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General Discussion / Re: Gay, the insult
« on: 20 Apr 2008, 13:17 »
I flinch whenever I hear kids say "that's so gay", but I'm trying to stop. I certainly don't want to flinch; I think I just spent so long trying to 'justify' my sexuality to myself as a younger boy, that I'm hyper-sensitive. I recognise that the children don't understand the impact of their words.

I think the word is evolving in similar ways to swearwords. They can be meant as genuine insults, or they can be harmless comedy, depending on who delivers it. Assuming one way or another is just the quickest path to disaster.

My sig - in my mind - is testament to that. I nearly split my sides when AGA said it.

The boy in the original post probably would have responded the same way, no matter what the word was. Anger management issues, anyone?

Critics' Lounge / Re: Alley Photo
« on: 09 Jan 2006, 03:40 »
Whee, been way too long since I've commented on these things :P

This is definitely a good start, but as Scott pointed out, it does need a teeny bit of work.

The thing that stands out most to me is the door, it just doesn't quite seem to fit with the 'off-kilter' look you've given the rest of the scene. The top of the door should really be following the gradiant of the ground, ie - leaning 'down' to the right. And of course, the handle is huge.

I'd also take another look at the graffiti - it looks almost too neat to be real. And the wall - although you've given it a few smudges to make it look dirty - is 95% spotless.

Finally, as scott mentioned, shading. I see you've done the 'outline' of the backwall/ground, but unless you've got some artificial light-source, there really should be quite big slanty shadows around the place.

But yes, nicely done :)

General Discussion / Re: Greatest supervillans ever
« on: 24 Sep 2005, 14:34 »
Definitely the timeless Professor Moriarty - the only man who could bring Sherlock Holmes to his death.

Anyone who can outsmart that dude has got to be good.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Map view of a prison camp.
« on: 24 Sep 2005, 13:48 »
I was just about to second khrismuc.

Actually, I will second him, I just won't repeat him.

The only other thing I would mention is that I've never seen a town with perfectly rectangular boundaries. It makes it look like it's meant to be made out of lego. But it does hold a nice charm to it. I think it is otherwise done very nicely :)

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Prodigal 0
« on: 15 Jun 2005, 15:43 »
Wheee. I love it. But... I'm probably a little biased, huh?

Anyway, too bad.

See - I AM a productive, helpful person after all.
I am so ready for bed right now....

General Discussion / Re: lilgryphmaster.com
« on: 15 May 2005, 07:58 »
There are an extremely low number of sites that I come back to regularly. And to the ones that I do, it is because it will help me in some way. Ie - bigbluecup for ags news; various writing forums to receive/give critique.

I think a blog is a nice personal idea, but I wouldn't visit your site to read it unless you were writing about awesome visions of me in the future. To be perfectly honest, I think you should leave the site as it is, and be happy with whatever traffic you get. Putting in some random movie reviews (which are covered by rottentomato and imdb anyway...), I think, would lose a bit of the class you're trying to convey

I don't understand. What you're trying to say. Could somebody explain? To me?


Critics' Lounge / Re: the demon
« on: 14 May 2005, 15:14 »
Why does he look so evil? He's a demon, I understand that, but you say he's not inherently evil, and he's just really misunderstood by men. For me, as soon as I look at his face I tend to think otherwise. He looks evil, he looks nasty, he looks violent. I think I'd find it incredibly hard to identify with any 'morals' of this chap.

For what he is - this is an absolutely amazing sculpture. I've no crits on the structure, formation or technicalities of what you've done. I'd just like... i dunno... an identifiable demon...(?)

Well, we're planning on meeting next weekend. The 21st, I believe it is.
We're both excited about it (I think. I hope...)
He's been such a nice fellow, and he invited me to this lovely old abandoned house with soundproof rooms. The only condition is I'm not allowed to tell anyone where I'm going or how long I'll be. Sounds exciting, right? Yay!

Okay, well that was all crap... well, apart from meeting him. I am. Next weekend. Damn I'm tired.

General Discussion / Re: free .com domain???
« on: 13 May 2005, 07:41 »
No such thing as free domains, I'm afraid. If there were, then nobody would pay.
Unless you are seriously good at conning people into buying things for you...

I personally would be creeped out having an intimate relationship with someone I hadn't met in real life before, but that's just me.
Absolutely. If this guy even tries telling me he "can't get me out of his head" or "he's obsessed with me", then he's out on the curb. Hm. Well, maybe not. I guess it would be flattering, and I'd keep him 'round just to hear more of it, but it would definitely disfigure what I think of him now. I do think about him, but only in the sense of "I hope he's free to chat tonight", not "I hope he's free to make my night". Well , at least at this stage anyway. I guess once I really really got to know him that would change, but then I'm not too sure if you really DO get to know a person if you haven't met them in real life.

I've been there, man.
Oh, and I'd do it again, I swear. I realised today I make the best damn mash I have ever eaten. Ever. Although I think I am now 90% cholesterol...

Does this make sense, because I can re-explain it tomorrow morning after I get sleep.
Yuf, it makes perfect sense, but I'd love to hear you elaborate anyway :)

And yes, I already have been through my friends looking for that 'spark'. Trust me, it's not there :( Anyone who knows me could testify that I try every single easy route (no matter how insane) before I even look at the tough one. What I meant by saying some friends had 'boyfriend' qualities, was that they are loyal, honest, caring, easy to talk to, easy to confide in etc etc. But there wasn't the "x factor" (damn simon cowell for creating a show with that name. damn him!). Those qualities are great, for sure, but they don't automatically make you suitable partner material.

I guess there is some sense of irony in-as-much-as I myself am also extremely skeptical of internet relationships (hence the question in the first place), and were one my friends in this situation, I'd be telling him/her to be cautious and not to assume or expect too much. Fortunately, I have the ability to ignore my own advice.

I just ate the most huge bowl of mashed potato. I am now going to go vomit...

Because you will unconsciouslly downplay and forget about the aspects you hear that you don't like, and up-play and fantasize about the aspects you DO like.

I'm not too sure if I agree with that. We've talked about dislikes, things that irritate him, characteristics in people that really piss him off. I certainly take that very seriously and don't filter it at all. If anything, I probably place a slightly stronger emphasis on the bad than the good. And I think most people do the same. Of course, if the other person lies flat out to you, then your perception is jilted, but that's through no fault of your own.

I'm also very wary about these people turning out to be nothing like who they say they are. I've heard all too many stories about how 16/f/cali turned into 50/m/zambia. I think a level of skepticism is healthy, but at the same time, you do need to be open to the fact that not everyone is like that. We've exchanged plenty of photos of each other, so unless he's using his son's pics or something like that... And we've chatted on the phone, and he certainly doesn't sound like a grandfather. So, for now, I'm willing to assume he's telling the truth. We're thinking about meeting up soon-ish. I guess I will finally know for sure then...

Ah, thanks kinoko. Always nice to see a little glint in the murky waters.
5 years? Wow. I guess other nice people really do use the internet after all...

Helm, yeah, I understand that I wasn't really explaining myself well, I just couldn't think of what I wanted to say exactly.

I didn't mean it sound like "oh, I accidentally found myself in a chat room...". Of course I went in there deliberately, but - to be completely honest - I've never been in a chatroom as "commercially public" like that in my life, so I went in just to get a feel of what is was like. And I didn't have any intentions on finding a date. If I had, I would've visited the romance section with alluring lounge-names like "Swedish boys on open cam!!!!!!!!18+!!!" and "Mississippi boys for older dads". I was actually in the "culture and interests" section (I think that's what it's called, anyway), and I was just curious to see a gay chatroom in there, so I clicked.

As to explain the 'ambivalence' of my friendship/lust, it's like this (assuming you're straight/attracted to females): If you sit down at the bus-stop and a gorgeous girl sits next to you, and you get into an engaging, mentally-stimulating conversation, you're obviously not going to be AGAINST the idea of pursuing something more romantic with her, but that's not the reason you're talking to her, and you're certainly not going to leap all over her just because she's interesting the first few times you talk. That's how it was.

This guy does have "boyfriendish" qualities (from what I've seen so far, anyway), I'm not going to deny that, but so do a lot of my friends, and I'm sure that's the same for many of you. Of course I'm going to get to know the guy better: he's a nice fellow!: but I'm not doing it inentionally for the purposes of securing myself a parter. Not in the least. Although, as I said, at this point in time (not knowing enough about him to make an informed opinion), I can't be actively against the prospect of anything more happening either.

I know there's a terrible stigma over the "internet relationship" thang, and I don't have my hopes up about coming away with a "new best friend" or "life-long partner". He's just a nice guy I met chatting, and I was interested to see what other experiences people had had...

Although so far it isn't terribly encouragin ;) :)

Right, so... I'm feeling rather awkward explaining why I'm even asking this.

Well, a friend of mine recently moved, and we figured since we couldn't geographically be together, it would be easier if we chatted, but she absolutely refuses to use msn, so I downloaded yahoo messenger.

Of course, interest got the better of me and I ventured into the chat rooms. It was purely to check the place out, and see if there were as many "63/m/cali hairy dads" as are rumoured. I popped into a gay chatroom and - amidst all the "c2c?" and "wanna be tied up?" invitations which I kindly turned down - I actually got chatting to 23 year old guy, and found out he only lived about an hour away from me.

This only happened on Friday night, and I talked to him again last night. Both occassions we were up chatting into the wee hours of the morning. Now, don't get me wrong - I was purely looking for friendship, and I'm not trying to get this guy to fall in love with me or whatever whatever. This is not to say I am against the possibility of anything happening, just that I'm not about to pretend I'm in love with a guy I barely know. We exchanged numbers and he called me just to say "goodnight".

Anyway, this wasn't meant to turn into a love story (it ISN'T, let me stress. Again, all I'm there for is friendship). I'm just interested in what other people have learned from 'net relationships'. Have you had a good experience? Been badly burned by them? Not looking for advice, just hoping to hear someone else with exciting stories...

General Discussion / Re: Why is the search disabled?
« on: 27 Apr 2005, 14:45 »
If it's 'forum' or 'phorum' I'm not sure (I'm not a native English speaker), but anyway that seems a little out of place as the thread was not a spelling quiz (don't mean to sound rude, just that I don't see the point of discussing that).

I wasn't making jest at you. I thought there might have been a genuine difference between the two, like fat (overweight) and phat (cool). Apparently not. Anyway, you didn't sound rude, so I guess we're fine on both ends :)
I guess this 'backup' could prove useful for others. It would be fairly obsolete for me, but as I say, that's no reason not to do it. I guess general opinion will give us an answer on if it's worth it...

General Discussion / Re: Why is the search disabled?
« on: 27 Apr 2005, 12:53 »
Can I ask - in all my humble ignorance - the difference between 'forum' and 'phorum'?

[EDIT]: Also, wouldn't it be easier - as opposed to downloading an entire back-up of the forum - to just post your question again? I'm assuming if the search function is disabled, you've had the commonsense to go back manually at least a couple of pages? And, if it's not there, ask. Is there something wrong with that that I'm missing?

General Discussion / Re: ...even I didn't see THIS coming
« on: 27 Apr 2005, 12:49 »
I got 86.67% female, even if that's not a surprise to anyone.
What is surprising is that it's impossible to get a higher percentage. So anybody with even 86.68% is just a liar.

And you gotta change the title. You nearly got my hopes up when I read this!
(No... not in that way...)

General Discussion / Re: Ooga and Booga
« on: 27 Apr 2005, 10:23 »
Upload your pic to 2dadventure. There's a stickied link to it in the critics lounge. Or you could upload to photobucket, or anywhere else really.
Once it's uploaded, copy the link location, then type this.
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. [img]www.the_link_to_your_photo.com/your_photo.jpg[/img]

As for another character.... how about... dare I say it(?) - a bad guy!!??

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