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And one or more portable holes would also be nifty when stuck in certain rooms, always an exit...
King's Quest V or VI had a portable hole in it, though it was for looking through instead of being an exit.

I'd like to see a game with NO physical objects as inventory items but ideas and 'feelings'

Like Loom?

AGS Games in Production / [RELEASED] Fribbeldib
« on: 05 Jan 2010, 09:42 »
Play the unfinished version now!

Kitchen is updated!

People should tell their toilet paper jokes more often!

Wrong number!

Finally, someone to talk to!

Themesong (though I will use this one only for his own house, there will be other songs for other areas, mainly around the same sound):

And another one:

Jarem is just an average guy.
Allright, a little below average, since he is not a very lucky guy. He lost his job a few months ago and he starts to realise he never really achieved something in his life. He was always going with the flow, trying to fit in, but still felt alone.

But today is different! He woke up with this strange feeling... like from now on a guardian angel is watching over his shoulder. Not much later he will find out his aunt died, she accidently fell out of a window...

Story: 70%
Scripting: 30%
Graphics/Videos: 40%
Sound/Music: 35%

I've been always a big fan of adventure games, even tried to make one in Qbasic 12 years ago, which was also the last time I ever tried to write a script. I just discovered it again and wanted to make a nice game. I've been working on this for a few weeks now and will post small updates every now and then. Please let me now what you think of what I'll show you, because I like being inspired!

PS. I'm Dutch so my English probably has more than a few flaws, please correct me if I say something strange... :)

7-1-2010 decided to keep my first design for the characters' animation, after experimenting with some others. It might look cheaper, but somehow it just feels right this way. Been working on animating and creating a puzzle including a mobile phone - this is actually the first time I'm looking at GUIs. :)
13 1  I killed my keyboard so a few very imortant buttons are not working. Like brackets, <Return> , arrows and the letter   :-X . So instead Ive been exerimenting with a few grahic rogramms, and drew a few new rooms. Also started the design of a new uzzle and made a new track, though its still unfinished.
9-2 Worked on some programming, bathroom is almost fully operative!
9-4 Worked on some scripting, kitchen is almost finished, Hallway and downstairs are sketched, made some new music, designed some extra storylines as well as dialog options.
14-4 changed some mirror animations, made the start for a few new locations , and have been working on my phone GUI.
15-4 phone GUI is as good as finished, just need to put in a few dialogs, worked on some more animations and made a short track for an 'action' sequence.
20-4 finished a puzzle, made some new characters. aproved my old tracks.
8-11 After having some trouble with my computer I decided to work on this again. Worked on some music, worked on some new graphics...
25-11 finished a few scenes, first 8 scenes are now fully playable...
3-12 designing a puzzle for on a computer ingame. graphics almost finished.
9-1-2011 Worked on earlier problems, almost halfway the first part of the game. Puzzle finished, created some extra dialogs and objects.
22-3-2011 Worked on some new characters, added some dialog. Completed a puzzle, Solved a walk cycle problem.

Though I agree on most points Spummy pointed out, I just have to disagree on the part about the dramatic stuff in the church. Actually at the moment itself I also had my doubts about finding a girl offered to satan, just like that. But as I played further it actually gave me certain expectations and a big deal of the mood for the rest of the story. And after playing the game it just added to that cliffhangerfeeling (Who is the killer, what did he do in the hotel, how is he connected with the werewolves, someone allready died, how many more will die?). It made the story bigger, because now we do not only have to watch out for the werewolves, there is also some satanic ladycutter around, that likes to cut ladies in a satanic way.

It also gave me the idea of watching a horrormovie, when often one of the first scenes gives a glance of the terror that is about to come. I liked it and it triggered me even more to like the game, as the Film Noir aspect allready did. It gave the character and the player(me!) a motive to go to the hotel and it even made trying to get into the hotel even more exiting, because maybe the girl in the window was the next to be cut up, hopefully I was not to late!

Except for this Spummy has a few valid points to say. I thought it is somehow a shame that there is no sprite for the character getting in or out of bed, especially since he is doing it a few times in the game. And for the screaming part, I had no idea where the screaming was coming from or who it was. I only found out when I wanted to take the stairs, and the screaming apparently came from the room aside mine. I think this could be made a bit clearer so I would not be wasting my time trying other doors, while the girl allready should have been eaten. As for including the sound effects of a screaming girl or a phone ringing, they can't be that hard to add (I went to youtube to find a really horrible homemade scream) maybe you wanted to show us your game to soon? :P

Allright, again a big story I wrote, but let's just say it shows how much I care!

*Jealous on graphics, jealous on graphics*

Then maybe their dead could trigger the entrance of a new enemy?
In that case you can just use the same characters over and over again and just change their location when they die?

So how many enemies are there in your game?

You can also let the character dissapear by using the Transparency command:

I just played the game and I must say I am really really impressed by what you've achieved. I've read somewhere this was your first game? I can't believe it. ;)

The artwork is very beautiful, the music is stylish, the effects and spoken bits are really adding something, only some small things didn't seem right to me. Like the same amount of knives after you pick one, the windows respawn after the animal jumped through it and the same comments on happenings that allready occured, like the lit window, where somebody was while everybody was downstairs, or the girl that was in the kitchen but got somehow earlier in the mausoleum than me...
Your joke on DOTT was wellplaced and fittet somehow very nice in the atmosphere that was created. I am actually quite jealous on your graphic skills. ;)

Beginners' Technical Questions / Re: Backgrounds
« on: 03 Jan 2010, 13:02 »
Well I search google and copy-paste images together. Then I start changing colors and positions till I've got something that I like.
I could draw everything as wel, but I don't want it to be too static.

Ah! That's useful! Thank you!

You can give each walking area another scale, so if you put two walking areas next to eachother with the first on 100 and the other on let's say 150, you will have from the left to the right other scalingproporties. Then you can put some more walking areas between them to smoothen the scaling, or a walkbehind object...

I've worked it out with the overlay function, thank you!

By temporarely giving the object an other place, or making it Visible=false and then run the game again to check. ;)

Is there maybe some object with a blocking function in the way?

Well I thought of that, but there are three reasons I didn't go with that.

1) The SayAt command shows the message for a few seconds related to the length of the message. Making the second message including the first would also make the duration longer.
2) The position of the second message is on an other side of the screen, maybe I could work around this if I knew how to include <Enter>'s to my message, so I could also shape the displayed text a bit, but sadly I don't...

3) I also want to use this later in the game when two different characters are completing eachothers sentences, so the second part should have an other color and a whole different location as well.

Hello everybody, I probably just read over this, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

I would like to add a second message to my first one, like a punchline or something. I am using the SayAt command, but when I use a second SayAt command, the first one just disappears. Is there a way to display both messages, with the second one a few seconds later, in the 'SayAt'style?

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