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I'm looking for a game that would be great to play for new years.  I'd prefer more than anything, a game that actually depicts new years day, but if not, just something that captures the spirit of new years.  Any ideas?

Hints & Tips / Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit
« on: 18 Jan 2016, 21:40 »
What is the max score actually obtainable?  I only managed to get 78 out of 100.

Well, I re-enrolled in college to get a degree in information technology and I have been trapped in doing some of the most mundane and useless to me courses.  Lately, I have been put into a "Principles of Algebra" class.  Now I know that a lot of people consider this a hard class to get by, and I am by no means a mathematician but for crying out loud this is the FOURTH TIME I've taken a class based on this level of the subject.  The past 3 times I got an "A" in the course, so I feel like I don't need to retake it!  Darned if the school cares however.

Anyway, it's a 5 week course, it's not even the end of Week 1 and I've already completed every homework assignment, every online quiz, and every discussion problem for the entire class.  My grade is 90.5% and that's WITHOUT the participation points that can only be earned by discussing things with the class during their assigned weeks.  (wrong)

It's almost as bad as the last class I took which was just the use of Microsoft Office.  Again, I felt like I didn't NEED to take the course because I've been working computers since the days of DOS.

That was another class that I was able to finish in less than 1 week rather than have to work the whole 5.  Does no one believe in assessment tests anymore?  I mean, can't I just take a test to show that I already know the material and therefore don't need to waste my time and energy on these things?

I wanted to learn things like programming, networking, web-design, that kind of thing.  I suppose I will eventually, but it's the eventually that gets on my nerves.

Anyway, sorry to spam the board like this, :-[ it's just something that I needed to get off my chest and everyone I've tried to talk to in person just shook his/her head and encouraged me to just help the other students.

The Rumpus Room / Alone in the Dark 3 Glitch
« on: 28 Sep 2013, 06:30 »
I've been playing the game, Alone in the Dark 3 and I ran into a glitch that's preventing me from finishing the game.  I get to this mad scientist that's locked up in a cell.  When I finally manage to get in the cell with him and use the weapon required to kill him he just stands there.  I don't mean that I miss or don't do it right.  He gets the death splatter but he doesn't disappear and he doesn't drop the items I need to get past this point.  Does anyone know a way around this?  I've NEVER finished the game!

There are some things that I've been searching for so I can finally get them out of my mind.  Unfortunately, there isn't much I can remember about them.  Anyway, if anyone knows anything about the source of these memories I'd appreciate some help finding the titles of the movies.  Thanks.

1. There was a movie I saw about someone who walks into a house that is seemingly empty.  Rolls of tape (the kind you'd find in a video or audio cassette) start coming off the rolls and follow after the guy blocking his way down the stairs and generally keeping him trapped.  Eventually, he falls to the ground and the tape wraps completely around him like a mummy.  The tape was animated with stop motion and it was aired on TV sometime in the 1980's.

2. A man ends up getting in trouble with the mob and they intend to kill him.  The police are also after him.  The few scenes I remember are that he's going to be thrown off the roof of a building but somehow manages to get the other to guys to fall off instead.  The crime boss ends up getting killed on a dog racing track when the rabbit crashes into him and smashes him against the wall.

3. The phrase "I'll have your guts for cold cuts!"

The Rumpus Room / Can you solve this riddle?
« on: 09 Nov 2012, 07:04 »
It starts with the meeting of two failures.
They next bring about two who they thought others would admire.
But ending wrong THIS had to pay dearly.

What is it?

General Discussion / Ever hear of this game?
« on: 15 Apr 2012, 01:17 »
I was told, YEARS ago, about a fighting game where you are on a spaceship with some guards and criminals.  The thing is, the ship is about to explode and there is only one escape pod.  To that end, you play as either one of the guards or one of the criminals and you fight to gain rights to the pod.  The game does have a time limit, and if you fail to win in time, the ship explodes with you still on it.  There is also armor that the guards can wear that changes their abilities depending on if it's light, or heavy armor.

It sounds plausible but I can't find it anywhere.

Advanced Technical Forum / Problem with 7 year old game
« on: 11 Mar 2012, 07:23 »
Illegal exception
An exception 0xC0000005 occured in ACWIN.EXE at EIP = 0x004CA3E4 ; program pointer is +5, ACI version 2.62.772, gtags (92,640)

AGS cannot continue, this exception was fatal. Please note down the numbers above, remember what you were doing at the time and notify CJ on the Tech forum.

Most versions of Windows allow you to press Ctrl+C now to copy this entire message to the clipboard for easy reporting.

I was playing zooreal and I keep running into this when I'm in the screen with the dog and the koala.  It happens on that screen but there is no indication as to what causes it specifically.

The Rumpus Room / Top 10 Kangaroos in Games
« on: 08 Mar 2012, 08:43 »

General Discussion / Know any kangaroos in video games?
« on: 27 Feb 2012, 05:20 »
I decided that I want to do a top 10 Kangaroos in video games list.  However, I've run into a road block: I don't know of 10 kangaroos in games.  Here's what I have:

1. Unnamed Mother Kangaroo (Kangaroo)
2. Roger (Tekken 2)
3. Roger Jr. and Mama (Tekken 5 and 6)
4. Ricky (Legend of Zelda Oracle Series)
5. Kangoo (Clayfighter 2)
6. Thunder (Clayfighter 2)
7. Roo (Streets of Rage 3)

Unfortunately, the rules state I can't use the same game twice so I can't use both Kangoo and Thunder so I essentially only have 6.  Please let me know if you have any other kangaroos to contribute.  They must be KANGAROOS not some other marsupial, so Kagaskhan is out.  Please let me know the name and the game the kangaroos are in.  The game system they can be found on too would be appreciated.

Edit: I found another one:
8. Ikanger (Teleroboxer)

This one I don't know if it counts or not being that she's a robot but look it up on Youtube "Teleroboxer in 5:40.42" at 3:26 and let me know what you think.

General Discussion / Top 10 Weird Rules of Video Games
« on: 25 Feb 2012, 09:43 »
Well, here's a list I wanted to post up on another site.  They ask for more description than just the list but I wanted to run this by a few test audiences before submitting it.  What do you think?  ???

10. Rideable animals are expendable.  You can always find more.

9. Touching bad guys is harmful to your health.

8. It's possible for a human to naturally be so big and fit that bullets can't kill him.

7. It doesn't matter where you're hit.  Even strikes to foot can beat any opponent.

6. Getting punched or bit hurts just as much as being cut with an axe or getting shot.

5. Stamina is never a problem.  Even fighting entire armies of enemies won't tire you out.

4. Women can move faster and jump higher than men.

3. Being fat makes you stronger than being muscular.

2. Eat everything.  Even stuff you find in trashcans and lying on the floor.

1. Bad guys always disappear when you kill them.

General Discussion / False Microsoft Service Calls
« on: 03 Feb 2012, 23:09 »
Just FYI, someone has been callling up users of Microsoft products claiming that there are viruses on the comptuers.  They ask that you are near a computer and they will "walk you through" a computer check.  I contacted Microsoft and they are aware of these calls but they are false.  DON'T do as the callers ask.  It's a scam.  Microsoft will NEVER call you about issues.  They expect you to call them for that.  So be very aware of this.

General Discussion / Weird Food Laws
« on: 22 Jan 2012, 06:40 »
I've never heard of these before but I found this interesting site.  Let me know what you think!


Unfortunately, I don't know who made them or even a part of the title.

Anyway, one of the titles was a side-scrolling fighting game.  What was unique about it was that you'd occasionally defeat characters who would say, "I will help you."  Then your character would get to take on that character's form.  That's all I know about it unfortunately.

Next, was a light gun game.  This one you play as police and I only managed to get through the first level.  This level was a grocery store robbery that spans into the subway and finally into a warehouse with a mini gun toting boss.

Finally, there was a game that I saw where the character's primary capability was to breathe fireballs.  This looked to be set in medieval times and it was a side scroller.

I know I'm not giving much but I'd appreciate any suggestions you have.

General Discussion / Deepest Quotes In Games
« on: 31 Dec 2011, 04:19 »
I've decided to try my hand and writing a top ten list for GameFAQs and I thought a list of the deepest quotes from games would be an interesting read. However, I don't know that many quotes that seemed to be inspiring or insightful. So, I'm asking you what you think is a deep quote from a game, any system, any game. Just please let me know what the game is and who said it.

I have two:

1. Fate is not like the cut of a sword, rather the myraid of cracks when a hammer strikes ice.
-King's Quest 6, The Oracle

2. You cannot tell if a chest holds a treasure until you open it.
-Link's Awakening, The Owl

I had a dream a couple nights ago and I think that it would make a GREAT plot for a game.

"I found myself on the set for the movie The Lion King, but what was weird about it was that Nala was just as big as me.  When I looked at the size of the set I realized that something was wrong and discovered that I was Simba!  Anyway, I noticed that I was wearing a strange badge on my chest.

Moving on... I later met up with Timon who ALSO had a badge.  He mentioned that he was not the real Timon the Meerkat and had been human too.  However, neither one of us knew how this happened.  We decided to try and remove each other's badges as neither one of us could do so ourselves.  Together we succeeded but the badges connected to the new host bodies and we switched bodies!"

Anyway, I came up with this game plot: You start out in an animal body.  However, you know that you are not an animal and are: in fact, human.  You notice that you are wearing a badge but you are a quadruped and the badge is in a spot you cannot reach it with your mouth.  So, you start the game trying to find a way to remove the badge.  When you finally get another to remove the badge for you, you switch bodies.  This means you play as a different animal for a while.  As the game progresses, you learn how to remove the badge yourself (if you can do so in that body) but you cannot remain outside of a body.  Therefore, you attach the badge to other animals to take that form.  Each form comes with new capabilities but also opens you to new dangers.

During the game, you discover that there are other people who are also trapped in animal bodies due to these badges and none of them know the full story about how or why it happened.  You mission: find your true body, discover how to deactivate all the badges to save everyone, and discover who's doing this and for what purpose.

Anyway, I think this can make a pretty elaborate game plot but I'm having difficulty coming up with an engaging story.  If someone is willing to help me out with a storyline I'd be appreciative of it.  Thanks.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Shrinking Game
« on: 15 Jun 2010, 03:05 »
I noticed that no one has ever done a game in which the main plot line is that the protagonist is shrunk.  I thought that this would actually be a very good plot for a game with some interesting visuals and potential for some unique situations.  I havce PART of a story set up for it, but I need some help with the rest of game.  I tried making it myself and the pictures were tacky, I couldn't come up with any puzzles, and trying to figure out the coding was hopless.  I was hoping some of you people would be interested in this concept and would help me make the game.  Let me know...

Hints & Tips / Death Whore Endless Feathers
« on: 07 Sep 2009, 20:26 »
I'm stuck in the first part of the game.  I keep messing up the TV reception but the guy keeps finding me, even when I hide in the shadows.  What do I do?

I've just recently seen a playthrough of the game "Braindead 13" on YouTube and it gave me some ideas for game plots for that that kind of game.  Unfortunately, I don't know if it'd be possible to make something like that on this system.

Other games in this Genre are "Dragon's Lair 1 & 2" and "Space Ace."  Does anyone know if they can be made on AGS?

Hints & Tips / SAW II English Walkthrough
« on: 14 Aug 2007, 04:19 »
Well, seeing as the only available walkthrough is in spanish and only one person was content with just asking for a few hints, I have written a walkthrough for SAW II.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Saw II Walkthrough

First Room

You wake up in a room with a man, Zepp, chained to a bed.  Start off by talking to him and exhausting every option you have.  Now the trouble is that you need to get out of the chair.  That’s easy enough.  Just go to your options and USE ROPE.  You’ll break free and take the rope pieces.  Okay, now that you’re free go and take the tape recorder off of Zepp.  There’s a piece of paper on the floor, it kind of looks like a drain but it’s a piece of paper.  PICK UP PAPER and you’ll get a clue that you’ll use later.   Now go to the newspapers and PICK UP NEWSPAPER.  LOOK AT NEWSPAPER and you’ll get some information about where you are and a few shots from the previous game.  Talk to Zepp but not much information comes from it.  You’ll find a tape was hidden under the newspaper.  PICK UP CASSETTE 1 and USE CASSETTE 1 WITH TAPE RECORDER.  Okay, now we have a rough idea why Zepp is here and another clue.  Okay, so you don’t have any of the keys and neither does Jigsaw but Zepp does.  LOOK AT ZEPP for a close-up and see that there’s a red object in his pocket (note that you can only do this AFTER you hear the tape) PICK UP RED OBJECT.  Well, you found a key marked 1.  However, it doesn’t fit any of the shackles and the box on the wall won’t open either.  That’s fine, keep the key for now and don’t worry about the box till later.  Now you’ll see there’s a hole in the wall.  There’s an object in it so PICK UP OBJECT.  It’s a videotape, of course there’s no video player in this room so it’s time to leave.  The exit is on the bottom right corner of the room.  Just walk to the door.


Okay, now you find yourself in a kitchen.  There’s another box that you can’t use at this point so ignore it for now.  However, you may note that there’s a small shovel in the corner so PICK UP SHOVEL.  Look at the three drawers.  LOOK AT DRAWER (the middle one) and you’ll find that it’s filled with knives so PICK UP DRAWER and you’ll get a knife.  There’s a note on the refrigerator so PICK UP NOTE.  You won’t automatically read it so go into your inventory and LOOK AT NOTE.  You get yet another cryptic clue.  Well, we’ll figure that out later.  In the bottom broken cabinet there’s a small box (you may have to search a little) PICK UP SMALL BOX.  Yay, we got a box of matches.  Okay, now we’ve got the message to deal with.  Follow the heat.  That’s simple enough; the oven is the hottest thing in the kitchen, so USE STOVE DOOR.  Well, it looks like you found a hidden tunnel so LOOK AT HOLLOW to enter.


You’ll enter a room with a dead body chained to the wall.  There’s not much you can do for the guy now so don’t worry about him.  Right next to you, there’s a large box and some tools next to it.  The only one you need is the saw so PICK UP SAW.  Now that you have the saw, LOOK AT BOX (THE ONE ON THE WALL).  Okay, I know you probably see only “look at door” but just fiddle around with the mouse and you’ll eventually get the option you want.  This box has the number 1 on it.  So USE KEY 1 WITH LOCK.  Great, it’s open!  You find a triangle and a key so PICK UP TRIANGLE and PICK UP KEY then LOOK AT RETURN.  You may notice a trail of some dark stuff.  There’s a video player in the room so now it’s time to learn about your fate.  USE TAPE 1 WITH VIDEO and you’ll get a message.  Suddenly Zepp will call you but he’s not going anywhere so keep looking around here.  LOOK AT SUBSTANCE and find it’s gasoline.  You can’t light it alone no matter what you try so USE ROPE ON SUBSTANCE then USE MATCHES ON ROPE.  After a cut scene you can now identify a marked brick (it’s in the middle of a loop of the dark substance).  USE MARKED BRICK to pull it out.  There’s a tape and a key in the hole.  PICK UP CASSETTE and PICK UP KEY (the key may be a little hard to find so keep moving the mouse around).   As always play the tape so USE CASSETTE 2 WITH TAPE RECORDER.  Huh, another clue in the video.  USE TAPE 1 WITH VIDEO again and you’ll be prompted to type in the clue.  The clue is 1=0.  Okay, now let’s look at Allen the dead guy.  He’s got something in his hand.  He won’t need it anymore so PICK UP ENVELOPE.  Also note that there’s a single needle next to his free hand so PICK UP HYPODERMIC NEEDLE.  Go into your inventory and LOOK AT ENVELOPE.  You’ll get another tape so USE ALLAN CASSETTE WITH TAPE RECORDER.  Okay, so that’s how he died.  Well, you don’t want Zepp to die since he’s your key out of here so head back to him now (the exit is on the bottom left of the screen).

First Room II

Aw, Zepp is a big baby!  There’s no danger in here, he just wanted to tell you about the timer (well that’s what that panel was about).  Now that you know you’re being timed it’s that much more important to get out of here.  TALK TO ZEPP if you want but he still won’t talk about Allen.  You can also USE KEY 1 WITH RIGHT LEG SHACKLE if you want but it’s not necessary right now.

Kitchen II

Okay, now you’re back in the kitchen in the bottom center area you’ll find there’s a door so WALK TO DOOR.  This is a locked door and you don’t know what to do but LOOK AT BACKGROUND to find it’s like paper.  Now that you know this, USE KNIFE ON BACKGROUND to note some interesting numbers.  The clue pretty much means you ignore all the ones and add up the rest of the numbers.  LOOK AT NUMERIC SEQUENCE and type in 56.  Okay, LOOK AT BOX (the one in the center of the room) and hit the buttons 0 5 6.  The right arrow will flash.   WALK TO DOOR, USE SMALL METAL DOOR, USE OLD KEY WITH LOCK and USE RIGHT ARROW.

Surveillance Room

You’ve made it into a room filled with monitors and other such junk.  You can look at the various objects if you want but most of it doesn’t do anything for you.  LOOK AT MODEL BATHROOM and you’ll get a mobile phone.  LOOK AT MOBILE PHONE and you’ll get a close up of it.  No numbers work right now but if you push the button between the red and green buttons you’ll get another clue.  LOOK AT BRIEFCASE to open it and you’ll find it’s filled with fake money.  PICK UP DOCUMENTS, PICK UP DOCUMENT and PICK UP TAPE before you leave the briefcase scene.  The pen and the money are useless so don’t bother with them.  In your inventory LOOK AT DOCUMENTS and just look through all four pages.  Now there’s another clue.  You can also look at the second document you have but this doesn’t seem any bit useful.  It’s time to leave here.

Kitchen 3

When you enter the kitchen you now find that you can interact with some of the tiles on the wall so LOOK AT WALL TILE then USE WALL TILE.  You’ll see the number 468 on the wall so LOOK AT MOBILE PHONE and dial 4 6 8 and the green button.  Now the closed box in the room opens.  LOOK AT BOX and PICK UP KEY and PICK UP TRIANGLE.  There’s nothing more to do in this room right now so LOOK AT HOLLOW.

Dungeon 2

Now that you’ve seen the map move the mouse over the bottom right corner and you’ll find it says area (you may have seen it before but you can’t interact with until you see the map).  USE SHOVEL WITH AREA to dig up a key.  PICK UP KEY and since you’re here USE TAPE 2 WITH VIDEO.  You’re done with this room.

First Room 3

Now you’ll finally get to open that box in this room.  LOOK AT BOX and USE KEY 3 WITH LOCK.  By now you should know to PICK UP TRIANGLE and PICK UP KEY.  Okay, now you have all the triangles you need (one of them has been in your inventory from the start).  Leave this room for now.

Surveillance Room 2

Now that you have all the triangles, you can LOOK AT BOX and USE TRIANGLE WITH MECHANISM (do you really need me to tell you to do this with all four triangles?), then USE MECHANISM to open the door.  PICK UP HYPODERMIC NEEDLE and PICK UP KEY.   Leave the room

First Room 4

You finally have all four keys.  Obviously you need to free Zepp.  Just USE KEY WITH SHACKLE or CHAIN.  If you need to save time, KEY 1 OPENS RIGHT LEG SHACKLE, KEY 2 OPENS LEFT FOOT SHACKLE, KEY 3 OPENS LEFT HAND SHACKLE and KEY 4 OPENS RIGHT HAND SHACKLE.  Okay, now you’ve freed Zepp, he opens the door and you’re free right?

Work Room

Wrong!  You still have more to do.  Zepp will start searching for a way out and is no help so you’re still on your own.  It seems that James is here too.  This may be a little frustrating but if you look to the right middle area of the door you should find a chain.  Once again there may be some searching involved.  USE SAW WITH CHAIN to open the door.  Once you’re inside, USE BLOOD.  Game Over.


You can't win.  No matter what you do you die anyway.  This killer is not the original Jigsaw Murderer.  If you want to know more... watch SAW III.

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