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Hi there, Ive just finished patchwork and i loved it, beautiful! Currently playing barely floating but keep getting stuck!

Ive had a few problems with my games, right from the beginning when the download kept glitching and not opening. Now it have them setup I cant change anything in the winsetup window, so I cant run it in windowed mode or anything. If i click the actual "play *game*" link in my menu the game works ok, all but PISS which is just failing to run. I have enough memory available for it. Has anyone had similar problems or can anyone advise me on what i should try next? sorry im a bit vague i dont have access to my laptop the games r on right now so cant repeat the error messages i get!

Aww man i missed out on the discounted period on steam :( definitely think im going to have to play this game though if it has some decent humour in it!

Thanks for the heads up about unwritten tales. i watched a couple of trailers, it looks brilliant if a little wordy in some parts (i dont have much patience for epic speech scenes!). I've heard about this dark eye, but its a little pricey at the oment, will need to wait a while for that one!

General Discussion / Re: Taking criticism...
« on: 12 Aug 2012, 21:25 »
I dont think it matters if your work is genuinely good or bad. The fact is you pour your heart and soul and many hard hours/days/months/years into making your work of art but it only takes another person minutes to deconstruct and pick to pieces which can be incredibly soul destroying! I work in ux and i regularly have people coming back to me all the time saying, i dont like this, change this, blah blah but at of the day you just have to appreciate that people will always have different opinions and many people will think you have made a right decision and a some wont! As others have said, I take criticism from my peers and people who have more experience than me much more to heart than idiots who have no appreciation for where you have come from to achieve what you are putting in front of people.

And dont forget - people are much more eager to actively write about something to complain about it than if they think something is good!

Im sure i will cry if anyone says anything bad about my game when it is released, it has become a little piece of my personality and i will be personally insulted when someone hates on it! but thats life :)

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had had a go at Deponia yet? It looks as though it will fill the void in my life that the Discworld games used to fill but was looking for some AGS gamers' personal reviews before I buy it.

So has anyone got any info on it yet? Thanks :)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Voice vs no voice
« on: 23 Jul 2012, 19:48 »
Surely the BEST voice acting ever goes to Eric Idle in the Discworld series? Discworld would have lost some of its amazing humour without the hilarious comments in Idle's accent. Amazing. You've just got to make sure you get the right voice, otherwise it's just going to be annoying. We have to voice a ten year old girl as one of our main characters, I'm dreading trying to get that right!

Hey All,

We've updated the screenshots to show our new interface and what we've done to the BG's. We've also updated the dev diary and added some new characters. For your visual pleasure, here is Barnaby!

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Journey of Iesir
« on: 20 Jun 2012, 13:56 »
We are ridiculously excited about this game! Absolutely stunning graphics.

Any word on when we might get a little preview demo or anything we can click about with?

AGS Games in Production / Re: Patchwork
« on: 20 Jun 2012, 13:55 »
Gorgeous artwork! Reminds me very much of studio ghibli. Cannot wait to have a go at playing this. It's nice to see some non-pixel art games are coming into production now :)

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the great comments so far everyone!

These are in game shots, but we have yet to complete them, more items need to be added etc. Currently working on an inventory design which fits with the story. Will update with the more detailed shots soon and hopefully a taster of our walk cycle :)

Bennix is proud to announce their first adventure game -

As Cunning as a Fox

The Story:

Red and her brother were cursed by an evil magician to be turned into animals and banished from the human world forever. Her brother was captured by the magician but Red managed to escape into his magical world with the help of an unfortunate raven, who was in the right place (or wrong place depending how you look at it!) at the right time. She must now journey through this new kingdom, along with her new trusty sidekick, to rescue her brother and lift the curse so they can all return home.

Here are a couple of screens from the early development stages, just to give you a little taster of what's in store!

*Edit (03/07/2012) - New updated screenshots added with our new interface GUI (mouse pointer is still WIP!).

Our game style revolves loosely around the discworld series, with a little monkey island thrown in as well. We are trying to blend a variety of puzzles into the game, including small logic puzzles, which will involve the portals (that you can see in screen two).

Development Progress:

Story: 30%
Scripting: 35%
Graphics: 30%
Sound/Music: 10%

Expected completion date: June 2013

Development Diary:

July 03, 2012
We're now well on our play to a playable demo that will showcase a few puzzles, our interface and the interaction between our main character Red and her rather dry and sarcastic sidekick, Barnaby the raven. We chose to add in another character even though we pretty much had a fully working version of the demo because being English, we do have a liking for dry humour. We felt that it would have been odd to have this cuter than cute little fox girl coming out with some of the lines we wanted and therefore took the decision to add the lovely Barnaby into the game. It will also allow us to add some more perspectives on puzzles so it's only going to be a good thing I'm sure.

June 10, 2012
We are just starting out with this project but very excited about our first attempt at a computer game. We are just trying to complete the story of the first Act before we continue to develop screens but we have a good few complex puzzles written up now!

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