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Closer to being completed :)

I am modeling this with blender.

Completed Game Announcements / The Object of All Dreams
« on: 19 Sep 2018, 17:54 »

The protagonist is stuck working a menial job, yet aspires to make a real breakthrough: he recently started working on a solution for a famous mathematical problem. He is of the view that when he does provide a proof, he will become known, respected, and his financial issues will be over.

And yet, just as he was apparently nearing a breakthrough regarding the mathematical problem, another problem - one lurking in his inner world, and manifesting in a series of dreams - will demand to be solved first, if he is to go through with his plans...

Story and gfx: Kyriakos Chalkopoulos

Original music: Mileva Anastasiadou

Created in September 2018

Dl at

I hope you like it - again there are some issues, but I think that the story (and music) are nice (nod)

BTW: Game has three different endings.

AGS Games in Production / [ RELEASED ] [ RELEASED ]The Object of All Dreams
« on: 17 Sep 2018, 15:27 »
This is a horror adventure game I am making for a contest (at Itch). Deadline is in a week, so it will be complete by then :)
Work is roughly 85% done...

Title: The object of all dreams
Genre: Horror/psychological
Length: About an hour (and definitely no less than 30 min, even if you know what you are doing).
Endings: Game has a few different endings.
Original resolution: 640x400

Wouldn't want to post too much about it, given it will be finished soon enough, but I thought I could at least make it known that it will be uploaded soon!
It is to be my second ever finished game!!! (after the Chrysalis :) )

Music is by a friend, gfx and story are by myself (also coding; which is on the lazy side of things, but should work := )

Here are a few screens:

I wouldn't have found the incentive to create it if not for the contest, so that is something... (laugh)

Hi, I want to ask how to best make this (admittedly very lazy, but what do you expect := ) trick work:

-have inventory items be the only trigger for stuff (ie not have to use counting or other stuff)

Namely i am interested in how to make it so that the inventory items (most of them) don't show up on screen (ok, no graphic for them or their cursor) and also CANNOT be selected if clicked upon in the interface (this is what i am not sure about).

In theory i could tediously move each of them in some distant spot, and then use regions to prevent the mouse ever reaching it. But - as i already said - i am lazy. So, any other option? :D

In a month from now I will be moving to Athens. I am a bit worried about the move, which I suppose is normal. The reason for it is that there will be more job opportunities there & I recently signed two translating contracts with a publisher there anyway.

Still, Athens was never a city I liked. The center is nice (with the ancient parts), but overall it has problems. Not that the 1 million people city I now live in is that great, though.

Anyway, anyone here who has moved to a different city for years? I am not sure how it will go, but some positive prospects do exist. :)

Natalie Dormer is gorgeous, obviously.
Still, this series is nothing short of an insult.
The 1975 film was very elegant, had excellent music, and atmosphere.
This tv series just has a cheap plot, and also seems to rely on some familiarity with the story if one is to make anything of it :/

1975 movie trailer:

2018 series trailer:

This is almost as bad as the 2018 remake of Murder on the Orient Express (nod)

The Rumpus Room / Best Mortal Kombat (MK X) character
« on: 25 Aug 2018, 17:12 »
Finally, a thread on high art :=

Which MK X character do you like the most?

My top3 are:

1) D'Vorah
2) D'Vorah
3) D'Vorah

"The bag of meat will spring a leak" (nod)

What type of graphics style do you find more appealing?

-By photorealistic i mean the style that most new (non-indie, but some indie too) games use. Those are 3d graphics, using skins, and 3d animation of assets.
-By pixely i mean 90s style pixel gfx (eg those in pre Gabriel Knight Sierra adventure games).
-2,5d graphics are usually rendered 3d models, but used as isometric 2d graphics. For example cities on strategy game maps (that aren't 3d) are usually 2,5d. Eg Civilization 3, or Warcraft2 map graphics are 2,5d.
-Mixed gfx can be any combination of the above. They also can include use of photographs found on the web (as room graphics, or item graphics).

I think that having a consistent style is important, if you want the game to look nice (of course it can look bad even with a consistent style := ).
I personally am fond of 2,5d and pixely gfx for adventure games. I do think they are on their way out, though. Even for indie games. You do need an actually talented artist to produce high-quality pixel or 2,5d forms. Most of the new artists are (as is to be expected; makes far more sense money-wise) geared towards 3d model skinning and animating.

DarkSeed wasn't a good game, but i did like the graphics in it :)

I personally am not really that fond of seeing jokes (whether it is sarcasm or something more light-hearted) in actual horror adventure games...
Ok, jokes can make the work easier to go through, and more pleasant. And it often happens that some great works of art (eg books) make good use of including a funnier part, when the rest of the story was really devastatingly miserable. A good example of that would be with Nikolai Gogol's novella, "The overcoat". If it didn't have the funny last chapter it would have been a really cruel tale :)

But i do prefer stories of the "cruel" type, tbh. At least when the work is known to be horror, or "serious".

What is your view?

Some examples of humour in dark adventure games:
Gabriel Knight

And cases with notably less humour:
Donna, Avenger of Blood (well, mostly...)
(the original) Downfall

General Discussion / About the Slenderman movie...
« on: 12 Aug 2018, 15:39 »

Anyone else seen it?
I think it could hardly be any worse :)
Ok, they should have made a Slenderman film years ago, but that isn't all that doomed this movie. It has nothing interesting, and presents the most ridiculous plot in regards to how the teens got into contact with Slenderman (an online video).

GG Slenderman :=

Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] Any team members for a strategy game? (ancient or medieval era)
« on: 10 Aug 2018, 17:19 »
Hi people, i would like to ask if anyone here would be interested in forming a team so as to create a strategy game :)
Either turn-based or real-time. Set in either the ancient or the medieval era (because i mostly create 3d models/renders of buildings in those eras := )

Some examples of my gfx (eg for CivIII, a turn-based strategy) :

Ancient era city sets:

Medieval era city sets:

RTS-styled building renders (a local Byzantine church)

Let me note that i am not able to be the team-leader here; i cannot script such a game. I am asking if enough people (with the needed skills :) ) are there, so that we might try to create something 8-)

Is there either a voice-script, module, or some program which is easy to link to AGS and use to have reading in a game or at least during a cut-scene?
And if there are more than one, which one would be sounding relatively nice? (obviously they won't compare to a real human voice; but i would like to know if there are any out there which may be usable to a degree) :)

A brief article i wrote, which focuses mostly on a famous (and quite bleak) short story by Maurice Level: "The final kiss".
It is about an attack using vitriol (with a twist) :)

Sorry for not being able to post the article here (due to the host site not allowing "duplicates"...). If it isn't within forum rules to just post a link to read the article elsewhere, of course you can close the thread :)

That said, imo - if you have read some Borges - you might find this 1100 word article of interest. If you do so, please give feedback here (nod)
In essense it is about how Borges was himself the Minotaur, in his famous story "The house of Asterion".  🙂

As a metaphor for the mind, an ongoing (and expanding) code is generally as good as any, in my view. So, if you had a code that apparently had as one of its core ends to keep being seamless/not visible, how would you program it?

For example imagine a program that does various stuff, but a major goal of the programmer is to keep those secret. So if some other coder opens the program, they should have great difficulty in moving past the surface. On the surface (again presenting a metaphor here) the program might just seem to mirror parts of the room the person who runs it has in their sight.

Of course there is another catch in this parallelism: the only actual "second" programer who would try to find what the program is, is the person whose mind the program is a metaphor of.

Anyway, in my view there always are ways to go beneath the surface, when a vast process is running it can remain invisible for only so long. :)


This is a stupid idea, imo.

First of all the original movie (Unbreakable) wasn't about superhero universes. Secondly, it is hardly a universe when there is just one new "superhero". Thirdly... in what way was Mr. Glass' "supepower" an "extremely high iq"? This wasn't at all in the original movie; he caused the train accident cause he wanted to see if there is anyone who is his exact antithesis (unbreakable).

And another thing: wtf is Mr. Glass still alive? He has a bone disease and should have been dead decades ago :)

The first one being my WIP of a render of my own model of the Hagia Sophia, the monumental medieval Greek (Byzantine) cathedral.

I'd also like to ask if people know where i could upload the finished renders, in order to possibly sell them for a token price (eg up to 5 euros might be a good start...). I am thinking of Turbosquid 2d, but more options would be great!

Anyway, say if you like what you see :=

General Discussion / A cat outside the building
« on: 29 Jul 2018, 09:03 »
Some very obviously newly-born cat, with golden-white fur, apparently decided to use the entrance of this building as its main location. Today, as i exited the building, it befriended me, mewing and pressing itself onto my shoes/lower part of the leg. So, given i went out to buy something to eat, i gave it a bit when i returned.
I found it curious that the creature felt the urgent need to seek something from myself, given that tendency could have been very misplaced, or even be a grave error if the person had been mean-spirited. I wouldn't approach a giant, trying to get them to show interest on myself, but the cat seemed to me to do just that.
Granted, it has been located in that position for a few days now, and originally it just went away, in fear, each time i approached. Maybe it regarded the building itself as forthcoming with source of food, given another person here seems to have fed it a few times.

Still, i think it is probable that the very young cat just means to stay as far away from the territory of the older cats, and simply identified that no other cat placed itself in the entrance of this building. But this won't last for long, particularly if people keep feeding this one; an antagonist will be attracted, and more than likely the other, larger cat, will use violence to take over the position. Which would be pointless, given the people won't just switch to feeding the older, and rougher cat; but such is the tragic ignorance in the actions of those creatures, who forever misunderstand the whims of the humans they seek to gain out of.

-do you think the cat's fate will be different than the one i imagined?

They don't need to be horror; anything sufficiently dark will do. The more cerebral the better. :)

Eg, i generally liked Sepulchre (not so much the added chapters), and Downfall/The Cat Lady. But anything more bizarre/cerebral would likely be even more of interest.

(edit: you can also suggest non-free, that have a demo chapter)

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