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Solo-ing it
I love a good solo; whether it's a raging guitar or a dreamy synth does not matter. Maybe I'm wrong but I get the feeling that solos are becomming less common these days. But a solo can describe a sensation words can not capture sometimes and are therefore irreplaceable. Here is a change for you guys to do something about it!

Write and play a solo using whatever intrument you like (guitar, a synth, drums, vocal, kazoo, anything) It can be an improvisation, an actual recording or you could produce it completely electonically; that's up to you.
Use a backingtrack to your liking either made by yourself or a pre-existing one however: the solo should clearly be the focus. It should also be new.
You do not need to produce a complete song: you can cut directly to the solo. A transition of a few bars would be nice though I guess.
There are no limitation on the length but it should be just the one solo. :)

The competition will run for two weeks (till June the 24th) unless someone asks for an extention.

Good luck!


Halloween greetings from me and my fellow band members of Pixel Hunt -- AGS' very own band!

We haven't sat still and have been working our asses off (albeit very slowly) on a new song!
So without further ado we proudly present: Something Silly! (no, that is actually what the song is called)

[embed=800,600]<iframe width="480" height="360" src="
" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/embed]

Words, music and awesome video: Dualnames
Additional writing: Noa & Wyz
Mixed by: DoorKnobHandle
Vocals, acoustic guitar and Kazoo: Noa
Rhythm guitar: Snake
Keys: Wyz

Other then that we are also on Twitter now (YOLO!) so follow us @pxlhunt!!
Also be sure to check out our new updated YouTube channel and listen to our other songs or watch our let's plays.

Let us know what you think!


A small team of fighting game specialists and I have been working on a 2d fighting game named Shattered the past few years. Though this started out as a hobby things have gotten pretty serious and things are at a point where I'm comfortable showing you guys our work. :=

So the game is inspired on games like King of Fighters and Street Fighter II and is low-res so has kind of a retro vibe. We have one playable character so far we but our goal is to have about a dozen. We still have a long way to go for that since one character already has about 800 sprites. 8-0
Our main character - Julia - is almost completely sprited and already fully functional which is pretty awesome!

Here is a video of our game in progress:
[embed=480,360]<iframe width="480" height="360" src="
" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/embed]

Interesting fact: this is actually running in AGS! (laugh)

But this is not to stay: I'm working on a stand-alone engine. This is a lot of work and we needed something to play and showcase with so I've made a mockup-engine in AGS. It's stitched together with plugins and javascript. Pretty impressive to see it runs at 60 fps since AGS was not at all designed for this. :D

Anyway, our team consists of four members (coincidentally all Dutch :D):
Bob Sagat - Our amazing animator, (also makes amazing combo videos).
Coal - Game Design, Art Direction and Story (spiritual father of the game).
Phoenix - Gameplay, framedata (has a doctorate in fightinggamology ;)).
Wyz - Well I'm responsible for making it all work. :D

We are active on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Team18K (@Team18k)
And Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShatteredFighter
And we have a blog: http://blog.team18k.com/

So by now you must be thinking: ok where is that kickstarter link? Nope, that's not why I'm posting this.
We have entered a pretty big fighting game tourney with our game and I'm pretty psyched about it so I thought it would be a good occasion to share the game with you guys :D

For those of you who are interested in fighting games, our competition will be live streamed tomorrow at (around ;)) noon (forum time) on twitch.

http://www.twitch.tv/fight_club_nrw (Saturday 12:00 BST, 13:00 CEST) Update: Scroll a bit down for the recordings!

Well if you have comments or questions feel free to post them!

The Rumpus Room / AGS Cryptic
« on: 29 Sep 2014, 19:08 »
Anyone into cryptic crosswords? I've been lately (not in English though) and it might be fun to come up with our own (possibly AGS related) ones.

So let's start off easy:

A cup to steal for (3)

Here is a list of all answers so far (sorted alphabetically) by Stupot:
Spoiler: ShowHide

∴ (therefore)
⚐ (I give up)
& (ampersand)
; (semi-colon)
2034 A.C.
320 x 200
6 Day Assassin
A Date in the Park
A Second Face
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AGS Wiki
Alien Time Zone
Background image
Bake sale
Beginners' Technical Questions
Ben Jordan
Beta Testing
Blade Runner (of course)
Blue Cup
Blue Force
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Right edge
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Snakes of Avalon
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Sprite Slot
Steve Jobs
Temple of Doom
Texturing a model
The Longest Journey
The Marionette
The Samaritan Paradox
The Journey Down
Total Recall
Trilby's Notes
Troll Song
Verb coin
Walk-behind baseline
Weird Foreign Toilet Thread
Woodbury End

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This module contains a set of useful functions for creating tile based games. It allows tilesets (a sprite containing tile images) to be defined and used to draw tilemaps (a map that defines which tile should be drawn where). It contains simple and a bit more advanced functionality and tries to ease the amount of work needed to make a tile based game with AGS. The module is self documented: that means when using a function in your code the autocompleter will popup with an hint what the function does and how to use it. All functions in this module start with "Tilemap" so they can be recognized easily. You can also check the script header file to see the complete list of available functions.

I will put useful code snippets in this post later but you can also request them!
If you have questions about how to use this module or have comments feel free to post here!

I hope that it will be useful to someone. :-D

AGS meeting in the Netherlands

This is the first ever Knittens and it will be held in August for a week from the 15th till the 22nd. If you're interested in attending please let us know!
Also, let me know when you're going to attend; when enough people do I can book a place!

Unfortunately there weren't enough people interested; Knittens is off.

Definite attendees
  • DoorKnobHandle (entire week)
  • Wyz (entire week)

Shown interest
  • Ghost
  • Radiant (W/E)
  • Arj0n
  • Tamara
  • AGA (W/E)
  • noavana
  • MattFrith
  • Minimi
  • Dualnames
  • Mods


Vakantiehuis De Vrijheid - Klijndijk

The link (in Dutch but lots of pictures)

The place costs €981,- to book but there are extra costs, and this does not include groceries. It will be around €150,- per person I estimate in total including groceries. I really hope we can book this place because it looks nice!

Some other possible locations though the might not all be available for the selected timeslot any more unfortunately:


The old text

What is Knittens?
Basically it's just an excuse for AGS folks to meet and hang out together in the Netherlands. So basically it is like brittens or mittens but then in the Netherlands. (Knittens is to mittens what brittens is to mittens. :D)

For who is it?
Well for everyone really. It is not just for people from the Netherlands, everyone is welcome to join if they want. You don't have to be part of the AGS community too though it's obviously aimed at the community.

What activities will there be?
Since this is a new thing it's basically a blank canvas we can fill and together think of what we'll do. I'm not really going to get involved in planned activities but if folks want to there should be an opportunity to. Maybe we could all shout what we'd like but ultimately it depends on who will attend. Personally I'd love to have a campfire and do stories. Have a BBQ or just cook together. Heck we're all creative people here we can think of numerous ways to have fun and it shouldn't even have to be very expensive (I'm very much Dutch ;)).

What's with the name?
It's a bit of a poke at Mitten like Brittens with the first part sounding like Neth and it definitely better than "Nittens". :D

The old poll: (for when)

I'm back and guess what, this is my thousandth post! Yaaay! This calls for something special; I want to do a competition of some sort, something original. First a bit of a teaser:

Has it ever happened to you on the internet that you have known someone for years but never actually seen this person? What do you think he or she looks like, have you pictured this? Is this image you have anything like what this person really looks like? Are there any hints apart from an actual image, does someones character somehow corresponds to their looks? This is something I've been wondering for years and this calls for an experiment!

Well this is where the competition comes in! But first we need a willing subject... well...(roll) Me! Yes, I've never posted a picture of me here and I guess I've been around long enough for people to know me. If not I'll be around now. ;)

So the competition: Get your pencils/paint/computer/crayons/whatever ready and draw/paint/pixel/whetever what you think I look like! You'll have two weeks and after that I'll post an actual picture. Then it's time to vote which of the entries you think resembles the most; the entry that gets the most votes wins, simple as that! Both the competition and the vote are open to everyone.

As for the winner: well I've got something special in mind but I'm still working out the details otherwise it will be just for kicks.

Good luck! :-D

- Wyz

Since this is not an offical competition I've posted it here.

Please don't cheat. Besides, if you'll google my real name you'll find some other dude so that won't work. But that's not what it's about to begin with.

This will be a weird experience..., why have I committed to this again? Oh right Pixelhunt, I know you'll read this folks, thanks for talking me into this,[size] oh well: for science! ;)

Site & Forum Reports / Textareas not resizeable anymore
« on: 29 Sep 2013, 15:17 »
Recently I noticed that the textareas for posting threads and PMs are no longer resizeable. For those who don't know there is a chrome feature that makes those boxes resizeable with a little arrow button in the lower right corner.
I notice that a css option has been added to index.css line 3897:
Code: CSS
  1. textarea.editor { resize: none; }

I don't know how long it has been like that since I haven't posted in a while but is there a reason for this? Or is this something that perhaps was added in forum software update? If there is no reason I'd suggest it be removed since it's rather convenient to be able to enlarge the textarea especially when posting code snippets.

Thanks for your time!

Yes! Sockets for AGS. There are already a variety of socket plugins out there (one or two by me ;)) for AGS but this one tries to be as general as possible. However it is not yet finished! The reason why: it needs more testing; I have tested it but to test this plugin properly I actually need other people to play around with it.

So that is where the community comes in! I need a couple of developers that already have some understanding of sockets to test it. You can leave all your findings, comments, questions and requests here in this topic. I'll post updates when I have them also here. If you have something to showcase you're also free to post in this topic. Since I don't have documentation (except for the auto-completion hints which you should try) if you're unsure how a functions works or what it returns you can also post it here; it will also give me an indication of where to put the focus when writing the manual.

So I proudly present:

Warning: This plugin is not compatible with the old plugins (including mine). If you're already using a sockets plugin in a project make a backup of the old plugin!

So the current state: Some features are not yet implemented or optimized and proper documentation (a manual) is lacking. Other then that it is presumed fully functional.

Some of the characteristics of this plugin (design decisions):

The plugin tries to be close to Berkeley sockets (for those who know it) to take advantage of a widely used standard. Yet it will also wrap around certain things to make it more convenient for use in AGS. The biggest change is that it is object orientated.

Object orientated
AGS has been object orientated for the past few versions so let's take advantage of that. Sockets and addresses are objects which also keep internal records. This makes it possible cache information for efficiency reasons. It keeps track of validity and errors for each socket independently. It also has a built-in buffer.

Every socket has a buffer for incoming messages meaning that you don't have to worry about read errors except those that are fatal. The buffers and error states are updated in a separate thread.

The plugin is threaded: that means that even if AGS is waiting for user input the plugin will still process sockets in the background like reading incoming data or processing errors. It can do this with a single thread that is only active when something actually happens. This makes receiving messages effectively non-blocking.

The entire plugin tries to be non-blocking. Blocking is where the application will stop and wait till it can complete the action (like waiting till a message was sent so it can receive it or a connection was made). Blocking is not very convenient for use in AGS because that will make the game unresponsive. Instead all methods will return unsuccessfully (but without an error number beware for amusing errors messages) if nothing happened.
There are two exceptions:
  • Resolving addresses (converting addresses to string and the other way around)
  • Connecting synchronously (default)
However it is possible to work around both in cases where it becomes a problem.

A standard
The plugin is based on a standard but also tries to be one itself. When it's stable my intentions are to also make modules for commonly used communication protocols like HTTP. I'll try to make a proper manual and provide examples for those who want to use it themselves. For now all I have is auto completion hints though.
It also tries to be as portable as possible but for now I will only release windows binaries (it should be posix compatible but I've never tested it).

I hope for now people play around with it and it will find an use in the future. It can also be a stepping stone for those who want to learn more about computer networks. Maybe we'll see the first multi-play adventure game. I'm excited to see all that!

Site & Forum Reports / Flag suspicious games
« on: 15 Jun 2013, 14:09 »
In relation to this thread I was thinking: It might be a good idea to include the option to flag a game in the games database when its content is dubious. And then I don't mean if the game's content is found offensive by someone; no rather if it's though to contain a virus. It would be great to have an automated system that checks games for malicious content but I can see how that is a daunting task. Plan B would be a button users can press to mark suspicion. It would then thank them for their effort and report it to the moderation team. In turn they can check the game's content and mark it as safe (a good idea to also show this on the game page) or remove it from the database, or maybe include a warning when the file hosting site offers malicious downloads.

Other then malicious content it might also be an idea to flag wrongfully categorized games: maybe a game contains harsh language but it wasn't marked as such or the other way around.

I know it brings more work but it might be worth it, I don't know really. Just my two cents. :)

Shutupload.com a free file upload site is going down and all its content will be deleted!
Well I've received an email about it and since I know a lot of people from the AGS community use it or have used it in the past I can see the relevance of it. I guess a few games in the db will no longer be available to download (my games included) but also hourgames, plugins, modules, game resources and so on. So if you have used it: now is the time to backup stuff! You'll only have a day or so!

If the original author of certain resources can not be contacted it might be a wise idea to backup it yourself. I already back-upped my own files. If you know of files that need to be back-upped feel free to post about it in this topic.

I've made a module that can read and write .ini files. This can be used to store configuration for a game regardless of savefiles. It is really easy to use and self documented. Type:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. IniFile ini;
  2. ini. //(a list of possible functions will appear)
When you are curious what a function does, simply select it and the auto-completer will tell you what it does.

I just noticed there is a module that does the same thing with the exact same name which I was unaware of (heck I was pretty sure I checked before I made this). The module is part of a game module I'm making for someone and if I knew there was already one it could have saved me some time... This version is made for AGS 3.x and the old one for 2.x so I thought it might still be a wise idea to publish it.

The module uses the ini format which is commonly used by windows applications. It looks like this:
Code: INI
  1. [section1]
  2. key1=value1
  3. ; comments can appear on empty lines, preceded by a semicolon
  4. key2 = value2
  5. key3 =value3
  7. [section2]
  8. number1=42
  9. boolean1=1

Special characters in key and section names are not supported and spaces in values at the left and right will be trimmed. That is basically it.

I hope that it will be useful to someone. Any questions, comments or requests: feel free to post them here!

Engine Development / The future of AGS III - The plan
« on: 15 Mar 2012, 00:37 »
For the past two months I've been working on a plan. A plan for the future of AGS. It is by no means a plan what I think the future development of AGS must look like or should look like, no: it is what the future development could look like. I've been reading a lot of discussions and been silently collecting information and opinions; added that with what I would advise if anyone would ask me; and put it all in a document. I also put in insight about some of the subjects that have been debated intensely and try to make them clear also to people that are not really into it.

This document is not just for developers, it is for everyone to read, think about, philosophy about, talk about and have a good laugh at with your pals. I don't care what you do with it really, but I hope it will trigger a positive feeling about AGS' future. A feeling that the we as a community will manage to make this into something great, all differences in opinions aside.

So without further ado:

I've kept this all under the hood while I was working on it so I didn't get distracted. I've been waiting for some people to review it while others already gave me useful feedback. Now it is in the open this does not stop. If you want to review the plan as well, just send me a PM and I will give you access to the document so you can comment on it.

Thanks for your time!

Engine Development / The future of AGS - part two
« on: 15 Jan 2012, 15:27 »
I'm going to open a new topic for this since the discussion in the old one is still pretty much continuing.
CJ said in his talk at the AdventureX he will most likely not have time to lead AGS any more. That sucks, but we have to try to keep things moving. That is the reason for this topic:

There are two functions to fill in:

Community leader
You will be the new face of AGS. You need to be a common figure in the realm of AGS for this, but you don't need to have any technical knowledge, nor do you need to know how to program. You do need to be fair to everyone, reliable and generally a likeable guy. You will partake into making the wishes of the community concrete. You will delegate this wishes possibly to the technical lead (see below). You will be the go-to guy. Be there to talk to the press, but also resolve issues in the community. You'll need to be around on the forums, make announcements, have a motivational speech at the AGS awards, and generally more events. You can not have a hidden agenda, or "do your own thing" obviously. This position is all about the community.

Technical lead
You will be the vector in AGS development. You need to have a affinity for computers and know how they work in a broad scheme. You'll need to know how to program but more important, know how to keep code bases tidy. You need to know about all the platforms out there and not be restricted to just the one. You need to be able to recognise a good design and a bad one even before it is in production. Also you will be in charge of keeping all code consistent, deciding what is best to be left to plugins or what should be put in the engine itself. Also mind naming and coding conventions. The direction the project should go you will hear from the community and more likely from the community leader. This position is about maintaining an active code base.

Lets all do two things:
1. Are you available for this postion: Yes/No, to what extend
2. Are there any persons you like to nominate

This is by no means a vote, it is simply making an inventory.

-=[ Pixel hunt ]=-

You might have wondered what happened to us or forgot all about us but we haven't been sitting still!
No in fact we can all share our first original song with you! (and there is a second one in progress)

We present to you:

Troll song

Listen to it on Youtube!

Dedicated to all the trolls out there!

Our personnel:
Noa Vana
Vocals & Mixing

Thomas "Snake" Provencher
Solo Electric Guitar, Additional Acoustic Guitar, Logo

Dan "ShiverMeSideways" Niculescu
Electric Rhythm, Additional Acoustic Guitar and Lead Guitars

James "Dualnames" Spanos
Acoustic Guitar

Keyboards & Mixing

Listen to our songs on Myspace!
Download our songs on Last.FM!
Like us on FaceBook!
Watch our videos and subscribe to us on Youtube!
Listen to/download our songs on Reverbnation!
Add us to your circles on Google+

If you have questions, suggestions or comment you can post them in this topic, or you can also mail us:

E-Mail: pxlhunt (atsies) gmail (dotsies) com

Stay tuned! We've another song coming up soon.

- Pixel hunt

We're looking for a drummer and bass player who can record themselves.

So I forgot  ::) Well get all musical because here it is:

Write a tune that has a serious twist in the middle. It should retain the same melody but performed in a different style or tempo or whatever, as long as it sound really different. There are no restrictions on file format or length, but it may have an impact on the rating. It needs to be submitted before the 25th of September. After that I will pick a winner who gets the bliss to start another tun contest. ;)

So in short:
  • make a tune with a twist from the middle, retain melody.
  • no restrictions
  • submit before the 25th

There, amaze me. :D

First vwg, then WHAM and now Wyz? Yes I also want to give this interactive story thing a go but since I can't draw it will be text only. However if you like to represent parts of the story visually be my guest, I would love that.

I'm not really going to give rules nor promise anything, I see it as a community effort to make something out of it. Actually I've done this before on forums a long time ago, it's up to the folks to keep it fun and maintain some level of maturity. Just see it as a text adventure. I'll pick the reply I like the most, or combine a few. I'll stop reading after 'and then...' so just suggest doing one thing at the time.
So erm I hope you'll enjoy this!

I tried to make it look like a text adventure, initially I had everything in third person but I guess second person gives better immersion.

The lights of Wyrdweald

It was late when you drove home; the roads were only lit by the headlights of your car and perhaps the gleam of the moon. You were tired as you'd been driving for hours, and when the night fell you had trouble keeping your eyes on the road. The scenery had been the same for hours, dense forests with the only sign of civilisation the road; the dark road that made its way trough the forest as a snake creeping about. You followed the snake with every bend and expected its head to pop up any minute. But it didn't, instead it gripped you, hypnotised you, let you loose your focus. There, you tilted your head back up, almost home, just a few more minutes.
You thought of your home, your comfortable chair near the fire place. Your bed, already made, ready for you, ready to sleep. The soft mattress and pillow, the smell of fresh laundered sheets, the...
Suddenly you were wide awake, in front of you on the road the headlights illuminated a large tree that had fallen over. You saw how your hands yanked the steering wheel. You heard the sound of screeching brakes and tires. The car made its way in the forest and the last thing you remembered were the shattering of glass all around you and the deploying of airbags.

♦ ♦ ♦

Chapter 1 - awakening

Chapter 1 - awakening
Birds are whistling although it sounds as if there are underwater. As you open your eyes a flash of pain hits the front of your head. You feel your head and the rest of your body: you can feel the bumps of dried blood and general sourness but other then that you are ok. Slowly the blurry world unlatches and becomes clear. You are sitting in your car, your seatbelt still on. The front window is broken and the car is "parked" against a large tree.

I don't really know where to post this but I'm going to give it a try.

A while back I was working on a IRC client for the AGS awards ceremony to spice it a bit up. The idea got cancelled and since I promised to release the source afterwards I might as well do it now. :P
Since it is not finished in any way I will release it as a tech demo.

Bit of history: A while back Duals and JimReed made an interactive chat game which looked very fly but had a few connection issues. When someone had the idea to actually use it for the awards I decided to help out and redesign the connection part for IRC, it would also mean people with both the regular and special client could join the same server, a bit more convenient. Well the IRC part including a custom built TCP plugin are finished. There's a bit more but you should see that yourself! :D

  • agsIRC Tech Demo
    It will connect directly to the AGS irc server, so be warned ;)

  • editor templates
    You can use these if you want to make your own IRC chat thingy.

  • the source
    About the source: you are free to use it, modify it and redistribute it.
    (not the player art, but who wants to do that anyway)

My thanks go to JimReed and Dualnames for the initial idea, and Dualnames for testing it.

have fun!

- Wyz

The TCP plugin was a rush job, I wouldn't advise you using it for other projects. I will make a better version in the future though.

Hi there,

I'll be trying something different here, since it is a jolly busy time for a lot of us, that one hour at Saturday eve might not do it. The impromptu hourgames might be a solution but also a sad fact if you've just missed them.
Therefore something novel:
  • you choose your own moment,
  • use a web form to say you're ready for it,
  • and submit your game to another form when you're done.

How convenient!

This one is especially for you Aussies and others to whom the regular time is rather inconvenient or downright sleep depriving.  ;D

The wonderful journey starts Here!

down to the boilerplate:
Make a GAME in an HOUR, with a THEME.
Whenever you choose but before Saturday the 25th (hey that's Christmas :D) 20:00 BST
From this web form on to where ever you bring it!
YOU, not ME. I'm setting the THEME.
For FUN and the FUTURE including the future of fun or FUNTURE.
TerranRich's SHUTUPLOAD.

- Wyz

Since this is experimental things might not work as planned, but you can always pm me. Further more I will trust you play it fair, if not then this kind of competition does not work.

Completed Game Announcements / One Room - (revisited)
« on: 25 Oct 2010, 15:40 »

This game was originally created for the OROW competition but I've worked on it some more. Result: two new puzzles and revised/additional cut scenes.

It is hard to explain what the game is like, it was a bit of an experiment and I wasn't completely sober when I made the initial game, but that just adds character to it, right?... right?  :D

The revisited version has some of the bugs fixed, but also add something important: a proper ending. I tried my best to give the game a satifying ending, I hope it does.

Interested? Just play it, it's not that long. And just for fun:
post your time here when you've finished it

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