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I'm not sure, I'll check when I get home.
Bigger problem;
The FOA template, whats the deal with the unhandled event thing?
I tried pasting in thr script from MI2 temp but while it solved the first problem, it caused more.

FOA: Wrong number of perameters in (I forget: I check at home

MI2: GS=GetLoctype line. It works fine in original context ie. The MI2 temp but when pasted to Indy major problems.
Sorry if my explainantion is imprecise. I post a better one later.

Oh. Mine just appeared on the desktop.

Go back into costrip, and note which character,table,and image you saved.
(cx_tx_ix), where x is a number, like c2_t1_i25 would be Character 2, Table 1, Image 25, which I believe is one of Guybrush's walking animations, in MI.

Open the start menu, and click Find files or folders.
Type in the file name of one of the costumes you ripped.

If that doesn't work, try your 'my documents' file.

If that still doesn't work, flick through all the folders on your C drive, where C is your hard drive.

Did you try going to the setup thing and changing the music player from Digital to waveOut? It worked for me.

I've got a problem with the rooms. I know this may be a prob for the general but hear me out. ( I using P's template).

Could you tell me;
1) How to make 'open' and 'close' (a door)do just that, not change room?
I had a few goes. He just goes through anyway. I didn't even write script for it. Must be part of the template....
I have a rough idea but I'm sure there's an easier way.

I don't know what game you're trying to get costumes for, but for arguments sake, lets say it's Monkey Island 2.

The Directx versions don't generally work, so use the dos one.

1)Put the disk in the drive.

2)Open up 'My Computer' icon, or whatever icon on your pc that has info on all the drives.

3)Open M drive, where m is your cd drive.

4)You'll see 2 files. [Monkey1] and [Monkey2] and some other stuff which is irrelevent.

5) Open the monkey2 folder, and you'll see 2 files,
Monkey.000 and Monkey.001. These are resource files. You'll need to remember what these are if you use ScummRev.

6)In a seperate window, open Costrip, then the dos version, so the {Dos} file is open and you see the program icon.

7)Drag the Monkey.001 resource file onto the costrip icon, and voila.

8)The controls are listed.

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