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Critics' Lounge / Tech demo: turn-based RPG
« on: 09 Aug 2017, 21:16 »
Hi everyone!

I'm still working on my RPG and even though I can hardly find a few days each month, it's slowly moving somewhere. Today, I managed to get together a short playable demo which I wanted to send to one or two people. But the more players will try, the more feedback I can get! :)

Download link:

What is it?
Turn-based RPG designed to be played on smartphones. Yep, that's why the font as well as the buttons are so big.
It looks familiar...
It's a remake of my own game. This way, I want to prepare and test the system for my next project. It just takes a bit longer than expected. Those who didn't play the previous version can enjoy this one as a completely new game, those who did can compare the differences! :)
What's finished?
Well, nothing is finished for sure, but things that I consider to be close include interface, controls and the battle system. I especially look for critique of the battles: how does it feel, is it intuitive enough? Did you encounter any bugs or strange behavior? Is it fun?
And what's not finished?
Sounds, graphics - there is severe lack of animation, right now, only the walkcycle is finished. And the poor coyote got only side view for now! Some backgrounds are missing, but the first part of the story (to the quest of buying out a farm) should be playable with no problems.
I finished the demo, but I didn't get a chance to use most of the skills!
There are cheats in the journal, and after using them, you can teleport to room number 0 to get into a tougher fight. Feel free to experiment, tell me what's good about the game, what's bad and what's ugly!

Critics' Lounge / 8 frame walkcycle
« on: 12 Nov 2016, 21:33 »
Hi, I'm working on an isometric 2D game and after lot of tries ranging from tracing existing animations on web to trying to make own 3D models, I decided to draw my own 8 frame animation.

The shadow isn't final, but I left it for now, in case the legs will be altered.

And so far, only skeleton walkcycle for isometric view:

I decided to start new thread and just post a link, because the first one is quite old. (Is it really almost two years since I started with it? Not enough spare time...)

There is no shading - it's time consuming and practicaly unvisible, the sprites are to be used in Android game. But of course, if you feel it's a major problem for the sprites and animation, tell me.
My main concern is the unwanted effect of dragging feet on the ground - but from reference pictures, videos and observations, this is the way people actually walk, with just a small foot raise. Or have I missed something?

Critics' Lounge / Isometric walkcycle
« on: 10 Feb 2015, 15:24 »
Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a walking animation for my game and since I’m a complete newbie when it comes to drawing characters, I would really appreciate some critique. This is what I got so far, mostly thanks to a lot of reference pictures:

(this is a dummy, so the colour-pick is mostly random and unimportant, the shading and shape is what matters)

I started shading only the first loop, because I’m not sure especially about that.
I want to keep it as simple as possible, with just one darker shade for each colour - is it enough? I’m trying to find a balance between minimalistic, clean (such as in the Another World) and useful style fit for the isometric projection.
Background (WIP) with a character:

What do you think? Is the movement smooth enough? Is it too simple or does it work well with the style of the background?


A game created in Adventure Game Studio is now available for every Android device!

What makes it different from all the other Android games?
  • It has an interesting storyline with two different endings - not just another hero's attempt to save the world once again.
  • Player either talk to or kill many NPCs while completing all the sidequests, which range from stealing guns to play-acting.
  • Sometimes, even the sidequests have more than one solution!
  • Collect more than 45 items and practice your skills from three branches to survive in the hostile desert.
  • The game has a challening difficulty - with four levels: if it's too much of a challenge for someone!
  • There are two switchable control modes.
Try it out and see for yourself!

Big thanks to JJS for his AGS engine Android port, which has created great possibilites for everyone using AGS!
link to Google Play Store:

The game is now freeware - however, you can donate money via PayPal if you want to support the author!

Critics' Lounge / Graphic style for the next game
« on: 25 Aug 2012, 22:33 »
Hi, I've been thinking about the graphic style for my next game: I needed something simple, yet atmospheric. I want to create a post-apocalyptic RPG, something between Stalker and (the book) Metro 2033. First, I decided to try something inspired by old RPG, like Zelda or Final Fantasy, just less "Japanese" (although it mainly depends on characters). This is what I've got:

This is just a start, without any inhabitants or their shelters.
And this is with some basic shadings - with two light bulbs:

What do you think about it? I don't want to draw too much shadows, because it would look strange with characters in-game.


Only The Good Die Young - freeware Wild West action RPG!

(sorry for my English - I'm not a native speaker and I had to translate it on my own, so there may be mistakes and typos, but I hope you'll still enjoy playing the game)

"Everyone has to make somehow for living. Someone by a righteous job, someone prefer to risk. Well, I went too far with the risking - so far that the London police strated to be interested. I didn't want to spend half of my life in a cell, so I came up with a plan how to get to America." - It's been more than a year since then and I only laugh to my plans about another - and better life. I have to live as I always did, and this means that not even here is my name popular among local lawmen. But I'm still free and I hope the luck won't leave me.
Jack Smith was a  common thief until his path carried him into the village E. Lee, where new railroad has been in construction and he decided (not completely freely) to help. Will he keep his word, or will he help the bandits to destroy the railroad?

Explore the village and its surroundigs in the middle of hostile desert.

Create a character according to your favourite style: from an agile sharpshooter...

... to an unstoppable gunman wearing armor of long-ago forgotten conquistador!

Fight against local outlaws!

Or save your character at any time in the game, connect joystick and challenge your friends to a duel!

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______
Author of the game  ... Miroslav ".M.M." Mynář
"Keyboard movement"  . . .  Rui "Brisby" Pires & "strazer"
"Joystick" plugin . . . "Wyz"
"Journal module"  . . . "Akumayo" & ".M.M."
and everyone from the forums gladly asnwering my questions

if you liked the game, you can suport author of the game by contribution on account
CZ54 0300 0000 0002 5033 4388

Setup file:

Hi, I've just finished my game (it's a top-down action RPG) and now, I'm trying to improve some things for the next game. One of the main issues is that it was possible to shoot only one bullet at a time, because the bullet was represented by a character. I tried to replace it by overlays. This is what I have:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function Shoot(this Character*, int targetx, int targety, float speed) { // speed is between 20.0 and 30.0
  2.  if (bullet_count == 20) return; //maximum count of overlays
  3.  while (bullet[i] != null && bullet[i].Valid && i < 20) i++;
  4.  originx[i] = IntToFloat(this.x);
  5.  originy[i] = IntToFloat(this.y);
  6.  destinationx[i] = IntToFloat(targetx-this.x);
  7.  destinationy[i] = IntToFloat(targety-this.y);
  8.  float l = Maths.Sqrt(destinationx[i]*destinationx[i] + destinationy[i]*destinationy[i]);
  9.  destinationx[i] = speed*destinationx[i]/l;
  10.  destinationy[i] = speed*destinationy[i]/l;
  11.  bullet[i] = Overlay.CreateGraphical(this.x, this.y, 0, true);
  12.  bullet_count ++;
  13. }
and for moving the bullets (in repeatedly_execute):
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.  if (bullet_count > 0) {
  2.  if (i < 20) i++;
  3.  else i = 0;
  4.  if (bullet[i] == null) return;
  5.   if (bullet[i].Valid) {
  6.    originx[i] += destinationx[i];
  7.    originy[i] += destinationy[i];
  8.    bullet[i].X = FloatToInt(originx[i]);
  9.    bullet[i].Y = FloatToInt(originy[i]);
  10.    float r_width = IntToFloat(Room.Width);
  11.    float r_height = IntToFloat(Room.Height);
  12.    if (originx[i] < 0.0 || originx[i] > r_width || originy[i] < 0.0 || originy[i] > r_height) {
  13.     bullet[i].Remove();
  14.     bullet_count --;
  15.    }
  16.   }
  17.  }
It's just a slightly changed code originally created by Khris (thank you one more time! :-) ) - I added mainly the indexes. There are these problems:
1) Every bullet is moved only once for a 20 frames, because of the indexes.  But I can't limit it to the bullet count - there might be only three bullets on the screen, but with indexes e.g. 1,5 and 14. The only workaround I have discovered is to set the game speed to a number around 800-850.
2) Even though it raises the maximal count of bullets from 5 in my first game to 20 (and I think that this number will drop down because of functions like Display, that use overlays, too), it's still limited. Is there a better way? Actually, I'm sure there is, but I just can't think of anything...

Critics' Lounge / How can I improve this picture?
« on: 29 Oct 2009, 22:55 »
Hello, I created this picture and I would like to know what do you think about it, how could I improve it and also if something in similar style is enough good to be used in some adventure game. I have painted it in ArtRage.

(original size)

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.      if (Mouse.Mode== eModeShoot && button == eMouseLeft && GetRoomProperty("Battle")== 1) {
  2.       if (!IsTimerExpired(1)) return;
  3.      else {
  4.       SetTimer(1, invGun.ItemAtIndex[0].GetProperty("ShootingSpeed"));
  5.       player.FaceLocation(mouse.x, mouse.y, eBlock);
  6.       cBullet.ChangeRoom(player.Room, player.x, player.y);
  7.       player.LockView(PISTOL);
  8.       player.StopMoving();
  9.       player.Animate(player.Loop+4, 7, eOnce, eNoBlock);
  10.       cBullet.Move(mouse.x, mouse.y, eNoBlock, eAnywhere);
  11.       btnBullet_portrait.Visible=false;
  12.       SetTimer(20, 14);
  13.      }
  14.    }
Any suggestions?

repeteadly_execute part of script (it displays how many HP has player lost, not how many HP does he has, btn_player_health height and width is 70 pixels):
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.   NumA=IntToFloat(player_maxhealth);
  2.   NumB=IntToFloat(player_health);
  3.   NumC=NumA /70.00;
  4.   if (NumC==0.00) NumC=0.01;
  5.   NumF=NumB/NumC;  
  6.   NumD=FloatToInt(NumF, eRoundUp);
  8.   HP_bar = DynamicSprite.CreateFromExistingSprite(btn_player_health.NormalGraphic);
  9.   DrawingSurface*ds = HP_bar.GetDrawingSurface();
  10.   ds.DrawImage(0, 0, 74);
  11.   ds.DrawingColor = Game.GetColorFromRGB(255,0,0); // red
  12.   ds.DrawRectangle(0, 70, 70, NumD); // draw
  13.   ds.Release(); // end drawing
  14.   btn_player_health.NormalGraphic = HP_bar.Graphic;
  15.   btn_player_health.Text = String.Format("%d/%d", player_health, player_maxhealth);
I am sure I have done just some stupid fault, but I cannot find it!   :-\

I has written a  really long string, about 500 characters, for journal. The problem is, that when I want to show it in label, it is cutted and there are three dots at the end. The problem is not caused by label, it is big enough (three dots are in the middle of label). So, what is the maximum string lenght in AGS 3.0.2 SP1 and can I fix it somehow?

Adventure Game Studio
An error occurred whilst trying to load your game. The error was:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

If you cannot resolve the error, please post on the AGS Technical Forum for assistance.

Error details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

   at ConvertBlockToBitmap32(BITMAP* todraw, Int32 width, Int32 height, Boolean useAlphaChannel)

   at AGS.Native.NativeMethods.GetBitmapForSp rite(Int32 spriteSlot, Int32 width, Int32 height)

   at AGS.Editor.NativeProxy.GetBitmapForSpri te(Int32 spriteSlot, Int32 width, Int32 height)

   at AGS.Editor.Utilities.GetBitmapForSprite ResizedKeepingAspectRatio(Sprite sprite, Int32 width, Int32 height, Boolean centreInNewCanvas, Boolean drawOutline, Color backgroundColour)

   at AGS.Editor.SpriteSelector.DisplaySprite sForFolder(SpriteFolder folder)

   at AGS.Editor.SpriteSelector.SetDataSource(SpriteFolder rootFolder)

   at AGS.Editor.SpriteManager.GameChanged()

   at AGS.Editor.Components.SpriteManagerComp onent.RefreshDataFromGame()

   at AGS.Editor.ComponentController.NotifyDa taRefreshNeeded()

   at AGS.Editor.ApplicationController._event s_RefreshAllComponentsFromGame()

   at AGS.Editor.EditorEvents.OnRefreshAllCom ponentsFromGame()

   at AGS.Editor.AGSEditor.RefreshEditorAfter GameLoad(Game newGame)

   at AGS.Editor.Tasks.LoadGameFromDisk(String gameToLoad, Boolean interactive)

   at AGS.Editor.InteractiveTasks.LoadGameFro mDisk(String gameToLoad)
Do you know what does it mean? I just added normal sprite into my game (game:320x200 32bit, sprite:60x25) and used it for new inventory item. I am using AGS 3.0.2 SP1.

Hi, please do you know what does this error mean? I did nothing special with my game, I just added few interactions (with functions like Display)... I am using AGS 3.0.2 SP1.
Illegal exception
An exception 0xC00000FD occurred in ACWIN.EXE at EIP = 0x0042E510 ; program pointer is +208, ACI version 3.02.1025, gtags (0,20)

AGS cannot continue, this exception was fatal. Please note down the numbers above, remember what you were doing at the time and notify CJ on the Tech forum.

Most versions of Windows allow you to press Ctrl+C now to copy this entire message to the clipboard for easy reporting.

An error file CrashInfo.dmp has been created. You may be asked to upload this file when reporting this problem on the AGS Forums. (code 0)

Hints & Tips / Colour Wise
« on: 31 Jul 2008, 14:47 »
Yes, it is really hard to describe how to finish this game, but maybe someone...? ::)
I´m stuck in 6th level in story mode (Toll bridge) but I can´t solve it! I tried almost everything- without any effect.

The question is: what exactly is different between Global script and manually created separated script (also, I am not talking about things like dialog request  etc.)? My problem is this: I created separated sript and placed here some script with own functions for simplification of global script. And yes, i placed there everything, from character variables to static functions. My game loaded perfectly, but when AGS started to work with my script, it shutted down ant announced me error "unresolved import of variable"- it is in line Somebody.LoseInventory(iLosedInventroy);.I tried this:
  • I replaced Somebody by character, who is actually stored as Somebody- worked
  • I was tring to find some forgotten script lines in global script, that could break that- nothing
  • I placed all of this script from separated script into the global script- now, the game works fine, but I need this in separated script
    Yes, it looks like the problem is in point number two, but it cannot! I believe there is a simple explanation of this.  :-\

Modules & Plugins / MODULE: MerchantModule v1.1.0
« on: 03 Jul 2008, 11:10 »
Merchant module helps you with creating shops in RPGs, with buy and sell options and interface by using two number properties and GUI. I hope you will like it! :=

The download includes ReadMe file, GUI file and Module file.
This is just version 1.1.0, so dont be angry if you will find any bugs.  ;)

[EDIT] Next version- now, there is no limit of displayed items.
Download: MerchantModule v1.1.0 (29kB)

Beginners' Technical Questions / Buffer exceeded [SOLVED]
« on: 20 May 2008, 12:16 »
Hi, I´ve got a really long section dialog_request. I added few lines and AGS told me "buffer exceeded: you probably have a missing closing brace on a prevoius line". But it don´t miss! It is also strange because the error line is in the middle of dialog_request.
[EDIT] Sorry, I fixed it... 10 lines apwards error line was dTroll.SetOptionState(2, eOptionOff  - yes, there was missing     );  .   :P

Hi, I want to every time player will have new item, game do something (for example Display command). But how to do that better than script on_event for every item? This is what manual says:
      the player just got a new inventory item
      DATA = inventory item number that was added
But I need to DATA will be every items!  :P
And, also, I have Journal module ( how to on_event  for each new record in journal?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Error in AGS 3.0
« on: 13 Feb 2008, 16:39 »
I upgraded from AGS 2.72 to AGS 3.0, tried to do a new translation. It worked fine and it was really better than in 2.72.But when I tried to load the game in editor, AGS announced me a strange error:
Adventure Game Studio
An error ocurred whilst trying to load your game. The error was: An item with the same key has already been added.

If you cannot resolve the error, please post on the AGS Technical Forum for assistance.

Error details: System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.

   at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentExcepti on(ExceptionResource resource)

   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)

   at AGS.Types.Translation.LoadData()

   at AGS.Types.Game.FromXml(XmlNode node)

   at AGS.Editor.AGSEditor.LoadGameFile(String fileName)

   at AGS.Editor.Tasks.LoadGameFromDisk(String gameToLoad, Boolean interactive)

   at AGS.Editor.InteractiveTasks.LoadGameFro mDisk(String gameToLoad)

I tried to remove translation, but it´s just worse. Did I mess something with the translation?

Hi, first what I tell is what I need.
Player will set direction and power of shot and then, he will press spacebar and ball will start moving. I have problem with code for keeper. If he will touch ball,  reaction of the ball depends on its height and height of keepers jump (jump is random). This is code (in  repeatedly_execute).
GlobalInt 1 is height of the ball and GlobalInt 3 is height of keepers jump.
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.  if (cKeeper.IsCollidingWithChar (cBall)) {
  2.  if (GetGlobalInt (3) ==0)  {
  3.    if (GetGlobalInt (1) >4){
  4.    cBall.StopMoving ();
  6.    cKeeper.StopMoving ();
  7.    Wait (70);
  8.    player.ChangeRoom (1,162,158);
  9.    }
  10.    else if ((GetGlobalInt (1) <3 ) && (GetGlobalInt (1) > 7)) {
  11.    }
  12.    else if ((GetGlobalInt (1) <6 ) && (GetGlobalInt (1) > 10)) {
  13.    }
  14.     else if (GetGlobalInt (1) <9 ){
  15.    }  
  16.   }
  17.  // only top part of script works well
  18.  else if (GetGlobalInt (3) ==1)  {
  19.    if (GetGlobalInt (1) <4){
  20.    }
  21.    else if ((GetGlobalInt (1) <3 ) && (GetGlobalInt (1) > 7)) {
  22.    cBall.StopMoving ();
  23.    cKeeper.StopMoving ();
  24.    Wait (70);
  25.    player.ChangeRoom (1,162,158);
  27.    }
  28.    else if ((GetGlobalInt (1) <6 ) && (GetGlobalInt (1) > 10)) {
  29.    }
  30.     else if (GetGlobalInt (1) <9 ){
  31.    }  
  32.   }
  33.   else if (GetGlobalInt (3) ==3)  {
  34.    if (GetGlobalInt (1) <4){
  35.    }
  36.    else if ((GetGlobalInt (1) <3 ) && (GetGlobalInt (1) > 7)) {
  37.    }
  38.    else if ((GetGlobalInt (1) <6 ) && (GetGlobalInt (1) > 10)) {
  39.    cBall.StopMoving ();
  40.    cKeeper.StopMoving ();
  41.    Wait (70);
  42.    player.ChangeRoom (1,162,158);
  43.    }
  44.     else if (GetGlobalInt (1) <9 ){
  45.    }  
  46.   }
  47.  }
Please, help me, I really can´t find where the problem is.

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