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Completed Game Announcements / Re: Sleeping Beauty
« on: 03 Apr 2018, 21:07 »
The protagonist is moving so slothly and the characters he encounters have so much to say in so little time. What they say is unfathomable to me because their word vanishes before I could grasp it.

No and yes.
I tried to run the game with the AGS engine Version on a 64 bit Debian/Linux.

 Lured by the advertisement in the forum thread called "AGS Awards 2017 - For your consideration", I tried to load the game but all I got was
No placeholder functions for the plugin 'agspalrender' found. The game might fail to load.
Loading game failed with error:
Script link failed: Runtime error: unresolved import 'PALInternal::LoadCLUT^1'.

The game files may be incomplete, corrupt or from unsupported version of AGS.91
Which now begs the two questions:
Where can I find the sources for the agspalrender plugin?
Will there be another version of the game that uses a module instead of a plugin?

The Rumpus Room / Re: The MSPaint game
« on: 31 Dec 2017, 18:16 »
A Happy New Year!

Next, please: The Pâté-Salami Model.

(edit: changed image host)

I like ScumVM's user interface. It lists all your games with saved game state, lets you alter preferences per game and globally. That is very nice.
Some days ago I came across an  apparent AGS 2.5 game (A Christmas Tale DEMO by Screen 7)¹, which could not be run with the current AGS engine ( I had to resort to DOSBox to play it. I liked the game.

1) thanks to!

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: IIISpy (2003) re-release
« on: 23 Dec 2017, 15:50 »
Nice game. It has quite quirky humour and an elating musical soundtrack.

If you have questions concerning the solution of a AGS game, please use the thread in the  appropriate board or create one if it does not exist yet.
Please do not post questions concerning the solution for games and hints in the completed games board.
It would be nice of the moderators to be (more) vigilant about this.
Thank you. :)

Critics' Lounge / Re: Interior background lighting
« on: 07 Aug 2017, 17:16 »
The notes' and blackboard's shadows should point away from the window.
There is not any shadow under the bed.
The the vertical foot piece of the bed should be lighter since it is facing the window.
The door's highlights are too yellow, probably.

My votes:
           Concept: Rocchinator, because the protagonist improvised to make the place inhabitable.
       Playability: Tycho Magnetic Anomaly, because there are many things to fiddle with and there is enough room to walk around.
Artistic Execution: SilverSpook, because it has least outlines.

@Tycho Magnetic Anomaly
Spoiler: ShowHide
Thanks for the encouragement. I spent about 16 hours on the freehand and about 30 hours on the isometric (my first try at this technique) and ran out of layers (maximum is 16 in grafx2) and time.

First: entry 2
Second: entry 1
Third: entry 3

Thanks. I think there is a compatibility issue between the game and your Linux runner. (also the game uses just AGS engine version
Have you tried to run the exe directly with wine?

Thanks to your information, I complied version of the engine and the problem with the font outlines does not appear there.

But the "z" still looks like an "ı":

Hi blur, I already found this issue while playing with an inofficial android app.
When I start the game directly with the exe in windows, there is no problem with the "z".
Could you go more into detail with your proposition?
I will try:
I downloaded the game from the link in the first post.
I run the game in AGS, version on linux.
As you can see there's a problem with the "z" in this screen shot,
but also the outlines of the font are shifted to the right the further the text goes to the right:

Perhaps the font is broken or there's something wrong with the freetype library (version 2.5.2) used in my AGS engine.

Lovebird-3182-XZ, Ruffa, Lucile.

D'oh! I missed the deadline by one day  :-\
Anyway, the first one is drawn freehand with a 2x2 pixel brush and uses an EGA palette, but with too many different colours.

The second one shall be isometric, but it is very hard to draw non-square objects correctly.


The guy in the blue suit claims being the president of this alien planet and the green guy to be his assistant. But somehow the green guy looks more like an alien ventriloquist.

con: gameboy
ply: gameboy
aex: Grundislav

 ;-D Thank you all for participating and AnasAbdin for hosting this event and carving these nice trophies!

Thanks for the heads-up!
So to get bug fixes and updates for AGS I would need to follow your "release-3.4.1" branch?
And to get the new AGS (that won't play the old games), I would follow the "master" branch?
I cannot see a "release-3.4.1" branch though:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. $ git branch
  2.   develop-3.3.1
  3.   develop-3.3.5
  4.   develop-3.4.0
  5. * master
  6.   release-3.3.4

Do I use the right repository URI?
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. $ git remote -v
  2. origin  git:// (fetch)


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