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Ah its supposed to loop so I thought it would keep hold of the channel and then fade up the wind when outside and fade out otherwise.

The default settings.

This is an incomplete version of the source to the MAGS game. Near the end of the development I switch back to an earlier version of AGS because this version was too unstable (I later found out the issue extended back further so oops)

If you want to play my game first then dont use this source until you have :>

Very sorry for the shitty bug reports. I was making my MAGS game and was very stressed about the timing.

I will be more clear now.

The winsetup issue was probably due using a debug version because i was building the engine myself.

The audio issue persists all the way back to earlier versions though.

I was using the new audio system and occasionally sounds would either cut off or just not play. I assigned them to the Sound type and played them as normal with aClip.Play().
All the priority settings were default and i tried wav,mp3 and ogg all to the same effect.

Then I made a new sound type called "GameSounds" and assigned all the audio clips to that and it seemed to solve the problem.

Here is a version of the game exhibiting the problem. Its a project: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27247158/deepunssrcwerror.zip

You'll notice that the thuds on the door sound fine to begin with until like the 5th or 6th thud at which point they become cut off and muted.
The same thing happens on 3.3.0 CR

I tried with threaded audio and without and it doesnt seem to help.
This was running on windows. I havent checked other OSes.

All The Way Down

A horror adventure set in rural Yorkshire, England.

How to play

Left Click to Interact
Right Click to Look
Move your mouse to the top of the screen to access the inventory and save.


Programmed and Written by Steve Poulton (Calin Leafshade @CalinLeafshade)
Background Art By Hayley Griffiths (Sookiesock @Sookiesock)
Character Art By Matt Frith (Tier @MatthewJFrith)
Portraits By Victor Pflug (Pinback @modredcastleton)
Lead Voice By Drew Wellman (ddq @ddq5)
Shopkeeper By Rebecca McCarthy (Azure @azuresama)
Other Voices By Steven Poulton (Calin Leafshade @CalinLeafshade)




There seems to a problem with sound in the new version. It seems to randomly cut off sounds for no reason. Some times it works and other times it doesnt. The same seems to happen for MP3 and OGG.

EDIT: Also, winsetup doesn't seem to exit properly on close.

EDIT EDIT: Seems the sound issue persists in 3.3.0 (custom res)

EDIT X 3: It seems that AGS is not properly releasing audio channels.

Much appreciated, young Atelier.

Err, due to other commitments over new years I might need a days extension.

Is that cool? like 23:59 1st Jan?

The new build system seems to not work at all.

My game works when i debug it but when doing a full compile it creates two files a mygame.exe in the Compiled folder which windows complains is a 16-bit exe and a mygame.exe in the windows folder which says "Cant find game files."

How is this supposed to work? Am i doing somethign wrong?

We should be finished.. I hope.

General Discussion / Re: Quality Sprite Resources?
« on: 29 Dec 2014, 08:26 »
The short answer is no.

The long answer is try opengameart.org but it's not very good.

If you want stock images then be willing to pay for them.

Re: scrollbars

simply take the scrollbar control and override OnPaint

Re: the theme

The reason I linked the Visual Studio one is to demonstrate the contrast. In your version the dividing lines are essentially white and so the contrast is high. The point of a dark theme is generally to reduce contrast.

Are we sharing?

Am I correct in thinking that one needs admin permissions to compile a game now? That is totally mental.

Whats the purpose of the hard linking anyway? Can't you just pass a folder to the exe which contains the data files or alternatively just use the working directory.

Late seems like an ok name to me. Not sure.

Maybe final_?

How about a "late" rep ex function?

Currently AGS runs the rep ex functions before it runs the game logic so any scripts that rely on player position or view/loop/frame are always out by one game loop.

So I think a function that runs after the game logic would be useful.

I just very quickly added it in and it seems to work but I'm not familiar enough with the engine to say if it will cause issues.

Here's visual studio's dark theme as a guide.

Engine Development / Re: The Custom Speech API proposal
« on: 17 Dec 2014, 14:36 »
Instead of callbacks, what about providing an interface instead?

We have managed objects that can inherit other objects, couldnt you just pass an instance of one of those to a function which inherited a base interface struct?

The advantage of that approach is that it's easily modularized and interchangeable. It's also more OOP.

Engine Development / Re: The Custom Speech API proposal
« on: 17 Dec 2014, 13:43 »

Custom speech is something I have hacked in a few times using an empty font but having some interface for that would be great

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