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Recruitment / Re: [AGS HELP WANTED] Maelstrom Obscura.
« on: 07 Jan 2019, 18:25 »
Do you have a list of the characters you need voice acting for?

I am terrible at self-promotion--any words of wisdom?

Maybe try to get Dan of Game Grumps to play the game on YouTube? He likes point-and-click adventure games and has played them on the Game Grumps YouTube channel in the past. It's a long shot but couldn't hurt to send him a message.

GoG said it's not the type of game they host.

Seems like exactly the type of game that GOG hosts, so it's weird they'd say that. Did they provide any details?

Learning for the next AGS game (announcement coming once I have a second room done).

Yes! Definitely looking forward to the announcement.

Recruitment / Re: [Help Wanted] Maelstrom of Deception
« on: 01 Jan 2019, 19:49 »
How far along is this game in production?

Just played through Cyborg Seppuku and The Goat Crone. Loved 'em! I'm looking forward to the next episode.

I just played through this one again. Nice improvements!

Completed Game Announcements / Re: This City at Night
« on: 29 Dec 2018, 21:14 »
I just finished playing through the game. I had a fun time. Congrats on the release!

Yay! Extremely generous that this fantastic adventure game is free. Are you going to put it on Steam too?

Sounds great. Are those short stories published anywhere? I'd be interested in reading them.

Short Stories

Knee Deep is the one I'm looking at for the intro chapter. I have a concept that will allow me to go anywhere with it. Jack Steamheel is my serial novel (pretty far along) featuring Jack, who you may have met in the Knobbly Crook's Horse's Ass bar. I might end up expanding on Jack rather than O'Sirus, too. I have a lot of creative options ahead, but may take a few weeks to catch up on other people's games! 8 hours of "AAA" gamedev at work and then 5 hours of indie gamedev at home has eaten up my free time!

Knee Deep was a great read!

Spoiler: ShowHide
I loved the surprise ending, didn't see it coming.

Do you have something in mind already?

I may try to make the scariest point-and-click I can... I need a break from the silly. I have a couple of horror short stories that would adapt well. I also want to play with a more painted art style to speed up the process, so my next couple of weeks will be doodling in different art programs to see what I can do. If they don't look good, I'll go back to the old ways. :)

Sounds great. Are those short stories published anywhere? I'd be interested in reading them.

Just a small development update... The Knobbly Crook should be released within the week! Thanks everyone for all the help and support over the years, this is an amazing community. I'm very likely to start my next game in AGS, mostly because I know you folks are here to help make it happen.

Great to hear!

And I'll be excited to see what your next game is. Do you have something in mind already?

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Here Be NO Sirens
« on: 09 Oct 2018, 05:30 »
I just finished playing through this one. Fun game. I like your art style.

Recruitment / Re: Looking for testers for Metaphobia
« on: 07 Sep 2018, 00:21 »
What's the estimated play time for a first-time player?

Definitely B.

imsomnia212, you clearly have artistic talent, so I'm curious if you have plans to make an original game?

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 10 Jul 2018, 17:18 »
This isn't Steam-related, but Deponia Doomsday is available at no extra cost if you have Twitch Prime.

I just finished playing the first chapter, and I have to say I LOVED it. I know other people have probably been waiting since 2015 for the next one to come out, but I have to ask: will the next chapter be released on steam? If so, when? (if not, where can I find it? I love this game so much, it's gorgeous and funny!)

Bavolis was asking for testers for the next chapters here:

I think they are still available.

I voted for 9, it reminds me of The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yep. I had The Running Man and The Hunger Games in mind when I wrote the pitch.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Strangeland
« on: 24 Jun 2018, 11:27 »
Any update on Strangeland?


#9 The Frighther

I never realized my writing sounds like someone who speaks English as a second language.


I'm a sucker for Christmas stories, so you had my attention right off the bat. The premise is fun and feels season-appropriate in that it sets up some silly, all-in-good-fun antagonism, and offers a solid game structure. The one thing I don't like is the "or doom the world!" bit, which seems entirely extraneous and illogical given what you've described.

Snarky, I enjoyed reading your entire post. I also liked number 8 and almost voted for it. And I agree that the "doom the world" part was off-putting.

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