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Critics' Lounge / Walk Cycle Help
« on: 29 Jul 2011, 02:53 »
Ok so I'm making a platformer game and I've been trying to animate my character. I've never really animated anything before so it looks pretty bad.




Any ways to improve? I don't want to add any more colors because I'm using a 16 color, color palette.

Beginners' Technical Questions / GUI Question
« on: 20 Jun 2011, 03:12 »
Hello. I've made a simple GUI for my game set it all up and it works fine.

As you may be able to see it's a film strip. I really wanted it so that when you walk it overlays other images over this, just while you walk, so it looks like it's moving. I've already imported them. I'm thinking I somehow enable and disable a timer while he's walking or something?

Critics' Lounge / Game Background
« on: 19 Jun 2011, 23:24 »
Hi, I need some critiques on my game background. It's for the Release Something contest.

It's meant to only have 3 colors. I might have to make it 4 though. Very low-res and stuff. Thanks!

Critics' Lounge / 304 Style Test!
« on: 18 Jun 2011, 06:20 »

Tried Ben's style because it looks cool, mine doesn't look nearly as detailed though. Plus I have no idea what brushes he uses.

C&C please. :P

Critics' Lounge / Help With A Screen
« on: 08 May 2011, 06:22 »
Okay so I started work on my MAGS game today with the main center piece in the main room. It's a screen, and there is a guy that tells you what to do. I think the silhouette is looking good right now, but I don't really like the broken screen.

I don't know if the face is pronounced enough. And you hit the screen in the center with a pole so maybe the glass would shatter differently.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Background Scaling
« on: 01 May 2011, 05:56 »
Hello, I'd like to know something. I like to draw my backgrounds at half size and then double the size so it look pixel-ish. And if I draw my characters the same way, how do I make it so they and maybe even the mouse cursor move with the, every pixel is 2 pixels, thing, so it's not like my character is in between pixels and looks out of place, if that makes sense.

Critics' Lounge / Correct way to edge?
« on: 03 Apr 2011, 06:25 »
Hello, this is something that I have been wondering about for a very, VERY long time. Basically I learned to make all of my slanted lines one pixel and to have them never really cross over each otehr or that would create jaggies. I also learned to never give hard corners, always leave a pixel between lines. Is This correct? I have made a sample image, the thin slanted lines are how I draw.

I' really like to know your opinion on this and how you draw your pixel art.

Beginners' Technical Questions / 9-Verb Text?
« on: 01 Apr 2011, 01:54 »
Hello, I don't know if this should be here or in the tech forum but since I'm a noob I'll put it here. So I'm making my own 9-verb gui from scratch, I have it all working right now. But the only thing I am missing, and can't figure out is that text that's always aove the gui. You know when you like scroll over Use and it will print 'Use' and then if you click to use something it would say 'Use Vending Machine' or 'Use Flashlight with Vending Machine' how would I go about doing this? I have looked through the code for the 9-verb module but it's just so bloated, all I really want it to do is have the verb come first then display the object that you want to use, display it's description that was set in the tools.

Sorry my writing might be a little incoherent.

Critics' Lounge / Maniac Mansion Painting
« on: 27 Mar 2011, 23:38 »
Hello, I painted the Mansion from the intro of Maniac Mansion. (Why do I even need to explain this?) Anyways I thought it was kinda cool and I hope you like it too.

Critics' Lounge / Pancake day
« on: 08 Mar 2011, 05:18 »
Hey, what do you think of my pancakes?



It's an inventory and world item so... I know the text is messed up.

Hello, I have recently played the game 'Another World' and it was amazing, I'd really like to do a similar game in AGS. The only problem is I have no idea how to make keyboard buttons do thing. I need the left and right arrow to make my character walk. I'd really like a jump on the ctrl key, or even just bind it to use to read notes I'd like to have in the environment. Are there any side scrolling modules that also allow sloped surfaces?

EDIT: Wow, I just searched Cinematic Platformer and this came up, and it's in AGS. It's not exactly what I want, but it's fairly close.

Critics' Lounge / Rubix cube
« on: 04 Mar 2011, 23:14 »
Any ideas on how to make my rubix cube look better? I'm not happy with the top. ???

It's an inventory item so it has to stay that size. I'll probably use it in the background like this, or a bigger one.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Player start and fade
« on: 10 Aug 2010, 04:10 »
Hello I'm very new and these are 2 noob questions. How do I set where the player start? Right now he's in the top-left and there isn't a walkable area, also how do I do fades? I want it to start black show some credit images then it fades to the scene. ???

Beginners' Technical Questions / A gameplay question
« on: 19 Jul 2010, 21:33 »
I played this game yesterday, Death, and I'm kinda new to ags still and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how these two things were done. So when you mouse over what I'm guessing is a hot spot the text of that thing appears ot the bottom of the screen would you use a GUI for this or what? Also when you left click it interacts and when you right click it looks, how is this done? Thanks in advance! ;)

Hello! I'm new to forums and someone told me that 'Time gentlemen, Please' was made with AGS, so I've been learning it by watching 44 youtube vidoes! :D I was wondering how they sold 'Time gentlemen, Please' I thought this was a free engine? ???


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