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Yeah, it looks absolutely great again.. keep it up.. looking forward to playing it in the near future ;)

Pretty cool, thanx...

aha, now I get it, I just read a review on a dutch gaming site ( on the journey down and it had HD graphics, but I just found the original here on AGS which was far from HD and it was free, so I wondered what the hell was going on, but the paid version is HD..
BTW looks cool, but I'll just wait with buying and playing until you're done with the serie as I hate 'to be continued' (it was also the biggest negative point they made in the review).. So I really hope you'll finish the whole game..

It's what dkh says, the difference is a lot, in that I find the ship unbelievably cool looking, but the bar (even after revised) looks way WAAAAAY different, like they were done by 2 different artists.. I would almost say you just downloaded or ripped the ship background from some place, which if correct, you need to be sure you've got permission to use it.. if so, just replace it with your own creation, even if it doesn't look as good, at least you'll get the same style..
But as you said yourself, first concentrate on making sure you've got the adventure up and running story/puzzle wise, and later on when you're all 'finished', check for backgrounds/characters which might need to be redone to get the overal look the same.. remember, if the artwork differs too much between scenes, it will distract from the actual game itself.

Now some comment on the revised bar: the left wall looks too messy to me, maybe try to use the backwall and 'skew' it (don't know if it's possible with the program you use, but I know it was possible back in the day I used deluxe paint, I could take a piece and manipulate it in 3D, it seems my current program paint shop pro 5 isn't capable of that).. The tables could also use some extra color for giving the legs some extra dimension..

If you have trouble creating your backgrounds from scratch, just take a look (take a lot of screenshots) at other commercial games like 'monkey island' to see how they do it, and also use these forums, there are special threads on how to create backgrounds etc, and let other people help you get better and better, because you don't have to reinvent the wheel..

Keep up the great work.. we're just here to help you to better yourself and that also means giving some 'harsh' comments from time to time, but also praise ;)  so don't let any of these comments get you down..

Looks great, but I see too much 'quality' difference in the background. The ship looks like an awesome background, but then the bar seems much more uglier, and the cave looks completely different, why is that?

As said here before, the idea is excellent, so first focus on a real good story/puzzles and then 'upgrade' the graphix..

looks absolutely stunning again..

FANTASTIC! good luck, and hopefully Lucasarts won't screw things up...

The screens look great, but I wonder if the characters which are shown on the screenshots in the first post will match these backgrounds or if they will stick like a fly to a wall. Or are you also redoing the characters?

Well, I think it would be worth the extra wait, just try to polish your game as YOU want it to be and the fact you are thinking of voicing make me think you actually want to try to add it, so go for it.. Ofcourse don't go the Duke Nukem route in trying to get your game to be as good as you think you can make it, hehe..

Why stop and release if you aren't satisfied yourself if it comes without audio, it's your baby and people will wait for it anyway..

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Future AGS development
« on: 08 Jun 2011, 17:50 »
The "clues" which tipped you off would really to me be indicative more of a desire to drop cross-platform compatibility instead of backwards compatibility of the engine..but in any case, I've responded to both interpretations with my opinion on the matter, so let's not get off topic here.

Personally I think crossplatform compatibility is much more important than backward compatibility.. If it was a seperate engine and data/bytecode set I might agree, but for using a newer engine as a agsdeveloper you still have to load the old project and tweak it. Compare it to say visual studio 2008 and visualstudio 2010, a lot of times you still need to make tweaks just to get your 'older' project running in the new enviroment, same goes for when you switch .NET frameworks..
but then again, I haven't got a clue to the extent of BC in the AGS-engine is.. I would say cleanup/refactoring the code is much more important as keeping FULL BC, and mind you, if cleanup/refactoring is done properly it should even be possible to keep the BC..

ahhh, indy, looks really like lucasarts themselves did it.. Oh, I can't wait till this is done into a complete game of Raiders of the lost ark. hehe.. if you ever finish it, it will be awesome, and hoping Lucasarts isn't going to screw this up due to IP protection..

You've got to be kidding... this looks so good.. looks really old school indy style...

AGS Games in Production / Re: Arden's Vale - May Update
« on: 05 Jun 2011, 19:50 »
bang, smack right in the face how gorgious this looks.. look really forward to playing this...

ah, looks great, brings back real fond memories of the original space quest series.. looking forward to playing.. only thing that scares me is the 'part 1' as I don't like playing games which have a 'real' ending and not knowing if it will ever continue..

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Future AGS development
« on: 05 Jun 2011, 18:47 »
Well, there are 2 things here, there is the editor and there is the engine..

for crossplatforming the editor you need to make sure the .NET code isn't going beyond what's possible with Mono OR you should change the code so it's silverlight based and doesn't go beyong what's possible with moonlight (which current builds already supports a lot of Silverlight 4 and already has multiplaform support (MacOS/Linux/iOS/Android), which would be enough to create a multiplatform editor).

On the engine side I would suggest at least incorperating it into ScummVM (which already has a very good reputation on commitment), and let them first get the old/current engines running multiplatform which will continue into the newer engines. I guess the ScummVM team won't mind having CJ as an overseeer for changes to new versions of the engine.. porting AGS to ScummVM will almost be the only way to keep AGS really multiplatform. Only problem with ScummVM for me is their unwillingness to even consider adding 2.5D type of games if other developers are willing to add it, so that might halter the advancement of AGS in that direction if it was something AGS was looking at.. But then again, look at some of the marvelous stuff people do here with 2D looking like real disney animation, so I personally don't care if 2.5D games aren't on the map.. LOL..

Personally I love AGS and it's my favorite place to look for games to play when I have hollidays, also I would love to play older dosbased ags games, but these days I can't be bothered anymore with all the hassle of setting up dosbox and trying to run the old games (yes I'm getting older and lazier too), also the new games that are created are very good, and the AGS community seems to be growing..
Personally I can't be bothered with playing AGS or any adventure on mobile phones, they're too small anyway for me, but with the advancement of tablets and sizes of 10" and larger I'm looking at more in that direction for playing adventures..

Completed Game Announcements / Re: [MAGS] Concurrence
« on: 14 May 2011, 15:28 »
The first thing I thought when I saw the screenshots: Another world.. LOL... looks amazing..

AGS Games in Production / Re: Ben Jordan Case 8
« on: 01 May 2011, 16:10 »
Even though I haven't played any of the Ben Jordan Cases yet, I'm sad to hear this being the last one as I KNOW I'll love the games when I start playing them, which will be soon I hope..

This really looks professional to me, so really looking forward to playing case 8 too..

Finally got around to playing it, and finished it.. It's a fun game, looking forward to any new game from you.. hehe.. good luck and thanx for the entertainment...

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Journey of Iesir
« on: 17 Apr 2011, 17:06 »
Man, the first thing I said was 'what the f... is this? this can't be real'....... this looks soooooooooooooooooooo amazing, it almost looks like a real animationmovie..

Hmmm, still looking forward to playing it.. But I'm not certain if the 'taskbar' is such a good idea, it seems a bit too distracting from the game itself..

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