:

This week's theme: Superheroes / Supervillans.
This can be any sort of superhero or supervillain with any sort of super-power. It need not be just spandex (although that would be cool  :D). Added apparel, e.g capes, are perfectly acceptable.

It's entirely up to you!

I know that superheroes are a bit cliche, but I thought some sort of animal superhero would be kind of fun!

This week's rules:
- ask me anything, because I've not done one of these before ;)
- 32 colours max. (inc. the background / transparent colour)
- competition ends at wednesday 09/08 at, ooh let's say 9pm BST (that's GMT +1).

This week's prizes:
- Uuh, I'll guess I'll have to make some medals then  ;D
- the winner gets to host the next competition

Hello chaps,

I know the whole issue has been raised time and time again, but...

We've recently started to publicise our upcoming AGS game, The Forgotten Element, on various adventure-related websites and for anyone who hasn't seen it, the central character is a fairly amply-endowed girl. Now, this character is not like this for arbitrary reasons but revealing too much about her would rather spoil the story.

Most people on AGS have been fairly positive which has been lovely, but never were we expecting the reactions that we've had

on this site...

or here...

Is a character like ours really that offensive or is this the minority?

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