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Been familiar with this project for some years now, mostly because of it's soundtrack, but never bother to try to beat it all at once; only one and my bad english got in the way back then so I believe I never finished it either. But now, I actually want to give it a try or even beat it fully, especially the series as Davy Jones. Although I really want to play it in chronological order, from first episode to last. Which one I should start with? I know that not every single of them are set in chronological order, and some were working on before even RotN existed.

There is The Sorceror's Appraisal, as description said, is existed before even RotN did. I assume there is some games that set in time even before it, or in some other chronological set. So I would appreciate your support here.

Anyway, I'm quite new here, yet I already see some posts stating that the game doesn't work on newer windows. I'm having Windows 7 (64 bit) and 5:4 monitor. I'm also having Windows XP (32 bit) on second HD just to play older games, although still use DosBox to play Dos games. Can you as well please suggest which OS I should play it on, and if I should DosBox if necessary?

My first post, hope it didn't bother anyone.

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