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AGS Games in Production / Re: Before the Dark Crystal
« on: 25 Mar 2015, 00:05 »
omg this is so freaking beautiful already

I'm a huge fan of the movie and this sort of stuff 

Yay, Dark Crystal fangame work in progress!!! LOVE!

It always bothers me when people say games can't possibly be art...stuff like this , Ico , even something crazy and silly like Bayonetta...proves them wrong. Every time.

General Discussion / Re: Where is Khris?
« on: 24 Mar 2015, 23:59 »
No room in heaven for perverted adventure games?

Well, that'll leave me out if I ever get anything done.


( sorry, couldn't resist )

And glad to hear that somebody who is obviously so well-respected and beloved around here is doing fine. I know diddly-squat about most people here , even if they've been around "forever". :-[

I love how we Sierra fans keep getting new insight and stories on "what really happened" to Sierra back in the day and ultimately led to the crap end it had. Luckily oldies from the true original Sierra haven't really given up on gaming stuff completely so at least there's that. So much love, joy , sadness, and pain but at least our idols ( and fellow fans ) keep the home fires burning.

And...of course...there's still the love.

Recruitment / Re: Offer Your Services! (Pre-2016 Archive)
« on: 24 Mar 2015, 23:13 »
I did it again , stayed away from the forums for far too long when I was going to check in at least once every day....fell off the wagon big time. :-[

My deepest and most sincere apologies to anyone who ever considered me for help on their project. I hope this is still the right place to post something like this.

I have decided to stop trying to be a helper when I am obviously incapable of delivering...since there is so much that still needs to be done, I have barely scratched the surface of things I want to accomplish, laptops don't last as long as I'd like them to, ect.

My terrible lack of a respectable skill level disables me from being a good helper - ( when it comes to art and even programming )

I keep having to start over various projects for various reasons and my own work is barely started....


Anyway I still won't ever completely give up on my game creation dreams, but honestly this is all so hard for me and I would keep choosing watching anime or playing games other people have made...every time , over working on my own stuff. Or doing other things instead of working on my projects. It's rare for me to make notes and stuff but I'm going to TRY to start some offline folders and make backups and other stuff I should be doing so that at least if something happens to my new laptop I won't have to get all upset over things lost in a crash because I'll have done the smart thing and have made backups along with "hardcopies" of notes and stuff for each game project I want to finish someday. Right now it's like I'm a beginner all over again at so many things and I have been stuck at a low level in art for years.

General Discussion / Re: Ask something - We can help.
« on: 15 Jan 2015, 08:40 »
I play a lot of "casual" games as well as what might be considered non-casual type games. Depending on the creator , they are usually beautiful and fun - ( well if you love puzzles ) - games. I really love the art and stories in such games but I get annoyed and frustrated easily with puzzles , thankfully there's almost always an "easy" mode for players like me who just want to see what happens next and hints can be recharged quickly in some games. I love games with hints and guides you can access within the game itself. A lot of these games have female protagonist , another reason for my love of them.

I disagree there's no "pixel hunting" involved , in fact it is the core of HOGS , FROGS , ect. ( hidden object , fragmented whatever object scenes , hidden object scenes , ect. )

bigfishgames and other places are where you can find most, if not all ,  of these kind of games.

The downside is sometimes there may be a problem with a game and that problem never gets fixed. But if you have the latest computer , updated drives , latest software , ect. most games should run fine on your machine. It's just really only a small handful thus far that I've had any serious problems with and unfortunately two of the coolest games in my opinion have some major issues - The ending of a certain vampire game ( love is a cure or something like that , I will find and post proper title later ... ) and the Dorian Gray game.

I will update my post and say more about such things here later...

As for my own situation , I once found a "blog" of online generators - ( fantasy related ) - the logo is a beetle / bug looking thing and the site or blog name is some weird thing I can never remember , despite it being a really unique name. It starts with an A. I'm trying my own google searching of it but so far no luck. Does somebody have any idea what I'm talking about? One of the generators there is a list of "useless" items.
 Ugh, I wish they had given it a better and easier to remember name. *crying because she's not having any luck finding it*

Normally , I would go searching / researching first to see if anybody else posted already about such things but today I do not feel like it. So , new thread. Hopefully that will not be an issue for anyone. Besides, it's to my understanding that "necroing" threads / posting in old threads is frowned upon here , just like it is frowned upon in most or many boards.

List of my favorite sites and other things I find interesting , I am posting for others who might be interested as well since we are all gamers and game creators , interested in various gaming related things and have interests outside of gaming , and there may be things that might interest other wannabe game creators here. For information and inspiration. Stuff. (laugh)

Gourmet Gaming

A site for those who want to try recreating something they found in a game or something.

The Drunken Moogle

Alcoholic drinks for gamers , apparently.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Food Related Entry in a blog

webtender - various drinks

AGS of course I love AGS (laugh)

List of fictional drinks

Seventh Sanctum Generators
Inspiration , help , and contests for artists and writers.

Food Pills - more science fiction stuff
Never been to sf-encylopedia before but it looks interesting! This may be of interest to you guys as well...

Springhole Another great "stuff generators" type site and has some articles and other things as well.

Eventually , well...hopefully sooner than later....I will have a new website and will link to it here and elsewhere.
Right now I have no website. My old one was destroyed along with many others , alas. I needed a new one anyway.

With any luck I will have more than one website or at least enough space and such for all my interests.

Ludum Dare Great site where they hold contests and lots of people make new games based on contest theme.

Ren'py A great tool for anyone who wants to make "visual novels" aka interactive "novels" , games,  and "ren'ai" aka dating sim type games and "kinectic" novel ( aka static...just full of words...I am not a fan of kinectic since they're not really games...if I wanted to read a book - I'd read a book... *sigh* ) There may or may not have been other things done with Ren'py but it's mainly for those who are wanting to make dating sim type games.

By the way , I hate Unity. Just hate it. I wish people would stop using it to make games or at least make a version of their game that doesn't use / need Unity. *sigh*

I also hate it when I get an AGS game or game demo I want to play but the game is basically unplayable in my book because the creator limited their game to one resolution and it's the one resolution that normally refuses to run fullscreen on my laptop. ( The Bum is an example of an AGS game I consider unplayable because of the tiny screen if I put it in window mode and it won't let me play fullscreen ...sorry to whoever made that game but...ARRRGGG ;)

I hate it when I have to use WASD for movement , in my opinion it's a strange and sadistic "design choice" some creators make and it takes any fun out of a game for me. I hate having to use - ( in my opinion ) - weird keybutton choices for shooting enemies or jumping and other things and there's no way for me to change up how my character moves and interacts with the world. I don't mind having to use keyboard for movement ( like up down left right for example ) but I prefer using my mouse.

I hate when people refer to adult works as "porn" , especially if there's nothing wrong with the writing or coding.

I hate that more creators aren't afraid to push the envelope and go beyond pushing the envelope with some things but at the same time I can understand people not wanting to make stuff all about sex , nudity , and violence. I love that there are people out there trying to and succeeding in making non-violent games and there are girls out there making romance games for girls that don't include nudity and sex. I love silly fluffy mushy stuff. :-[ I think it's important to include disclaimers with certain works...game creators need to take responsibility for their games.
In a way , it's a shame the things we should be doing but often don't do...because there's so much negativity from people who just don't get it...they don't get us...they don't get games...
We need to keep showing and reminding people that it's stupid to blame game creators or games for the stupid things that a small handful of monsters and criminals do...but we also need to take responsibility for - ( if we have it and when we show it) - our violence , twisted sense of humor , perversions , and whatever else we may represent in / via our games. Hopefully someday people will truly realize and accept that games aren't just for kids and shouldn't be just for kids ....making books for a variety of people is acceptable...so why aren't games , toys , animation, and comic books?  Why are these particular things still stuck in the mindset of so many as being "just for kids"?!

Anyway...back to the list of stuff and sites I think people should check out.

Parsifal Unfortunately , site apparently needs some updating or major updating. Old links are old and "baf" or "wurb" is not working! I used to go to baf aka wurb all the time. The only thing I never liked about baf-wurb is the fact that they referred to adult works as porn. *sigh* Anyway , if anybody knows of a more up to date interactive fiction related site...please let me know. I will include it in this post or update this thread later and link to such a site. Either way , once I have my own website going I will have "pages" dedicated to interactive fiction. I worry that IF may be dying or it's already dead , even though I one day found something called Twine...I like some Twine works but wish there were more and more easy to find.

I love threads like this. As a wannabe game creator - ( and even if I had zero interest in the game creation process or didn't desire to make any myself... I'd probably still think about some things a lot ) - I often think about violence and other issues that games can and do bring up and even somewhat "cutesy" looking games can be violent and gore-filled. People will put "real things" in the virtual things even where and when it is not really needed nor should it always be included. Rape , for example. >:( As a female - ( and lover of various adult titles / subject matter ) - I get so tired of people who included rape scenarios in their works or worse , centered their story around rape and made it the main theme or thing , make excuses for it , treat it like a joke , ect. Of course , being a woman....I can have mixed feelings about violence towards females in games. Other times I'll think "ok she pretty much deserved that" or even enjoy doing or saying something hurtful to a female character but then I might feel guilty for that kind of thinking because...hey....I'm female too. ;)

I get tired of Nazi crap too but I will play Indiana Jones games , I kinda love IJ , and I sometimes have to put up with fighting nazis or seeing that crap when playing a game because it was part of the game and pretty much usually the point or part of the point of such games.....I have always had mixed feelings about games like doom but they can be kinda fun....it's just really annoying and stupid and sad Nazi ever was - ( and still is with some idiots ) - a thing. And one can easily find it in games , movies , ect.

For me , it's more of "oh , god. nazis AGAIN?!" than "oh this is so very offensive" ...I rarely get offended by it. (laugh)
But I also do sometimes get tired of it 'cause , hey , I'm German and not a Nazi.
I miiight be one in the sense of "grammer nazi" but I don't like the idea of somebody calling me a grammar nazi.
And I would want to hurt anybody who would consider me a "feminazi". Such a stupid word anyway , those haters came up with.
Feminazi? Pfft.

I hope people think of me as a feminist , not a feminazi. A basically good person that just happens to have strong opinions and ideals. *sighs and rubs forehead*

It all depends on why you want to have it in your game and what exactly you are thinking of throwing in there , your target players , ect.

Recruitment / Re: Offer Your Services! (Pre-2016 Archive)
« on: 10 Jan 2015, 07:22 »
I'm not a great artist or a programmer and I'm very rusty from not doing this stuff but I'll try to help out if and when I can.  :-[ I'm so sorry again to the few people who did ask for my help and I was unable to aid them...I failed them. I warn others here that I might disappoint you , I don't mean to...really , I don't! I greatly appreciate any requests and I'll try not to let you down.... ;)...thanks everyone for letting me be a member here and letting me chime in sometimes with the various conversations here. (laugh)

Admittedly , I only kinda know how to code webpages from doing my own work on my own stuff before and I always need to be looking at other stuff while / when I'm working on sites...I don't have that crap memorized anymore and even back then I would need notes and stuff in front of me in order to help...that's how I've always worked when it comes to webpages / websites. :-[

I don't know if laptops have built in microphones or what. I don't know a whole heck of a lot about laptops even though I've been using some for five or six years now. I am considering getting a new microphone and seeing if I can get it to work with / on my laptop somehow. I will probably be installing paint shop pro soon. That's what I've used before along with Microsoft paint and other things back when I was making stuff for the art side. Just giving you all a heads up , I am rather busy these days but I will try and make time for other people. Maybe after dad gets back from vacation and this stupid skin problem I've got disappears , I can be more proactive on my wannabe game creator and game helper dreams...( Ugh, I wish this horrid stuff would stop soon! I hate having weird rashes and itchy bumps all over my skin! )

AGS Games in Production / Re: Kingdom of Ehcilc
« on: 10 Jan 2015, 06:55 »
The art thus far looks nice! I wish I was that good. Is there going to be an option for female gamers to play as a female knight or warrior or a pirate captain or voodoo queen not just the old stereotypes - (  princesses and other damsels in distress, sidekicks , love interests , false "action girls", and standbys ) - various roles or a limited set of roles females can play? Since you said "heroes" as in we'll probably or might be getting choices akin to quest for glory and the elder scrolls from this....am I right or wrong about that? Anyway, just some suggestions for you if you're going to give us ladies some options as well. I have a soft spot for "fluffy" romance stories :-[ but I like playing violent and scary things as well. It's not that I absolutely hate love stories added to things it's just the way people usually go about them - ( think disney princesses ) - is what I can have issues with at times.  I'm already looking forward to playing....no matter what you do or don't do , since it seems that it will be a fantasy game or maybe even "meta" with the way you've been discussing it ( ? )

This project seems to be quite ambitious with what you want to do and how you want gamers to feel and enjoy from the game.

I don't remember how old I was when I was first found out about games and stuff. I know I grew up playing Sierra , ascii art games , Infocom , ect. but I don't know what age I was when I really got into it. I know that I didn't try my hand or coding or anything though when I was a kid...it wasn't until I was older that I started trying my hand at making games...like maybe middle or late twenty-something or and all through my thirty-something years I've been interested in and have wanted to make games. I'm just very bad at really getting anything done beyond text documents and maybe some art most of the time. :-[

I think it's important for parents and other adults to take real responsibility if they are going to let kids have games. Of course it all depends on the games themselves, the kids age and how well the kid understands various things , setting down some rules and boundaries , ect. Just because I don't have kids myself doesn't mean I don't ever think about these kind of things and other adults , especially parents...need to understand that about single people / non-parents. Unfortunately people get real defensive and over-react to stuff when people like me start complaining about kids and parents / what's bad parenting and what good parenting is. (roll)(laugh)

I usually don't like it when people blame parents for every little stupid thing their kids say or do. Because...no, it's not always the parents fault. Sometimes parents end up with bad kids , it's not their fault. It's their kids that are making bad decisions and doing or saying stupid things , not them. I try to have sympathy for parents even though I sometimes think poorly of people with kids and blame them for stuff but usually if I am blaming the parent it IS because the parent , in my opinion, should've never been allowed to have kids and obviously don't know how to raise kids up right...blah blah blah...

And then of course there are the parents who mean well but just can't get through to their kids no matter what they say or do because you can't control everybody , not even your own kids, no matter how badly you may want to. (laugh) I feel for those parents, I really do.

And lastly there are the parents who truly don't deserve to have kids because they are so messed up themselves and don't know the right way to act around other people - ( or they do and don't care )  , let alone their own children and hit them or worse. They are the worst parents in the world...I feel for the children then and hate those kind of people. Then there's certain types of people it's hard to feel sorry for because they are drug addicts or something and when they are on the drugs or drunk they get violent and stuff and that's why they were horrible to their kids...that sort of thing....I am very anti-booze culture and drug culture because it destroys so many lives and people can and usually do lose any goodness in them when they hit rock bottom like that and become addicted to drugs or alcohol. And from what I know and have seen a lot of people who smoke are mean. Not saying they are in the same category as people addicted to drugs or alcohol...but...just saying a lot of people who smoke are mean and it makes me sad when nice people smoke. I'm glad I'm not addicted to drugs or alcohol or cigars and cigs.

General Discussion / Re: New Years Resolutions?
« on: 10 Jan 2015, 03:46 »
I can be and usually am pretty fail at sticking to such things if I make them. I _still_ haven't made an AGS game yet. Not even a short one. *kicks self in the butt and sighs*

And I haven't made any non-AGS games....but the Adrift games I had been working on need to be redone some day anyway. So much work and art lost...*cries* Stupid Sam. Why'd you have to go and die on me?! Well, at least I got five years use out of you. And it was fun when you were working like you were supposed to.

I'm doing good right now though with my promise to myself and "sorta promise" to others that I will check in on the forums at least once every day....

Oh, and I'm being pretty good with taking my pills and stuff when I need to most days.

So...I guess I'm getting at least some things right?

I still feel very bad and guilty about stuff that should've been done a long time ago though and I still haven't done them yet. Like making presents instead of buying them. Or finishing any projects I start. I have to do them all over again anyway because Sam - ( my old laptop ) - died and I haven't been using a non-laptop aka "real PC" at all. *sigh*

*throws two cents in*

If aliens do exist , I think most of us wouldn't / can't say for sure what an alien would look like. For all we know , the so-called "crazies" ( ie alien conspiracy theorists , those who have claimed to have been abducted , those kooky "ancient astronauts" guys , ect. ) They could be right. Maybe not a hundred percent right of course but there could be SOME truth to their claims and beliefs.

Until and unless it happens to you...you aren't an expert on aliens. Don't pretend you are. You should stop calling others crazy , even if they are. So what if they're crazy? As long as they aren't hurting other people or themselves....Let them be "crazy". They're not hurting anybody. They're just telling stories and maybe being stupid and weird , yeah....but they're not hurting anyone. Weird stories , but stories nonetheless. Why let yourself get so worked up about it anyway? What did they ever do to you? What's so upsetting about it? You're afraid they may be telling the truth and you just can't deal with "omg aliens"?! (laugh) Is that it? Or are you just annoyed about and get tired of it? 'cause I can kind of understand that.

Until and unless it happens to you , you can't and don't know for sure on the whole "do aliens and ghosts exist?" For all we know , unicorns can exist and have learned our language and are just not appearing to most of us because they know what huge butts we are. I say humans aren't all that great on the whole even though good people do exist among us. So I don't blame other creatures at all for avoiding us like the plague whenever and wherever they can. Hahaha. We do have this knee-jerk reaction to kill anything that scares us and things we don't understand. We're the real monsters. ( Ever played Always Sometimes Monsters yet? Yeah, the title is kind of stupid but I get it's meaning and what they were driving towards with the game. )

But from what I read , if any of it's true...it would not be a cool fun experience. It would be terrifying and some aliens do reportedly look like the stereotypical "greys" / "grays" and "reptilians" we see in the movies sometimes. I've read some interesting alleged "true stories" of other creatures as well that may or may not have come from space. Like this one person claims they saw something that looked like a mix of lion , human , and scorpion. And they were HUGE or pretty big. I would love to see something like that from a distance and if they were non-hostiles I would love to make friends with one of THOSE creatures if they really exist. Hahaha!

But people can lie. Some people lie. People can and will betray you.
I'm not saying all alleged taken - ( abductees ) - are liars but...I am not going to trust them all either.
They are strangers and while the stories can be interesting to read , take 'em with a grain of salt.
Sympathize if they swear up and down they are telling the truth but having _some_ skepticism is healthy.   

It can be hard to judge what the truth is at times , especially online.
But darn, they sure can make for good scary / interesting stories , eh?!

Nothing short of going through an ordeal themselves is ever good enough for hardcore skeptics. ( in my opinion they are stupid narrow-minded snobs )

And nothing will ever sway a believer from their belief.

Those who believe don't need "proof" , they already have it via their own alleged experiences and faith or whatever.


But why wouldn't aliens grow , learn , and evolve just like other creatures?!

Why wouldn't they be able to look like us or be in disguise with some sort of technology or stuff like in that show Face Off with good cosmetics and prosthetics and what not or whatever...you know what I'm saying...?? *blushes and laughs because she can't spell some words right apparently* I hope you get what I mean. Like magic movie tricks...you can so much now in the business , it's awesome and fun to watch the transformations but people who are masters of their art ...that skill could be used among outsiders ...others as well if they learn / know it. Aliens could learn to disguise themselves in various ways but then again why would so many of them simply not bother or seem stupid enough to not take better care if they are going to take people and mutilate cattle and whatever else it is aliens do.... *shrug* Know what I mean, Vern?

Why would they remain basically unchanged from what they may have been or were originally.... ? *shrugs again*

I don't know. I'm not an expert or anything. I'm more interested in bat people - ( well anyone or anything with wings really ) -  unicorns , grim reaper and other psychopomps, fairies , merfolk, leviathan, behemoth, other giants, elves, vampires, and other so-called imaginary...legendary...and mythical creatures that fascinate me... than in aliens or bigfoot. I don't get obsessions with aliens or bigfoot. Even though I am not sure what to think about aliens other than "ok , aliens are obviously evil from everything I've read about them if they really do exist. Even the ones that are supposedly nice are probably faking it...if they're anything like humans than in a way they're worse than humans because they're so different and you'd think aliens would be smarter than us and everything...since they are allegedly older species and blah blah blah..."

Those are my thoughts. LOL

So , if I saw an alien I'd probably be angry...maybe scared for a while or longer...I don't know , but certainly angry. I would try hard to control the urge to be a judgemental killer , if they exist I'm already biased against most if not all of them.

I would be really angry if they tried to manipulate my emotions or succeeded at manipulating me...because I read some , if not all , aliens can do that. Ugh.Heh.

But thankfully it hasn't happened and I doubt it ever will. I really wish that if they do exist they continue to leave me and my family alone. They should leave other people alone too. And if the MIB exist they are not like the kinda cool guys in the movies. From what I've read so far, the "real" MIB are jerks. (laugh)

Anybody else here play Spore?...or Creatures? I don't have Creatures yet but I finally have Spore and played that for a while. The creatures we make in Spore. What if there were really creatures like the ones in the spore-pedia? Would you think it would be awesome or scary or both , fellow Spore fans?
Wooow...my post ended up being sooo long. Sorry about that, folks.

I don't remember what initially led me to neglect the forums but I'm sure this played a huge part in it too...Sometimes it's really hard to deal with this loss. I think he had planned on becoming a doctor or got interested in the medical field. Before he was taken from us, Jason seemed to have gotten interested in selling photographs....something to do with taking pictures anyway , enjoying taking pictures... it's one of the few things me and my brother had in common....I was often very annoyed and angry with him when he was with us. He hurt my feelings a lot and drove me nuts sometimes , but that's family, right? Heh. But I miss him. I miss him so much.

The whole thing is just stupid and sickening. Two guys...one guy I had never met but kinda "knew" about through talking with my parents and stepfather , ect. The other guy , Chris *spits* , I remember him riding with me and Jason to Mom's place and we all had dinner together once. *curses and mumbles*

And that was...what...only four days or so - ( ? ) - before the murder. :angry:

We may have had our suspicions or "bad vibe" feelings or whatever but didn't even realize that something was seriously wrong until my mother tried to contact him and couldn't get into contact with him because he reportedly missed work. I don't know why they didn't realize two other workers that day missed work too if they didn't realize it.

I can't remember...don't like to think about it.
I'm not good with dates / time and crap..and I don't want to remember that my brother was murdered.
I don't want to memorize the dates.

I can't remember what day it was when my poor mother found my brother's body or when I found a thread online that helped with the case...they stole my brother's ride after they killed him....I don't remember what day it was when I held my father's hand and told him about the disturbing thread I found online about a boy wondering where the heck his brother was 'cause his brother - ( matt I think it was ) - was missing. This helped the police to track them down.
Chris and Matt.

They claimed to be his friends. Real friends don't react to alleged gun fear the way they did. Smart , good people don't react the way they did. If they were truly afraid for their lives just because my brother happened to own a gun , why didn't they just leave and call the police or talked to somebody? They didn't do that. Instead they decided to fight and stab my brother...to kill him. Of course it took my brother's death to realize what big pathetic losers and idiots they were. It took my brother's death to find out that one or both of them was more of an acquaintance really and they were just co-workers / acquaintances not real friends. From what I understand , it was early in the morning or very late into the night - perhaps midnight or so... ( see? not good with time...folks ) - when they went to my brothers for whatever reason they were really there for. So Jason wasn't fully awake or even understood what the heck was really happening to him when it happened. From what I understood , my brother never waved his gun in their face or anything like that. There was no reason , no good reason at all... for him to die. And even if he had waved a gun in their face , I wouldn't have blamed him much for it. Who the heck claims to be a friend and barges in on you unannounced very early in the morning or late at night? Doesn't even call first to let you know they're coming over and ask you to write it down to remind you they're coming over , blah blah , ect. ?! *sigh*

If I could time travel. I would warn my brother..."Don't trust them. They're not your friends , Jason. They're not your friends. Please be careful around them and avoid them like the plague if you can. Please don't live there. Please don't work there. Come live with me and dad or at least near us. In the general area. Something! Anything...anywhere but there. Please."

Now some people may claim my brother was selling weed. I don't know if that's true. I didn't find out until after he died that he may have been taking marijuana. But selling it? I was surprised when I found that out and I still am not sure...do not trust....I'm not saying it's impossible but even if he was , so what? Did those idiots really kill my brother over weed?! Losers.

I really hope that the rumors being spread about my brother are just that, stupid rumors with no truth to them at all. Even if my brother may have smoked weed or whatever the heck stupid thing he may have done...I really hope he wasn't selling it. I doubt he was selling it but I learned a lot from the loss of him.

Also, "MichaelJCheaney" , I doubt you will ever read this but if you do, you're a stupid jerk and I just wanted you to know that. You should've kept your stupid thoughts on the matter to yourself. We don't even know you and you don't know us. ( is that sort of thing allowed on these forums? If not , sorry for letting my emotions get the better of me and turning kinda childish...but you can understand how hurt and angry I am, right? No matter how I feel about my mother sometimes , she doesn't deserve stupid crap from some dumb stranger on the internet. You can edit this part out for me mods if you want to. )

I...ok, I'm done. Thank you for your time and I'm sorry for being Debbie Downer but I had to get this out of my system....

I'm sorry for not being here. Stuff happens. I'm pretty busy these days but I'll still try to check things out regular since I still have this account and I'm back.... I have a new laptop and that's how I'm able to access the internet. Sam - ( my old laptop ) died. I haven't used a pc in a long time even though I still have one I haven't poked around in there for a looooong time and I've been away from these forums far too long. Wow. I haven't done any art on Tyrone - ( my new laptop ) - yet. I don't even have my fave art program installed but I've been considering installing it and trying to get back into creating games and working on art. To everyone who gave even the slightest crap about me , considered me for their projects, and sent me kind messages...thank you. I am happy to see we're at page 46. Thank you everyone for making games and posting in this thread. I've been going through things and downloading new games and older games that I forgot what they were like so it's like playing a new game anyway.....

As people could tell from older posts, I'm better at speaking German and understanding some of it better than I am at spelling the words. Sorry about that.

...I'll try again per your instructions. Thank you for your post.

"Assign the sprites to a view in the 'View' pane of the editor." THAT's what I was missing!

Yay, now I get to see Lars float around in the game I'm working on.

Ok. I've looked over the manual/tutorials, did searches and nothing seemed to have quite the answer I was looking for. Help please. I made a floating eyeball intended to be the player character. His name is Lars and it took me a little while but I got his graphic(s) in the game. However, the "character" Lars has the default craptastic but lovable roger showing up for some reason and I can't figure out how the heck I'm supposed to make the darn thing recognize that I want the graphics from Lars sprite to go with Lars the character, not Roger's sprite(s). In the meantime I'm using Death (from RON of course...who else has a Death char for free? heh) as the player character because I'm stressing over this one. (I'm guessing that this is probably gonna be something really simple that I should've already figured out but was just too impatient or something. *blush*)

Hints & Tips / Re: Odot Tamat On
« on: 18 Sep 2007, 11:29 »
What am I supposed to do about the gorilla? I was hoping I could somehow get the elephant to deal with the gorilla but that doesn't seem to be an option. Fun game.

In the "random banner" up top I currently see a handsome Black haired character and then some shots from other unknown games....something that looks like a dungeon and then a ruin or abandoned building then an old fashioned car (Red) ends the banner. Any information on what adventure(s) these shots are from? I'm especially interested in the mysterious character in the front of the banner. If this rings any bells, please post in here, pm me, or email me at kara_vortex@yahoo.com  :)

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Reactor 09
« on: 15 Sep 2007, 00:04 »
I haven't finished but I already love this game. I agree though that if a moralistic message about respect is part of the "purpose" of the game, it seems uneven because of calling Irene princess and such when he's supposed to be respectful towards her.
Another thing that has me scratching my head is why some things LOWER trust rather than gain it. You'd think that letting somebody know that everybody knows about something "embarrassing" would raise trust plus asking for permission to do something would raise trust, not lower it.

This isn't my usual "cup of tea" plot/storywise but the art is so great and I enjoy all the technical / mechanical stuff in the game even though I have a hard time with such things in both games and real life at times. Hahaha. I can't wait to see what other projects you have in mind.

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