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My community band's next concert is themed around the Wild West. I thought this would make an interesting theme for this contest. Open fields, vast mountain ranges, cowboys on horses ... how can it not inspire great music?!

Look at the images below and compose a piece that describes how they make you feel. The piece should be at least 2 minutes long and you may use any instrumentation.


Happy writing, ya'll!

General Discussion / Anyone want to do me a favor?
« on: 04 Feb 2014, 06:36 »
I like my little conductor .gif avatar thingy
<-------- (over here)

But I'm not an old dude with white hair. lol. I'd like to have one that suits me better. If any of you wonderful artists/animators out there have any free time and want to make me a new one, I would be very grateful (and in your debt).

Just in case you can't see my avatar (for whatever reason), I'll post it here in the message:

It doesn't really matter the specifics of how it looks, I just want it to be a younger guy (mid-late 20's) with short brown hair and possibly a short beard (or 5 o'clock shadow). Here is a picture of me if it helps:

You can keep the tux (unless your inspired to do something else). But, I do like the AGS blue - so maybe a blue tie (instead of red)? Maybe a regular neck tie and not a bow tie? Maybe no tie? Just tossing out ideas. I am not going to be picky, I just thought someone might enjoy doing this and it would make me like my avatar a lot more. ;-D


Critics' Lounge / A Love Theme
« on: 03 Feb 2014, 22:25 »
I recently wrote a piece that I would like to share with everyone and if you have any comments or critiques, I'd be happy to hear them.

All that I can say is that this was composed as a love theme for an AGS game currently in-progress.

Critics' Lounge / My Latest Original Composition
« on: 26 Jan 2014, 06:36 »
I recently made this for the latest Tune Contest. I was just curious to get some feedback on it.

I did my best to reflect traditional Korean instrumentation

Traditional Korean instruments consisted of:
Gayageum (aka Zither)
Sohaegeum (aka Violin)
Junghaegeum (aka Viola)
Daehaegeum (aka Cello)
Jeohaegeum (aka Double Bass)
Daegeum (aka Flute)
Piri (aka Oboe)

If I were to actually prepare this for a real orchestra to play, I would do a bit of rearranging and tweak some things here or there.

General Discussion / Good to be back at it again!
« on: 25 Dec 2013, 03:33 »
Hello everyone!

It seems like every couple of years I keep leaving but always coming back to the AGS community! Just wanted to say hey to everyone again and let you guys know what I've been up to.

I spent 5 years in the Army but now I'm all done with that and I currently work as a freelance graphic designer and professional arranger/composer. I thought I'd let you guys know that I'm available (again) to lend my musical expertise to anyone that needs it.

I'm not opposed to offering my graphical skills either but you should know that I'm more suited for things such as logos, GUIs, and things of that nature. Character sprites/animations/backgrounds are probably more suited to the many many other talented artists here at AGS.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello again, and can't wait to see what I've been missing over the last couple of years!

Critics' Lounge / Vector Art Attempt
« on: 03 Dec 2011, 07:03 »
My first attempt at using Illustrator and vectors ... it needs work, I know, but ...  I thought doing this wouldn't be so time consuming but it definitely was. I guess I have to contribute most of that to, like I said, my first time messing with Illustrator CS5. 

Critics' Lounge / Help with my landscape.
« on: 26 Nov 2011, 19:58 »
K, as I've mentioned before, I've just been getting back into digital painting recently, but mostly working on portraits.  I thought I'd take a stab at a landscape for the BG blitz contest.

This was my entry:

It's got a lot of work that needs to be done, I know.  I think for a first real attempt at a background, it's not terrible.  I'd like for suggestions on how I could improve future backgrounds/landscapes.

General Discussion / Ipad/Android Tablet Question ...
« on: 24 Nov 2011, 20:18 »
Okay guys, I've been doing a lot more painting with my Wacom tablet lately. And it's awesome, however, I'd like to be able to take my work on the road. Can you use an Ipad/other tablet device for digital painting? Does it have appropriate apps for this? Can is the screen touch sensitive (in - at least - a similar way the wacom tablet is)?

I know they make laptops where you can flip the screen around and draw on it but I'm not really looking to spend $700-$900 ... especially if I can achieve similar things with a tablet and pay less.

Any info on this guys?

General Discussion / 8 bit vs 16 bit vs 32 bit?
« on: 24 Nov 2011, 19:25 »
8 bit vs 16 bit vs 32 bit? These are the color mode options in Photoshop. I think I vaguely understand the difference between the 3, but when it comes to digital painting in photoshop, how do you determine which one to use?

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Favorite forum....
« on: 22 Nov 2011, 00:42 »
General discussion, critics lounge, competions & activities, technical forum, etc...

of all the AGS forums, where do you spend most of your time?

Critics' Lounge / Digital painting ... [NOW COMPLETE]
« on: 21 Nov 2011, 20:50 »
My 2nd attemp at digital painting with my art tablet. Almost done with cpt james t. Kirk. wanted to know what you guys think?


Here's the final version:

General Discussion / Once again, I'm back!!!
« on: 18 Nov 2011, 03:04 »
There seems to be a theme here. Since 2007, i've been dropping in and out of these wonderful little forums. It really is my home away from home.  I love working with the people here! Last you saw me, I was working on a Star Trek fan game. Well, the project members and I had to break from that due to several personal issues in each of our lives.  Well, we've gotten back together and have decided to re-attack Star Trek. This time a different game ... but one that will be much better and more exciting than the last demo we put out.

There seems to be many new "faces" since the last time I was here. Just saying "hello" to everyone new and "I've missed you" to all my old friends!

I've created a custom text window GUI and I've set it up so that the borders of the box have a drop shadow. (that is, when you see the box in game, there is a drop shadow around the edges of the box)

However, i get the solid black border thing going on when I test.  It's as if the text window GUI can't recognize the semi-transparent shadow.

Can this be fixed?

I realize there may be several ways to do what i'm about to ask but seeing as how i've never used the text box option before i wanted to ask around for what may be the best solution so i don't end up with any bugs.  So let me go ahead and ask the question so you get the idea:

I have a GUI text box on a gui (obviously) and what i would like to be able to do is something like this:

I want the player to type in a number (from 1-100) and then i want that number to be converted to an integer so that AGS can use it in a mathematical equation in the script.
i.e. something like:  
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int VAR = txtUserInput.Text;

Now the problems i'm foreseeing are things like what if the player types in numbers that are above 100 or below 1?  Or even worst, what if they type in letters?  My ideal situation is that if they type in something that is not 1-100 i want to display a message that says something like "Input only a value between 1 & 100." or something like that.

Any suggestions?  

General Discussion / Star Trek fans???
« on: 17 Jul 2010, 06:41 »
Hey guys ... just something random i want to throw out there to any other Trekkies we may have on these boards:

If you really are a Trekkie then you should know that Jonathan Archer was president of the United Federation of Planets from 2184 - 2192. I thought it'd be cool to photoshop something together of what he might look like at this time.

I need a textual overlay (or something similar) to appear on TOP of a GUI.  Something like:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int Power = 100;
  3. Overlay* myOverlay = Overlay.CreateTextual(50,80,120, Game.SpeechFont, 15,"Power is at %d%", Power);

Obviously, this would display a textual overlay that says "Power is at 100%"

However, it is important that this overlay appears ABOVE a GUI.  Now, to my knowledge an overlay does not have a zOrder so can not be placed above a GUI.  I can't use a GUI button because you can't use string formatting when editing a button's text.

Also, i don't want to use the Display function obviously because it would pause the script - and that can't happen here.

This may not be possible but if it is at all i would prefer to keep the necessary coding inside the room script ... if possible.  If not - oh well.  But yeah, i need something like this but it needs to be over a GUI.

Any suggestions?

Hello everyone.  If you're American I hope you had a happy Independence Day.  If you're not American, I hope your July 4th went well. LoL.

Anyway ...

I have looked through the help files and read up on Floats and Ints and FloatToInt and IntToFloat and all of that stuff.  So i know what a float is versus an int.  But i still don't fully understand how you use these in AGS.  Up to this point I've learned to use ints and floats enough to get by in AGS without fully understanding how they operate within AGS.  But i've come to the point where i need to know how they work inside the program.

What i need is something like this:

float GP = Game.SpriteHeight[frame.Graphic] / 1.1888888888888888888888888888889

The only way i can get something similar to this to work is:

int GP = Game.SpriteHeight[frame.Graphic]/FloatToInt(1.1888888888888888888888888888889);

Which turns the non whole number into an int which ends up rounding it.  And it's affecting the calculation so i'm not getting the desired result because i'm getting a number thats been rounded.  Not an exact number which is what i need.  If this makes no sense then let me know and i'll try to clear it up. thanks.

Does the following code account for scaling or is it simply the default graphic size??

ViewFrame *frame = Game.GetViewFrame(cEgo.NormalView, 0, 0);

in other words, does getting this particular frame account for this frame being scaled in the room?  Or is it only the size that the graphic was imported (therefor, nothing else - not even scaling - would effect the outcome)

Beginners' Technical Questions / GetSetTimer??? [solved]
« on: 26 Jun 2010, 23:05 »
I was wondering if there was a way to get what "tick" a timer is at?

Like you have SetTimer where you can set say:

And then you have IsTimerExpired?

But i would like to have a way to be able to have some piece of code where you can see where the timer is ... like:

X = GetSetTimer;

where the result may be something like:

x = 40  (which would mean the timer isn't expired at 0 but only 40 cycles have expired ... and it still has 40 to go ...

if this makes sense? if not let me know what i should explain better.

-So having an NPC move in a random patern in a given area is pretty easy.
-Having an NPC follow the Player is pretty easy also.

However, I am trying to figure out a way to combine the two.  I want the NPC to move at random inside a circle with a radius of (lets say) 100 pixels.  But that's not all, I also want the center point of that circle to move (in actuality, the center point of the circle is going to be the Player).

So imagine it this way:

Lets say your walking your dog on a leash.  The leash is a length of 100. And your dog is wild so he's running randomly and crazily all around you ... up to you ... back away from you, to the other side of you ... so on and so forth ... but he can never go more than a distance of 100 away from you (in any and every possible direction aka-a circle).

For some reason i can't wrap my head around how to effectively do this one.  A little push in the right direction could help.

Okay - i know there are like a billion threads similar to this one and i've done a quick search and actually found one that was very similar to what i need.  However, playing with that solution only got me so far.

I want to use the "Tab" key as a "toggle" switch.  When you press the Tab key your mouse is restricted to a certain area of the screen and moving the mouse to the edge of the boundary moves the character in that direction.  ANd when you press the tab key again - you go back to being able to move your mouse wherever you want to.  Well i have everything coded how i think it should work and it doesn't.  When testing, pressing the tab key does nothing.  

Here is my code:

please note that the following script is in the RepExec part of the script and "pressingTAB" is a bool that is defined at the top of the room script.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.   if ((IsKeyPressed(9)) && (!pressingTAB)) {
  2.     pressingTAB = true;
  3.   }
  4.   if ((IsKeyPressed(9)) && (pressingTAB)) {
  5.     pressingTAB = false;
  6.   }
  7.   if (pressingTAB) {
  8.       //Cursor fixed to viewscreen
  9.       mouse.SetBounds(208, 130, 588, 355);
  10.       //Mouse Steer
  11.       if (mouse.x <= 221) cEgo.x = cEgo.x - 6;
  12.       if (mouse.x >= 575) cEgo.x = cEgo.x + 6;
  13.       if (mouse.y <= 143) cEgo.y = cEgo.y - 6;
  14.       if (mouse.y >= 342) cEgo.y = cEgo.y + 6;
  15.         }
  16.   else if (!pressingTAB) {
  17.     mouse.SetBounds(0, 0, 0, 0);
  18.   }

So the above code doesn't work like i want it to.  However, when i was testing i added a couple lines to the code (see below) and it worked.  But i need it to work without those lines.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. if ((IsKeyPressed(9)) && (!pressingTAB)) {
  2.     pressingTAB = true;
  3.     Display("PressingTAB is true.");
  4.   }
  5.   if ((IsKeyPressed(9)) && (pressingTAB)) {
  6.     pressingTAB = false;
  7.     Display("PressingTAB is false.");
  8.   }
  9.   if (pressingTAB) {
  10.       //Cursor fixed to viewscreen
  11.       mouse.SetBounds(208, 130, 588, 355);
  12.       //Mouse Steer
  13.       if (mouse.x <= 221) cEgo.x = cEgo.x - 6;
  14.       if (mouse.x >= 575) cEgo.x = cEgo.x + 6;
  15.       if (mouse.y <= 143) cEgo.y = cEgo.y - 6;
  16.       if (mouse.y >= 342) cEgo.y = cEgo.y + 6;
  17.         }
  18.   else if (!pressingTAB) {
  19.     mouse.SetBounds(0, 0, 0, 0);
  20.   }

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