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I've already slipped a reference to the events of this story into the remaster of Lunchtime of the Damned I'm working on.
I eagerly look forward to playing it.

I'd like to get it on the site and make a formal announcement.
Please do. The story is licensed under an attribution-only license (this is mentioned on the second page), so there is no need to ask for my permission.  :smiley:

That was excellent! Props in particular for taking elements that weren't particularly developed from the games (the Nameless Law Official, the Frank/Fred feud) and for doing something interesting with them. Can't wait to read more.
Thanks. I had my doubts about the style of story-telling, but I went ahead with it as I wanted to try something different. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it.

Also, Permanent Daylight? A reference to an upcoming game?

It's a very old (DOS based) AGS game. The game page is here. The download link on that page is broken, but a copy of the game can be downloaded from the AGS Archives. A walkthrough is available at Utimate Game Solutions (click on the flag to view).

Reality-on-the-Norm / RoN Fan Fiction: A First Attempt
« on: 19 Nov 2014, 19:10 »
Hi all,

For quite some time (almost a year, to be precise), I wanted to write some fan fiction for RoTN. I have finally managed to finish my first piece. It is a tale concerning a certain photograph in Max Griff's office.

I have one or two more ideas for possible stories, and hopefully I will get enough time to etch them in virtual ink and share them with you.  :smiley:

Considering the variety of devices used for reading these days, I have made the story available as a PDF, which can be downloaded here.

As usual, comments, criticisms and constructive feedback are always welcome.

The download link is outdated, as MegaUpload has been shut down. Can the original author(s) please host the file on some other site and update the link, so that the game can be made available to all once more.

Here is what you need to do. Hope this is helpful:
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Talk to Phil (the Yahtzee guy) about batteries. Exhaust all the options. Eventually he will talk about the security system. After that, an option to distract him will appear when you click the talk icon on him. Once his back is turned, quickly replace use the old batteries on the box containing the new ones. Max will swipe the old ones for a pair of new ones (You can select the batteries from inventory before starting the dialogue so that it can be quickly accessed by changing the mouse cursor). Put them in the camera, take photo of the footsteps in the woods, and give it to Tijn (the Museum guy).

To talk to the Baron, select Baron Wolfgang's Manor (the house in the top portion of the map) in the map screen.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: RON - The affair of the Weirdo
« on: 11 Jan 2012, 15:55 »
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I must look through the "Hole in the wall" from the left/west side of the fence. I tried to look at it from many positions, but i always get "You are too far away to do that."

Anyone has a precise procedure to be able to do that?


btw "Hole in the wall" should be "Hole in the fence".

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You have to be on the right side of the fence to do that.

BTW not many reactions here. Maybe you should post it in the completed games thread, or is that against forum rules?

It's done now. Here is the link. I have also added it in the games section of the AGS website (link in aforementioned post).

Hello Everybody,

This is a short game in the Reality on The Norm series with Elandra as the player character.

The game is set a sequel to The Affair of the Weirdo.


The year is 2199.

The inhabitants of Reality Station are paid a visit by a traveller from distant worlds. The traveller speaks of events leading to great destruction in the days to come.

And the only person who can do anything about it happens to be Elandra...

Comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome.

More details here.

I've started the updated version, but this time I got a different scenario. Now Percival was not in Scids...
Anyway, I was able to finish it now and I enjoyed it very much. I would prefer it if the load button wouldn't take a whole minute before it is available, but otherwise: great job!

BTW not many reactions here. Maybe you should post it in the completed games thread, or is that against forum rules?

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I'll add it in the AGS games page in a few days time, once I'm sure there are no major bugs. As regards to your query concerning Percival,
Spoiler: ShowHide

When Elandra talks to the Baron about keycard, the Baron advises her to go see Percival. Now here, the scripting is done in such a way that after the conversation with Baron, Percival is randomly transported to a room, whenever the player selects any room from the map. Thus, the room in which you encounter Percival will be different each time.

I did notice that whenever "Davy" was facing left, the pixels of his sideburn (which is under his glasses frame) would disappear when he talked & reappear when he isn't talking.  It's most noticeable in Elandra's dream in the "forest".  Is this intentional?

No. I didn't modify any of the sprites (I'm not that good at drawing characters. Hence, I avoid editing character sprites as far as possible.). I checked it in the Krysis-style sprites (res-char-nwkrysprites-20110413.zip) available on the RoN website and found that the sideburn is missing in the talking view. I'll add it in my spare time and upload a new version (I hope this is not a major issue).

Since I didn't save, I don't know exactly...

I found this happening in one scenario. See below. I have fixed it and uploaded the new exe. Please see the first post for download link.
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Elandra, Percival and Chef Lucca are in Skids and Elandra asks Percival for the master keycard.

I've checked the game out & run into a bit of snag with entering the file path into terminal in Elandra's room.

This is not a bug. See below:  ;)
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The Note in 'Happy Days' entry in the PDA reads (Note the last sentence):
The path is /usr/etc/archive/hdays2175. The audio files are in the music sub-folder and the album art is in aart sub-folder.

Thus, the music files (data) are in /usr/etc/archive/hdays2175/music and the cover art is in /usr/etc/archive/hdays2175/aart.

Another option is to download and install Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop (htmlhelp.exe) from here;D

I like it so far, only the game crashed when I tried to enter Chez Lucca (and of course I had not saved).
in room13.asc line 32
Error: FaceCharacter: characters are in different rooms.

Thanks for the bug report. I'll try to reproduce and fix it. If you could please tell me sequence of actions which led to the crash, it would speed up the process.

Just finished my second RoN game. ;D

More details here.

Greetings to all!

Here is my second RON (and AGS) game. This is a short game with Elandra as the player character.

The game is set a sequel to The Affair of the Weirdo.

Screen shot:

The storyline is as below:

The year is 2199.

The inhabitants of Reality Station are paid a visit by a traveller from distant worlds. The traveller speaks of events leading to great destruction in the near future.

And the only person who can do anything about it happens to be Elandra...

The puzzles are pretty simple and should not be much of a problem (I'm not that good at making difficult to solve puzzles).

Though I have tested the game a few times, it is quite possible that some bugs, UI issues, spelling mistakes, character related issues, etc. might have escaped my notice. Please take some time to play the game and let me know about bugs, if any.

If all is well, then I will request the Powers That Be to upload my game on the RON website.

A big thanks to Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) for the superb Space Theme pack (available here).

Comments, criticisms and suggestions are always welcome.

You can download the game here.

Please Note: Since I work on this game in my spare time, it may be some time before I am able to release an update. Also, as I may not be online everyday, there may be some delays in replying to your mails/queries.

Thanks for the feedback!

If I'm reading it right, he's using 'data mangling' to mean a quick and dirty form of savegame encryption.  I could be wrong.

That is correct. I added this when I found that any global strings, or custom properties, are written to the save game files as they are, and can be easily read using, say, a hex editor.

Another thing I found is that most of the data is read in blocks (e.g. fread(&play,sizeof(GameState),1,ooo) ; ), the size being given using the sizeof operator. This means that we cannot change the struct definitions of the built-in types, as the data written by the editor when compiling the game (this is done by AGS.Native, I think), will not be read properly by the engine.

Quote from: monkE3y_05_06
Good, but I have a question. When you say it won't show up in the autocomplete, did you use $AUTOCOMPLETEIGNORE$ or did you include it between #ifdef STRICT and #endif?


I will probably take a second look at the AudioClip related changes and give a thought about more object oriented naming conventions in my spare time ... :)

Regarding the Print dialog options thing...

When that option is selected, the expected behavior (I believe) should be that the first dialog option (corresponding to @1) should be displayed last, the second one should be the second-last, and so on, and the last dialog option should be the first. I found that this was not happening (at least in my case. The code change is actually very small (in the methods run_dialog_script and write_dialog_options in ac.cpp).

As far as the game.* variables are concerned, I believe someone more well versed with the source code should take that up (maybe I'll give it a try when I have more in-depth knowledge about the workings of the game.* variables).


I find posting this in a separate thread a total nonsense. I would recommend post it on the other forum threads.

Anyway, it seems interesting :)


There is a separate thread for engine related changes and another one for editor related changes, but no thread for changes made to BOTH the engine and the editor. Hence, I thought it better to post a separate thread.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Ben Jordan Case 8
« on: 15 Jul 2011, 18:40 »
This is great news!!!

Ben Jordan rocks   :=



I guess it's time to replay the first seven episodes, as it is clearly hinted by the storyline (in the intro in episode 1 and in episode 7, when Ben finds the shelf) that in episode 8 the reason why Ben was selected for all the previous quests is going to be revealed ...

I believe several people are currently working on 3.2.2 using a CVS, yes.

I think you mean SVN. Or is there a new separate CVS repository? Also I could find a 3.2.2 branch in SVN for the editor, but not for the engine. Is the engine code in some new repository?

Just finished the game. Liked it immensely. The knowledge level setting really helped, as I have not played any of the old adventure games (yet).

Will you do a third Adventure adventure?
+1 from me as well.

I hate to be somewhat of a spoilsport but I did find some probable bugs. Please see below (I downloaded the game from the mediafire link):
In the Toonstruck room, if you interact (use the hand icon) on the scenery in the background (i.e. the hills in the distance), the game crashes with
Error: prepare_script: error -18 (no such function in script) trying to run 'hHotspot1_Interact' (Room 28)

Also experienced the below:
Spoiler: ShowHide

The marker did not appear near the doors in the Toonstruck room (as mentioned in the walkthrough) even after Thalia talks all the options with Sledge and shows him the coin.

I finally took the Bingo Dauber route.

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