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Beginners' Technical Questions / Re: Linux setup file
« on: 13 Oct 2016, 22:52 »
Thanks Crimson Wizard - looks like this should be as simple as adding one line to the config file.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Linux setup file
« on: 13 Oct 2016, 01:31 »
I'm currently getting a few different language versions of Sisyphus Reborn set up to add to the Steam release.

Building the actual translation seems pretty straightforward and there's no problems in the Windows version, but I'm not sure how this works in the Linux build.

Does the Linux version (built with AGS editor 3.4.0) create some kind of equivalent of the "winsetup.exe" file? This is something I can't test myself as a non-Linux user, however my Spanish translator/Linux tester can't see a way to change language (or screen resolution and so on).

If there is no setup executable, is there a way to set the language in the config file? Sorry if the details for this are covered elsewhere but I haven't been able to find details about this on the forum anywhere.


If you want dark mystery I think The Cat Lady is probably my favourite - but for free games I'm pretty sure there's still a free version of Downfall (not sure if you mean you watched a walkthrough of the entire thing, in which case you may not want to play it!)

General Discussion / Re: I'm a married man :-)
« on: 25 Sep 2016, 14:51 »
Yay congratulations!

AGS Engine & Editor Releases / Re: AGS 3.4.0
« on: 18 Sep 2016, 07:05 »
Just a day after someone asked me if I could make a Linux port of my game, this version gets released with Linux builds available in the editor! Thank you to everyone who puts so much of their free time into this project!

Completed Game Announcements / Re: MAG: Sprouts of evil!
« on: 15 Sep 2016, 13:01 »
the Young Ones and Bottom

That's enough to get me to play!

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Sisyphus Reborn
« on: 15 Sep 2016, 12:34 »
Thanks Shaun! I was inspired to submit it to Greenlight after seeing the great reception you got with A Date in the Park, so thanks for paving the way ;)
Great to see that little AGS games can find a new audience on Steam.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Sisyphus Reborn
« on: 14 Sep 2016, 06:34 »
Thanks so much Mehrdad and Kyriakos! Very happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Sisyphus Reborn
« on: 11 Sep 2016, 01:04 »
Thanks everyone! Pleasantly surprised to see how this kind of short simple game is being received on Steam, so if anyone is unsure about submitting a game to Greenlight I'd say go for it! There are thousands of people there just waiting to play a new game they've never heard of.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Sisyphus Reborn
« on: 06 Sep 2016, 09:32 »

Sorry to drag up an old thread but I thought it made more sense than starting a new one. Just a quick note to say Sisyphus Reborn is now available on Steam

It's the same game, but now with achievements so you know what you're achieving! Also with a remastered soundtrack from the original tapes ;)

Big thanks to monkey0506 for the AGS Steam plugin which made the whole thing a lot easier for a non-coder like me!

Ah, yes I didn't quite make the starting line this time.
"Next time" for sure...

Looks great guys! I will check this out and cast my vote!

Incidentally, "Nothing" sounds like a good name for my next "non-game" game...

I'm considering doing one this time, but if I do it will be a short joke "not a game" type of game, so it won't be any stiff competition! (roll)

Recruitment / Re: Ponderabilia II
« on: 24 Feb 2016, 00:35 »
I have to admit I got stuck and never finished Ponderabilia (I'll get back to it some day), but I thought the setting and atmosphere were great. Love these new sketches! As you didn't list it I'm guessing you're maybe covered already, but if you need anything with sound design or music, I'd be happy to pitch in. Particularly if you're looking for any unsettling dark ambient music or sound atmospheres. Good luck with the project!

For your consideration...


Song Animals is a short adventure puzzle game, featuring a variety of strange and fantastic creatures. Explore surreal watercolour worlds and use the power of music to rescue your animal friends!
Created for November 2015 MAGS.

Demo video:

This looks fantastic, and so does your hair! Congratulations on the imminent release. And thanks for releasing the dev logs; as someone currently trying to learn Unity I'll be interested to see how the transition was. And while I'm at it, thanks again for the Parallax module, which I think I've used on every AGS project I've made!

Congratulations Freak Chic!

I enjoyed all the games this month and it was fun to be part of it. :)
Chicky - I thought the atmosphere and art was brilliant in yours and I think it could be better with either shorter length or more interactivity.
Eggie - Would be great to see your short games (and future chapters?) polished and combined into a full length game some day...

Finally got around to playing them all, and voted. A great lot this time! I'm always amazed at what people can pull off in less than a month. And after personally not making anything for a year or so, I appreciate the pressure/motivation from MAGS to actually complete something (nod)

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Song Animals [MAGS]
« on: 08 Dec 2015, 06:42 »
Thanks Sergio!
I did wonder if the switching characters would be confusing - or not clear that it could be done, and I wanted to keep the game word-free. So I put in that little hint arrow for the first few which hopefully got the idea across.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Song Animals [MAGS]
« on: 06 Dec 2015, 03:30 »
Eggie - thanks, glad you enjoyed it! (I think it was sort of an in-joke of mine that the last puzzle seems the most complex but the solution is the most mundane)
Embla - thanks! I haven't heard of that but I'll check it out
Cassie - at the moment there is no save/load function (the whole game lasts approx 10-15 minutes) but I think I will add one in.

It shouldn't be possible to progress while missing an item though - to leave each room you have to take the new item in it (unless I've made a mistake somewhere!)

AGS Games in Production / Re: Spot The Difference
« on: 05 Dec 2015, 11:49 »
Heh, hope it's not too haunting... I was going for "nostalgic" but things always end up a little darker than I intend ;)

If anyone's small child is creeped out by the music I'll do something a little brighter, like this

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