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Completed Game Announcements / Waffle Quest I
« on: 29 Apr 2013, 13:57 »
Hooray! It's finished! Download here!

Follow Uruffaw the alien on his adventure to find breakfast after an emergency landing in the front yard of a school.

This is the result of around 2 months' work by me and a small group of mostly-10-year-old-boys at the daycare where I work. The idea came from the fact that two out of three Wednesdays have waffle as the morning snack, which have kind of turned into mini-festivals because all of the kids love waffles so much.

Game is in English by default with Dutch and French* written options.

Huge thanks to Arj0n for his thorough testing and feedback and coding help. Also thanks to selmiak for letting me use a certain sprite :)

*may not be 100% accurate. The kids lost interest part way through so I had to finish it myself. :(

Greetings and whatnot. :)

Is there a way to easily renumber dialog lines for recording speech in another language, to correspond with non-english displays? Do.... do I have to number them all manually?  8-0


Hello, AGS community!

I am very excited to present to you all: WaffleQuest!

This is a story about an alien whose spacecraft malfunctions in space and he crash-lands in front of our school. (The rooms are modeled after the real place!)

This game was made by me and a small group of 10-12 year-old boys at our daycare(which explains some of the graphics :)). It's taken us roughly a month and we're extremely proud of our work!

We're wondering if we could have some help testing it out; everything else is done.
Some small errors were found (and fixed) this morning, but another remains unresolved: Sometimes the icon bar simply won't show up when it's supposed to, in the middle of the game. Not sure what to do about that. Also, a personal concern of mine is volume of sound effects--I'm not sure how to set them up at the correct volume. I have my speakers just under half and master volume just over half and that works fine for me.

Grateful for any feedback or advice you have.


--Sylvr & Co.

Edit: I've already talked to them about things like considering a more neutral/less bright GUI palette. Since this is our first attempt at anything like this, I didn't want to aim for too much perfection.

Perhaps this doesn't belong in the beginner's forum, but since it seems a simpler problem than my reference thread....

My goal here is to have the player only able to get the waffle from the freezer, if the menu, as an inventory item, was looked at first. The only thread on the matter I could find was this one, but I can't figure out how to simplify the code for just one single item. I understand that it needs to involve the global script though, since iMenu could be looked at in any room.

My current fix is "if player has iMenu, waffles are attainable. just click on the freezer door."


Beginners' Technical Questions / Disabling Cursors
« on: 10 Mar 2013, 01:06 »
Well hey there again you guys since forever. :D I'm starting over. My daycare kids and I are working on a game, and of course I get all the scripting work. :)

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here? This is for the intro screen, where buttons are hotspots and everything is a walk-behind. I'd like to have all cursor modes except Select (aka Usermode1)--or I guess Pointer would work except it didn't when I tried on my own so I just renamed an extra sample cursor. ANYWAY, when I run what I have, the walkmode is the only one that shows up, and even then it doesn't seem to affect the hotspots, which are ANYCLICKS.

function room_RepExec()
  gStatusline.Visible = false;
  gIconbar.Visible = false;


Error: Access to the path '**********\dbgrecv.tmp' is denied.
Version: AGS

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Documents and Settings\Christine\My Documents\Games\AGS\Penguin\dbgrecv.tmp' is denied.
   at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
   at System.IO.File.Delete(String path)
   at AGS.Editor.EngineCommunication._watcher _Changed(Object sender, FileSystemEventArgs e)
   at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.OnChanged(FileSystemEventArgs e)
   at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.NotifyFileS ystemEventArgs(Int32 action, String name)
   at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.CompletionS tatusChanged(UInt32 errorCode, UInt32 numBytes, NativeOverlapped* overlappedPointer)
   at System.Threading._IOCompletionCallback. PerformIOCompletionCallback(UInt32 errorCode, UInt32 numBytes, NativeOverlapped* pOVERLAP)

So it said to post that here, and the background behind the situation was that when I tried to load my game to test it, the character showed up and the walkcycle worked fine and all, but the background was mostly dark grey and flashing. What do I do?

General Discussion / Is it Youtube, or just my computer?
« on: 18 Dec 2007, 20:22 »
More computer grievances, but not nearly as serious as the other one. I'm on Youtube, but for whatever reason a lot of the characters are showing up as those little rectangular boxes instead of normal letters.

For example, on youtube's startpage: All the links at the top-right are messed up, login box excluding the word 'Google', and most of the titles on the list on the left. Anyone know the cause of this? Does anyone else get the same thing?

Funny how so many threads are on computer problems now...

Thanks for any answers

General Discussion / Mac Users and MSN
« on: 09 Dec 2007, 03:44 »
So.. since my compy's not being to happy right now, I borrowed a friends laptop. She wants me to update her msn messenger (so that the webcam will be compatible), but when I try to run the .exe file, it says I need to choose a program to open it with. I am completely unfamiliar with mac, so I have no idea what to do with it.

Anyone have suggestions for me?

Hullo AGSers. Here's my problem. There's this band piece by this German composer. Normally, that's quite alright. Normally the notations are in english (tempo explanations, etc.). However, this time they're in German, and I have no clue what they mean. That, and I lost the translation sheet and I can't get another one. If someone could help me out that would be most excellent. Oh, and I don't know how to put all the accents on...

Der Traum des Oenghus
Poem nach einer Sage von der "Grünen Insel"

In nachtlicher Ruhe

Etwas ruhiger, aber dennoch fließend

ruhig fließend, nach und nach lebendiger werden



nach und nach etwas beruhigen

Thanks!  :)

Today was a strange day for my computer.... for some reason, I'm getting all these popups for Adware/Spyware/Malware software to get rid of all these threats that have apparently showed up. There's also a new 'toolbar' which I sure did not ask to be put there. There = underneath the um... 'bar where you type the address', but over the row of tabs. Before it told me my security rating and had 2 buttons that tell me they will get rid of spyware, and adware/popups. I also get balloons that are attached to my start bar that tell me to click them and make stuff go away.

I ran a check with my current antivirus software and it found a few things, and I thought it would've done something. It didn't really do much, apparently.

So I'm wondering... how can I make it go away? How do I know what's legit and what's not?

Thanks... :(

Greetings all, in case anyone's wondering where the next ani competition is...

I'm back at home for the weekend, and my sprite is on my computer two hours away. Sooo possibly monday night I'll update it.

EDIT: can a mod please delete this post? thanks. I thought it would be more noticed if I replied instead of edited the whole thing.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / The Itch to Begin Again
« on: 27 Sep 2006, 02:47 »
Yeah, so a little while ago I finished my game, and now I have this really weird urge to just start something else, and use everything I've learned. Something a lot larger scale than what I just did. But I cannot think of a story line for the life of me! Anyone else have such an 'itch'? (If so, maybe we can come up with stuff as a team! I've already got a decent artist :P)

General Discussion / Corrupt Game Folder
« on: 24 Sep 2006, 02:23 »
Hi, me again. Can't seem to get my game to run. It tells me my file is corrupt. That's it. But when I run it from the file I have on my hard drive, it works fine. Any ideas on how to fix this?  ???

Hints & Tips / Secrets
« on: 19 Sep 2006, 02:39 »
I've got:
Spoiler: ShowHide
the umbrella shavings, the interro tape recorder, the portable tv, the breakup note, the blood cd, the dog food, and the expired id card.
What else do I need/what is the next step?

Finally out and ready to go! It should be working now, I had some sort of a plugin issue. So... try it out and let me know what you think!  :)

Edit: No pressure, of course. And by the way, it is in the games page, under Short Games.

Illegal exception
An exception 0xC0000005 occured in ACWIN.EXE at EIP = 0x00434226 ; program pointer is +9016, ACI version 2.72.920, gtags (0,0)

AGS cannot continue, this exception was fatal. Please note down the numbers above, remember what you were doing at the time and notify CJ on the Tech forum.

I followed my own link after uploading the game, and that is what it said. If it helps, it was before the folder was unzipped. Can you tell me how to fix it?

EDIT: Same with after it was unzipped too


This game is about a guy who is stuck traveling the world alone until he meets up with a talking cat. This game chronicles their adventure together.

They meet all sorts of weird people, including a large, sarcastic lizard-thing, and collect really random items (the readme explains it better).

(I hope that one shows okay)

And now the time has dawned for the beta testers to have a go. So if you're interested, let me know, and I'll get the game to you somehow. (This is my first game that could use a beta tester or two, so am I supposed to load the game?)

I am missing a few voice recordings, but that will be taken care of soon.

Over and out.

Hi... I've come across another problem (but on the plus side my game is nearly complete, so you'll be hearing from me less :P...). Anyway, here it is:

There is one character that I have to talk to twice in order to retrieve the item. From the interaction panel point of view, everything looks okay...

I guess I should throw in the scripts too, if that would help...

I've got midis set to play, yet they only play (in the background) when I have WMP playing something else. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Sorry... yet another question that I can't figure out.

I was wondering how to disable topics completely. In my case:
-Initial Dialog with character
-Item obtained either within dialog script or an interact with object
-Conditional: If player has inventory(#)
     RunDialog(16); "

But the  Dialogs 6,7,8 still run anyway. I've heard talk about setting variables being able to take care of that, but I can't figure it out from other posts. So what does it look like? ???

Thanks much.

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