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Critics' Lounge / Re: Which style for the night time?
« on: 04 Nov 2017, 21:47 »
I like the pixel version :D but It's a waste to use it since your high-res is so detailed.

I'd say go with contrast on the first image, make ground a bit darker, reduce bloom on windows a bit and make windows cast some light on the ground for realism

Gobliiins series (by Coktel Vision), while they do have some text, hardly need any. Everything is expressed by faces and motion anyway.

Pretty much what title says. Games like Police Quest 3 or Quest for Glory had it, yet I've never noticed any difference. Skipping animation frames maybe?

KGB aka Conspiracy (1992 I think, PC/Amiga)

creepiest adventure game I've played, ever. Pretty punishing, too

Critics' Lounge / Re: Critique on Background
« on: 01 Jun 2017, 04:16 »
Given the size of the trunks, one would imagine trees span 25 screenfuls upward and canopies take two screens horizontally. Such trees couldn't grow that close to each other.
* Make trees narrower
* Make trunk less cone-shaped and more like cylinders. Roots are rarely that big, except for some tropical species
* Make road about half narrower (vertically)
* Lose outlines on road
* Add grass, like visible green growing things, instead of just green blur
* Use grass to soften road shape and where trees enter ground

Turns out, (as I suspected,) it's highly technical (as most computer- and art-related things are) and not all that complex.
After hours of googling, I ended up watching this video which breaks it down in absolutely wonderful and simple manner (and has results to back it up).

So it's just about playing with HSV with pretty specific and highly learnable manner.

Watch a lot of standups. Old Sierra games had tons of observational humor just like stand-up comedies do.

You could also "borrow" some adventure game classics (Thimbleweed Park brought entire library of those back), such as

* Dialog option is too ballsy and character actually says something else
* Character is patronizing other in dialog ("I'm selling those fine leather jackets" type of stuff)
* Dialog is never-ending (Guess the color/wheel of fortune number puzzles and many, many others from MI2)
* etc. Any Lucasarts game will give you tons of those examples

And of course, you can just play funny games and get ideas and into the funny mood. Ruin is pretty funny AGS game, for example. So is YAPnCA and so on.

My pixel art has always been colorful and high-saturation contrasty colors, similar to old arcade games (my heaviest influence in life are all those 1990's Neo-Geo fighting games).
Yet, I want to learn the low saturation mode.

Is there like some supreme guide to choosing low saturation or palette composition or how? A link everyone's been sharing or class everyone took? Or some rules of thumb, mathematical formula or something?

Using eyedropper on some others' work, I find colors that go just "yuck" in my head and would never been my first choice, yet they look so pretty when sprite comes together.
How to convert to low saturation and improve my color knowledge?

I have no idea how to google it, so I'll ask here.

So I want to go from this... this

How do I handle the palette? I look at it, what do I have to see?

Absolutely loving it!
Some hints could appear here and there though. Reached to the very end and... it took me almost an hour to figure out the portrait. Red herrings in inventory didn't help either.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Unavowed
« on: 26 Apr 2017, 11:27 »
Looks awesome!
Mandana reminds me of Sinclair from Art of Fighting 3. And that boat scene Prince of Persia 2.

A question though, what is this weird base art resolution you're using? It looks too pixellated to be 640x480 yet I don't recall 320x240 being able to pack so much detail on single screen?

Not bad!
Last video is pretty good...

  • The foggy thing gets too close to camera, causing disco lights
  • The ship doesn't move smoothly
  • I'd let everything render at 30 fps for smoothness and reduced blinking
  • I don't know how anti-aliasing works in Blender, but you need a lot more than you currently have. And probably a different algorithm (I think it's very weak Gauss right now or is there none and that's just Youtube's compression?). That's causing problems too.
  • You can cut off a ton of workload... by making entire thing just a minute shorter. You have 30 seconds of disco, then an entire minute of ship jerking around.
    Make it 30 seconds total, and get to the point (your fantastic model of the ship) quicker. It's easier to get more quality out of it then too

Missing at least 50 hotspots and 100 lines of dialogues. Empty ginormous rooms.

Have you played Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Loom?
I always thought lack of hotspots was LucasArts handwriting. Sierra games let you look at basically every pixel in the room.
It is logical to have less if your game is full talkie, you wouldn't do billion lines of voiceover for things that don't advance story (although many players love adventure games for pure exploration).
Lack of hotspots also make game much, much easier. And this isn't very difficult game to begin with. Probably not intended so. Open-world thing makes it messy too.

Other than that, it's nicely done but pretty mediocre so far, in my opinion. I wish they went for more realistic graphics, such as Loom or MI2. 12-verb UI should have stayed in the past, Full Throttle handled it much more elegantly -- why go back?
Ghost character feels like direct ripoff from Blackwell series. Either they didn't do research into modern games thoroughly or they did... both probabilities are disappointing.

Haven't finished it yet, but way over halfway.
While story has clearly gone to hell, and even beginners here make more believable walk cycle animations, I just wish to admire more of those marvelous backgrounds.
And despite pixel size problems, usage of shaders make it up a lot in my book. Not sure, but I suspect those wavey ghost modes and all would just look horrible with original pixel resolution.

General Discussion / Re: Trumpmageddon
« on: 25 Nov 2016, 10:04 »
I have always assumed that illegal immigrants mostly get jobs that citizens don't want. So your statement that they're "taking jobs that real citizens could do", while not factually wrong if taken at face value, sounded like you're implying they're taking those jobs away from citizen that absolutely would do them.
Was that your intended meaning or not?

It's probably more about de-valuating those jobs. Or rather, their pay.
So those aren't jobs "real" citizens do not want, but jobs they wouldn't do at offered pay rate. If immigrants will accept any payment, it's unclear if they're exercising or instead, obstructing the way free market works.
And if they're immigrants, from national viewpoint, it's the latter.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Lamplight City
« on: 01 Nov 2016, 13:24 »
While sprite upscaling over backgrounds looks a bit weird, It definitely looks fantastic nevertheless!
I get Gabriel Knight vibe from those shots.
Unless text appears over portraits' heads, positions of talking heads looks a bit strange too.

Waiting :)

Completed Game Announcements / Re: GNRBLEX
« on: 06 Sep 2016, 14:03 »
Haven't tried it yet, but looking from screens--
Did you dodge making a walkcycle?! :grin:

Critics' Lounge / Re: Need some sprite criticism
« on: 17 Jun 2016, 19:23 »
I think I figured this out: made head smaller and now I can get away with no visible eye elements at all

Also fine-tuned shading on bomber jacket and general proportions

Critics' Lounge / Need some sprite criticism
« on: 17 Jun 2016, 12:05 »
I spent some time making pixels today. This is where I ended up...

Here's one without background (for edits n such)

And forcefully 4x scaled because Chrome just sucks.

I'm not sure what to do with eyes. They just don't work. I've been arranging and rearranging pixels for quite a while, but it still doesn't feel quite right.
Also, bomber jacket looks like he's hiding litter of kittens under it, although that's actually quite possible in an adventure game :D
Any ideas?

To be honest, I am not sure what decreased amount of pirated production here: was that the law, or the cheaper internet & torrent trackers? (wtf)

In Estonia, at least few years ago, you could buy new games sometimes more than 60% off the price if they were in Russian (russian localized & re-boxed), often published by 1C or some similar company. Since we have large russian gamer community here, they were sold in most game-related stores.
I always wondered how €60 Call of Duty can be €25 only because it's in Russian. While sold in respectable stores and those days when it's basically impossible to find pirate copies anywhere but perhaps flea market, I'm still not convinced those versions of the game were 100% legit. Price drop was just too unbelievable. But getting games so cheap might have played part.

For me personally, it was Steam. It's just so much more convenient than pirating nowadays. Except torrents don't make me regret all those shitty early alphas.

Old pen'n'paper method doesn't quite work for me if everything's digital and most of the things I need to remember are urls or copypaste bits of text or keywords to search for and so on.

Like if you market a game, you need to write reviewers and make forum posts. And you generally don't want to copy-paste same game description everywhere, so you'll make few versions of the text. And use this here and that there.
And you also have to remember which forums you registered at and so on. Also game ideas and code bits that might be useful some day... etc. So it's digital information I need to keep mostly.

Treeline looks interesting, thanks RickJ. I'm also exploring if Google Docs has advanced far enough from last time I used it (ages ago) - data in cloud and accessible from handhelds is always nice feature to have. Not for passwords and sensitive stuff though, but Google account is protected by password ANYWAY. Everything should beat notepad .txt files WinRARed with password, I think. Or perhaps nothing out there will.

Right, this is difficult to explain.
What I need is something that I can use to remember stuff. Like things I've subscribed via Paypal and pay some monthly fee. Passwords and CD-keys. Links I don't need daily in my bookmarks, but might need at some point in future.

OR for better example,
when I released Pall last year, it very quickly became evident that if you make accounts on every digital app store, make various threads in many forums and send e-mail to outlets and websites, you need to remember when and where you did those things, what did you write to whom, under which name you registered as and so on and so on. With even minor attempt at marketing, the amount of stuff to keep track of grows very quickly (out of hand).

First idea was e-mail. I've had same e-mail address for ages and I just kept relevant e-mails. From forums and sites and whatnot. Keeping old e-mail felt like a good idea, but I learned the hard way that e-mail is very fragile - some crappy forum gets overrun with spam bots, your e-mail goes into some spam list, and say bye to your e-mail. No spam filter will hold back the flood of crap you'll be getting every day and after some time, you'll just give up. Now I'm wiser and I have 3 e-mail addresses I use to sign up (why do we have to sign up EVERYWHERE those days?!), assessing by the importance and trustworthiness of the website. But e-mail isn't quite what solves everything.

So I've done this (or regretted not doing this) by making buttload of .txt files. They aren't all that good idea in retrospect, I would much more prefer something more... advanced. That can have alarms and reminders and tabs and search and organizing and stuff.
A personal organizer perhaps?

But something that's not just crappy Outlook Calendar that no one uses, but something cool, with some help with management and more suited to stuff I described above. Perhaps even encryption and password thingy to keep the Pandora's box closed.

Does something like this exist?
And yes, I know it's a bad idea to keep passwords in written form, but if you register in 40 forums in a single day, you kind of need it.

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