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But since you're a big boy now in your 20's you should probably get a job and a bank account! Grim that's a bit uncalled for mate! Bang out of order that is. BTW I've played downfall and you did some work on there I see, that's exactly the type of game I'm looking for and why I made these posts in the first place, its really a good game and the horror elements go down very well for me. There's British blood in my veins so I'd prefer a response that isn't so ungentlemanly from a guy who is from my ancestral homeland after all. FYI I'm a scientist AND I also sell second hand food!

Hey Grim, I live in a 3rd world country in Africa and find it very difficult to set up things like PayPal as some of my friends also struggled with compatibility issues with their accounts ect. Even some YouTube videos say "error not available in your country" and things like that. I agree with what your saying but its just not that simple over here and I'm not that clued up on online purchasing as I mostly use the internet for streaming and reading articles. In that case do you know any FREE games you could suggest I download?

My Thanks and apologies Khris. Sadly as I feared I'm already well aware of the games you mentioned but I do appreciate it, I'm just really into pixel art wadjet eye style games and yes it seems I may just have to wait for Unavowed to be released. Thanks again and I meant no harm in my opinion about the classics just in case they're some of your favorites. Cheers.

OK last thing I promise... Comedy is not the issue I love the jokes and the sarcasm, my issue is with storylines themselves, they just give me the impression that the games are targeted towards children which makes no sense to me because the whole reason I LOVE this genre is because its so complicated and you feel smart when you complete an adventure game. And yet again, no trolling me guys, I think there's even an article online basically saying the same things I am now anyways.

BTW I don't mean to be disrespectful to the games of the 90's but come on guys you can't seriously tell me that you don't see the difference between what Dave gilbert does and what some of the writers for Sierra and Lucas arts did! Because its day and night, we are mostly adults on this site so I'd appreciate your honesty and acknowledgement of such writing differences rather than just trolling me because your in denial. I've even tried alota modern adventure games and yet the delusion continues like daedelic games good artwork but mostly horrible storylines that feel like your being treated like a little kid playing games about rabbits and all sorts of kiddies themes I can't see that children are smart enough to clock any adventure game so I don't know why the childish stories keep resurfacing maybe this just isn't the place for me then? Lastly, I apologize again  for ranting but as I said I'm in my 20's and I can't be playing games where the main character has a hat with bells on it I mean honestly...

Hey folks, can anybody recommend some games with "serious" storylines? My fear is that I've already played them all as I've scoured Google and can't find any games I have not played! Other then the slaughter but I can't find a torrent for it anywhere and I have no means of buying things online ect. The games which I have not played all have silly or lame story lines like "you need to save the frog princess from the evil wolf" kinda stuff which I find incredible childish since I'm in my 20's aka a lot of the classic point n click games just don't appeal to me with there pathetic stories that a 5 year old could write. Thanks in advance

Hey everyone, SP here...the man behind the hopefully;) soon to be well known Somniosus Games. One of my AGS heroes Grundislav once said don't give out a release date so I wont
but yeah I've got something that's almost done but this probably ain't the place to talk about it, so I will leave you with this, AGS is lovely innit! Anyways just my pg13 way of saying hello, not easy for a metalhead and European football fan to do now is it(wrong) cheers

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