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Can't say I've ever come across 'anymore' as a replacement of 'nowadays' not at the beginning of a sentence. That just sounds way off to me.

It's apparently a regional affectation, and I've just moved in recent years to the region that's affected.

I'm fairly certain the Associated Press used to capitalize Century, which is perhaps where you got that from. They don't anymore, though.

One thing that bothers me, since "anymore" was brought up, is the positive use of the word, i.e. "anymore" used as a replacement for "nowadays." Anymore people use "anymore" to begin sentences, like this one, and it bugs the living shit out of me. I wish they wouldn't do that anymore.

There were actually a number of early text adventure adaptations of the game. One of which you could win by simply refusing to play!

Looking forward to this one!

Mr. Colossal just saw the release of the book version (by Amulet) of his popular webcomic Rutabaga.

Wait a minute...I thought that green dome looked familiar....

Critics' Lounge / Re: Background Perspective
« on: 03 Mar 2015, 04:56 »
And in an interesting counterpoint to what I posted back then, I now use a perspective grid for everything, even clouds. :=


Critics' Lounge / Re: Background Perspective
« on: 02 Mar 2015, 07:50 »

Try Kerkythea. It's free, and will give you better renders than Sketchup alone.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Corrupt-A-wish!
« on: 01 Mar 2015, 22:19 »
Granted. You are enormously nonplussed to find that you don't actually exist.

I wish for someone to shovel my driveway.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Corrupt-A-wish!
« on: 26 Feb 2015, 19:29 »
Granted. Now we have lost one of the all-time great bits of television dialogue. Thanks a lot.

I wish I had remembered to pack my lunch this morning.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Corrupt-A-wish!
« on: 19 Feb 2015, 19:26 »
Granted. You made this wish on a day when I literally tried to catch a closing door for someone coming through and accidentally wound up giving someone else a bruised nose when I pushed it open. Now more people will be nice with horrific, unintended consequences.

I wish we had British chocolate in America.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Corrupt-A-wish!
« on: 17 Feb 2015, 20:05 »
Granted, but....

I wish for the person who replies to this has a great day.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Hjarta
« on: 15 Feb 2015, 19:21 »
Eight Bit Skyline becoming a publisher to watch!

The Rumpus Room / Re: Corrupt-A-wish!
« on: 12 Feb 2015, 19:39 »
Granted, but it's replaced by neo-neofascism.
I wish for the next season of Twin Peaks to be amazing.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Corrupt-A-wish!
« on: 11 Feb 2015, 20:38 »
Granted. You also find yourself knee-deep in guano and afflicted with rabies.
I wish for a renewable energy resource with no environmental side effects.

It's a testament to your system that I tried to click on the mug when it lit up.

Critics' Lounge / Re: shadows or no shadows?
« on: 28 Jan 2015, 21:50 »
I agree with what has been said before and will also toss out that you might want to consider using the shadows functionally to draw attention to the vital parts of the screen.

Front page of Reddit yesterday, too!

Man, I can't even make a game where one guy walks around a couple of rooms and doesn't make sound when he talks.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: #Parent #Gamedev
« on: 21 Jan 2015, 06:21 »
I think the game should focus on getting a toddler to go to bed. Playthrough will be three hours at its shortest point. It will utilize TellTale style dialogue options, and the toddler NPC will remember every single thing you've said, trying to draw you into contradictions. The toddler will have a sleepiness bar, which you can build through assuaging them, but at a certain point, they become too sleepy to go to bed and spill over into furious fit territory. The parent / PC will have a frustration bar. This one will vary wildly depending on the given situation. The game will feature a false ending where you think you've gotten the toddler to go to bed, before hearing a call from their bedroom that they have to go potty. At this point, the game restarts itself.

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