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Still waiting for Neptune. :-D This looks exciting though. Will be looking forward to it.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Whispers of a Machine
« on: 08 Dec 2016, 11:23 »
Wanted to stop by and say this game looks GORGEOUS, and while I don't believe the singularity is a possibility the story sounds quite intriguing. Good luck guys!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: AdventureJam 2016
« on: 21 May 2016, 21:16 »
I added a new version where you can turn off special shaders.

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Longevity Gene
« on: 08 Mar 2016, 03:42 »
Man I was so hyped for this. I'm glad he put out a playable version at least, more than most abandoned games ever get.

I request a podcast about designing/organizing a world building document. :-D


How does it handle scaling old fashioned low res pixel art though? It can look like shit when not scaled correctly.
In short, it can't. I've bashed my head against Unity so many times trying to get pixel art to look proper, I've bought assets that promise it but to no use. It just can't do 2D well at all. Granted, Unity game Read Only Memories just came out and it has slightly off scaled pixel art everywhere but it didn't really bother me cause I loved the story so much. But still, even a professional Kickstarted game over two years couldn't get it right.

Editor Development / Re: AGS (Alpha) - June Patch
« on: 12 Jul 2015, 02:37 »
Not sure if this has been reported yet, sorry if it has.

In the setup dialog the resolution doesn't match the game.

Also the mouse sensitivity in windowed mode got messed up when I switched to custom resolution. With the resolution dialog saying that I'm kind of worried that the mouse position is being stretched down from 320x200 to 320x180 and that's what's causing it to whip around so fast.


Fixed the conflicting resolution numbers, had to manually change it in acsetup.cfg, doesn't do it for you when you compile or run the game though. Doesn't fix the mouse acceleration. What I did find though is that if I run the game .exe by itself there's no acceleration. If I use winsetup .exe and close it with save and run, then it has the acceleration. Very strange.

General Discussion / Re: I made another game! DOG WOLVE
« on: 07 Jul 2015, 02:48 »
Did another one.

For anyone interested. ;)

Not a huge fan of the cobblestone street. Doesn't look like it could really exist. Especially up to the edge. They'd just fall off. Especially at a shipping dock where tons of people walk over it and carry heavy things over it all day.

I love Gone Home and I think it's fun. Also it makes me sad when people try to put games/art into boxes. Just let stuff stand on it's own you know?

Also while I really hate The Walking Dead and all the new Telltale games (besides Puzzle Agent) I don't get what you mean by you can make a bad decision and have to go back and change it. Maybe if it's your goal to get a certain outcome, sure. But the joy people seem to find in those games is that they have to live with their choices no matter what, it's a roleplaying experience for them.

I think the problem with death in adventure games is that there's no consequences. The room reloads and you try again. Whereas in an RPG you maybe lose a ton of random loot. Or in an FPS you lose your progress and have to kill a bunch of enemies again even after an almost perfect run where you died at the end. But an adventure game relies on immersion and for the story to feel good and have weight there needs to be consequences for characters. You dying and reloading isn't frustrating, it just breaks the immersion.

I think you're too worried about what other games are doing. Players are dumb, they don't expect anything from anything. I hate the Telltale stuff because they always highlight every choice, but nothing changes, not one thing other than maybe a single line of dialogue later on or one character vs another. I think Telltale games feel more linear than most adventure games. Give the people the choices you want to give them to have, it's up to you, you are the master.

The Dig was fantastic and my favorite adventure game. The only problem is that ending. The whole game's moral is, reversing death is bad, playing with life is bad, you can't be sure the person coming back is the same consciousness. But then they cop out on the ending and bring everyone back, oh well haha.

Also Dreamfall Chapters is incredibly boring. The UI is awful and unintuitive and walking is slow and dialogue is poorly written. Graphics and character models are wonderful though.

The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: 18 Jun 2015, 23:14 »
Inside Man?

AGS Games in Production / Re: Type Dreams
« on: 16 Jun 2015, 14:07 »
Woo new hofmeier game! Looks incredible, sticking to that signature style.

General Discussion / Re: Fallout 4
« on: 09 Jun 2015, 11:05 »
I never thought of any of the quests in Fallout 3 as fetch quests or kill 10 rats or whatever. There was always a story and reason behind everything. Remember being the mediator between The Mechanist and The AntAgonizer? Or finding the Republic of Dave and dealing with that situation. Going to that burnt out town occupied by a sniper priest who laid mines everywhere and shot at the cars you hid behind and they exploded. Sneaking into the Super-Duper Mart and getting the drop on the Raiders. So many cool and compelling stories like those in the world. That's mostly why I didn't like NV, it was just boring standard RPG quests, there was only one morally grey choice in the entire game too whereas FO3 had them in every quest. Also not to mention the level design in NV is garbage compared to the mastery of FO3. But whatever I need to play The Witcher 3 I hope it's good but I hate fantasy a lot and couldn't get 15 minutes into the first two games before turning them off and uninstalling.

Updated my original post with some of 304's recommended changes.

You should just make a second post. It's better for archival purposes so people can the backgrounds progress and learn from it.

General Discussion / Re: Fallout 4
« on: 08 Jun 2015, 10:40 »
Why can't they make a CAT companion?... (my only complaint, otherwise, I was among those looking at the clock counting down at Bethesda's website :P)
Have you ever seen a cat rip out a man's throat?

I don't like the colors they're going with, reminds me too much of STALKER and TF2. And the graphics are exactly the quality of FO3, very disappointing. Was hoping they would drop Gamebryo after Skyrim, but NOPE. Maybe they can at least write some proper player physics and AI movement with IK. And maybe give the weapons some weight.

I can't wait for some Cronenberg-esque games.

The creator of Flight of the Amazon Queen just posted a postmortem over at Gamasutra, check it out. I've never taken to the time to finish the game myself but it's pretty cool that just three guys could make something that surpassed even a few of the LucasArts titles. Graphically speaking that is.

Sorry, you are correct, I was testing with a black background and small character so it looked extra blurry to me with smooth scaling on. I still think this is something that many people would like fixed more than not.

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