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Hints & Tips / Re: A Tale of Two Kingdoms - Walkthrough
« on: 14 Sep 2007, 15:08 »
Thanks for working on and releasing a walkthough. I sometimes like to spend alot of time trying to do things myself but here it was nice to be able to dive into a walkthrough right away since I have much catching up to do...Haven't played any new AGS games in "ages" until recently and all....heh

Probably not bugs but....(since they're possible spoilers I thought it would be a good to put them in spoiler box or whatever)
Spoiler: ShowHide
When I went to play the game in chapter 1, I couldn't find any pieces to put on the board and since you're not allowed to move pieces alreadyon the board I couldn't really play the game so I never got anywhere with that. I kept looking at the "hints" and trying but I gave up because no matter what I tried it seemed like there wasn't really a way to do anything other than have a closeup of the board and quit or stuff....maybe I missed something so I will go back later and look at the drawer that I just got an idea about but I would be surprised if that changes anything. Then, when trying to fool the captain so I can get the rope, he never comes up fast enough...I go to the balcony and he doesn't come so because he's always so slow or missing I try to go down but that's when I get caught. Minor issue but if you get to a certain spot of the balcony it looks like you're standing in midair right in front of the edge or whatever instead of being _inside" the balcony. I guess I keep going too far to the edge there....thankfully it doesn't impede movement but it's an odd little thing that I kept noticing when trying to fool that guy.

Otherwise the game is very enjoyable so far.
Lovely graphics.
I'm jealous of the artists because I wish I could make backgrounds like that .....I'd love to make games that remind people of King's Quest and other games in art quality but I will probably never be that good.

General Discussion / Re: Female Gamers & Creators
« on: 02 Oct 2006, 02:22 »
So, er..
Will you be calling the group FAGS?

LOL , nope.

General Discussion / Re: How DO they come up with it?
« on: 02 Oct 2006, 02:20 »
Yahoo mail has spam filters too that you can make yourself but if you're working with the free version , after a certain amount of filters , they won't let you make any more. Which is very stupid and annoying if you get alot of spam mail.

General Discussion / Re: How DO they come up with it?
« on: 01 Oct 2006, 14:38 »
Haha , I keep getting spam about Viagra even though I'm a woman ( which there was some way to let the idiots responsible know that I'm a woman lol ) , how to please a woman , and stuff.

Sad how some people view "magic" and such.
I agree that if they are using it only to make money and such , they are most likely frauds that don't deserve the money they get from their exploitation. It's the frauds and the people who are quick to flag everything different as evil that keeps people down over things they shouldn't be down about.

To be down on all "magic" and those who do / use it is pretty upsetting.
I have tried "psi balls" sometimes but haven't mastered it yet since I'm a newbie.
A hardcore skeptic will always be skeptical unless something huge happens them to change their mind. I consider myself a bit of a skeptic but I'm also a believer in many things and I want to believe alot of things.

To say all "white magic" and such is actually Black magic is like saying a White robe is actually Black. Wrong! People wouldn't call it "White" if it was "Black". Although I hate it when people equate White with Good and Black with Evil so much , if you're healing somebody or yourself...this is a good thing not an evil thing....regardless of how you do it...whether through a spell or through special lotion and bandages. If you want to protect your family / yourself through a ritual or spell , how can this be a bad thing? Just because you are using an unconventional method? Pshaw!
Even if you're using "dark" energies ( for some people it is easier to imagine darkness / a "Black light" rather than a White one or a different color entirely... ) , if you don't misuse them then you are doing good. Plus there should be balance in all things.
I prefer the night over the day and I prefer the moon
over the sun but I try to keep myself and things balanced.

General Discussion / Re: Female Gamers & Creators
« on: 01 Oct 2006, 14:04 »
Really? That's a little surprising considering all the action sequences in KH.

Then again , it is "cutesy" in alot of ways
and there's lots of things that can be imagined about it
( such as thinking of certain characters as being more than friends even though they don't really show the relationships that way in the games....lol )
so I can see how it would more of a girl thing.

General Discussion / Re: Female Gamers & Creators
« on: 01 Oct 2006, 13:45 »
I love Kingdom Hearts but it has many elements to it ( not just the cute relationships ) so I don't see how it's got anything to do with this discussion. ( not meaning that in a bitey way...just a little confused lol )

Yeah , I know it's probably silly of me to think that way but I do think of games like Harvest Moon being something that girls are probably more interested in than guys since you take on the role of farmer. Even though there's been two sides of the series ( the main one which you have to play as a male farmer ) , even as you're playing a male farmer you feel like not many guys would be interested in the game.

I hate coding but it's nice when you get it right or get help.
Back when I was into trying to make dreams for Furcadia , the only person I really knew that could help me with stuff was male. Over time I figured out some stuff on my own but I need to try again sometime to make sure I know what I'm doing. I need to relearn how to do the actual coding part though since it's been so long. Sigh.
I'm really grateful for any help but at the same time I feel bad when I can't figure things out on my own....

"But on that note, why have a target audience at all?"
I understand your points to a certain degree but at the same time I stress again that there don't seem to be many games here that are geared towards females. Sure , we can choose not to have target audiences and just make whatever we want but then we may lose some things that way. If you're always trying to make games that can be enjoyed by both genders , then you have nothing to worry about. If you usually make games that even you think only guys / girls would be interested in , you should try and mix it up a little. Even though I intend on making alot of games female-centered , I also intend to mix it up alot.  Wether you're making a game or creating a piece of art for a website , often times you do have to think about a target audience when you're not creating the piece solely / mainly for yourself rather than for others. If you make a game for yourself , then you only have yourself to please. If you make a game that you're wanting others to play , then you have to think about whether or not they'll like this or that. Even if we're not doing this for money , we're still doing it for somebody to check out our work and get their opinions on what's good and what isn't , right? Even if we're making a game just to get something out there , depending on what the game is about , whether consciously ( ack spelling...ok fixed...lol ) or not....there's still a specific audience in mind....


Great game. I got stuck quite a bit for such a short game but thankfully other people had gotten stuck too so there were plenty of hints in the hints and tips area.
It was easy and kinda hard at the same time....because there wasn't the alternative of using the bellows to get the hat , it actually made you think about how to get it down since without a certain item...you just scare "it" off.
Alot of the stuff turned out to be "geeze why didn't I think of that on my own" type stuff
Cedric says he's not agressive or something like that? I must've missed that.
I thought the "bowl technique" thing was funny.
Maybe because he couldn't think of any other way to do it , Cedric felt the need that some mild violence ( he hit people with a bowl...it's not like he threw an axe at them or something lol ) would solve the problem....even if you usually don't think of yourself as agressive , some situations unfortunately call for some bad behaviour.
Actually , lots of things in the game were funny.
I love elves and quite a few of the elves in the game were attractive.
Especially the bartender.
I also liked how Cedric was the only stereotypically short elf. ( poor guy...but still funny )
I hope you make another elf centered game and have more female elves next time , better yet have it be the same elves along with quite a few new faces and maybe this time Cedric could go on a quest to make himself taller whenever he wants ( via a spell or magical item ) or just exploring different places and running into different problems along the way. If he was just exploring he could interact with all kinds of creatures , not just wizards...demons...servants...and kings. LOL

General Discussion / Re: Female Gamers & Creators
« on: 01 Oct 2006, 04:03 »
Queen Kara, 

By saying that there ought to be more games geared towards females, do you mean that there should just be more female player characters, or geared towards females in story and gameplay?  Or both?

I myself would love to find more serious adventure games based on romance and love.  I don't believe that things dealing with emotions and romance are just for girls and things with explosions and action are just for boys.  If it's fun or interesting, I'll play it. 
Both.  I agree with you that stuff isn't always just for one gender it just seems alot of times that there's a definate divide....which is sad. I always find it cool when a guy admits that he likes romantic movies or raising games and stuff like that and when a woman admits that she loves blowing stuff up and running over people with her car in games. Hehehe.

General Discussion / Re: Female Gamers & Creators
« on: 30 Sep 2006, 23:12 »
My few posts in this thread were very joking, but all mirth aside, I'd like to play a game where I couldn't tell whether it was made by a either a male OR a female.  Something with a deep story that
appeals to humanity in general, not select groups.   

Couldn't that be done with enough work, time, and thought?
I agree but I also think there should be more games geared towards females ( not like the goofy commercial crap although I am ashamed to admit I sometimes enjoy those games too except of course for the overuse of Pink and the idea that we'd only be interested in ultra girly games about shopping and hairstyles...lol ) because , like I stated , there just aren't enough games about queens or female knights and stuff and way too many games about male knights and princesses. ( no offense meant to anyone who's made a game like that in fact I loved that knight and squire game even though it kinda annoyed me at the same time it was funny too...lazy lazy stupid knight doesn't deserve to be a knight...lol )

Quote from: Queen Kara
So , how many guys here are interested in creature / child raising simulations and romance novels? lol
Err, isn't it a little stereotypical of you to think that this is what females are generally interested in?
Well , it seems to me that the majority of people who are interested in such games are male ( if we're talking about hentai / ren'ai games for guys or whatever ) or female ( if we're talking about a game where you actually have to be romantic )  , although I don't mean anything in a bad way ,  I'm quickly learning from everybody here about various things....like how I word certain ideas. lol
That's why I asked how many guys here would actually be interested in creature / child raising and romance games. I didn't know.
Guys ( and the girls that have stood up for the guys...bravo ) , I'm sorry for any stereotyping on my part. You know that since I hate it myself , I wouldn't want anybody to think such things about me , right?
I know I could be , have been , am , and will probably wrong about some things.

"Not that a game made by a team of female designers would be better than one made by male designers (to which a lot of replies seem to have been targeted), but that it would be different.


EXACTLY! Thank you. I may not be a great wordsmith all the time but points like that are what I'm trying to make here.
I love different.
Different is good.
( unless of course it's truely bad....like wearing ugly clothes to a formal gathering...lol )

The other day I fell down the stairs ( I only had a few scrapes , a bruised ego , some pain and shakiness for awhile...the scrapes are still there to remind me to be careful again but of course the pain and all that is gone ) and then I was housesitting as a favor to my brother who was supposed to be housesitting for my mom and stepdad but then he remembered he had something else to do , heh , that and my out of touchness with AGS things had / has kept me from checking on forums and stuff. I forgot and I'm sorry.
My website is veeeerrrrry oooold.
So apoligies for any missing / broken links and stupid crap like that that you may come across while visiting if you're bored enough to visit. lol
Thanks to a few people bringing it up , I promise there will be a new section up soon dealing with the projects I have in mind for AGS and other game related stuff. Since it will be new though don't expect too much but please try not to think "oh it's not going to have much so it's not going to be worth visiting" either...you may be surprised. I'm very good sometimes about finishing things.

Should you decide to visit , thank you.

Been playing The Elder Scrolls : Oblivion alot lately.

The falling down the stairs thing....man , it was funny and scary at the same time.
Life is so weird. lol
Sometimes I get so focused on something though that I kinda neglect my own safety and that's what happened...I was wanting to talk to my brother about the housesitting thing , and thought he was upstairs then from his talking back to me and seeing him downstairs I realized he was downstairs , I started to come down the stairs and at some point that's when I fell down. He says it's probably because I was on the edge of the step , trying to turn around or whatever , and then forgetting I was on the edge and turning my foot the wrong way ( or something like that ) that caused me to fall.  *blush*
Of course , mundane things such as taking care of dishs and laundry get in the way of things too.
I haven't drawn much of anything in a long time....for various reasons.
But I do still work on things from time to time.
Ok , so now everybody knows the funny / scary thing that happened to me the other day and other stuff and why I've been out of the loop for so long. lol

General Discussion / Re: Females , Unite!
« on: 29 Sep 2006, 23:53 »

Seriously, though.. I actually find this very discriminating... It would probably be an uproar if a male member would make a similar thread.. "Males, Unite!"

I couldn't think up a better title at the time , I apoligize for any badly chosen wording.
Thanks for not being overly bitey about it though.

Also , the last part in the initial post was a joke. NOTE THE SMILEY / EMOTICON.
( aka the "winking and poking out tongue" face )

"What would be the advantage of an all-girl team wanting to make a great game, compared to just any team wanting to make a great game? Why exclude some wonderful, talented people to contribute to a great game just because they have balls?"
I have nothing against mixed groups , I have nothing against all male groups ( unless of course they were to make mostly stereotypical macho crap with stereotypical female characters. That's another thing entirely. ) , as far as I can tell we females are outnumbered here ( bummer ) so , ( geeze how many times am I going to have to tell people this? lol ) , I mainly started this thread in the interest of meeting other female users ( some people...regardless of gender.....they check forums more often than boards or email more often than forums...blah blah blah ) and hoping the "females unite" thing would catch their eye and would help get more females interested in AGS / making games. As others have correctly guessed , I'm not being anti-male , I'm just being pro female. I am just as grateful to any male who's interested in my limited talent as I would to be a female. The possible "advantage" of an all female group would be more games that females would actually be interested in playing. I love quite a few of the games that have already been made...To be honest , with the exception of "Spooks!" and a few other games , I don't remember what games I like that just happened to have been made by a female....so I think it'd be really cool and wonderful if we dould have more females into AGS since it seems that we don't have many female members. I'm sorry if I'm getting a little bitey about this....

The other stuff I can kinda laugh off , but : "Of course the discussion has left and went ot places that I find interesting, but the initial post, is a little retarded to me."
Ok , that one hurt.
I don't see what's wrong with my so-called "Let's get all the girls together and make games...Yay!" attitude and while I do get a little annoyed with some other comments , 
I do find a "retarded" comment uncalled for.

Some ideas I haven't seen really used much or at all...yet ;
to be considered for game creators ( and stuff I already plan on working on myself ) :
More games that both genders can enjoy ( I know there's quite a few that are like that already...such as The Digital Spell....5 Days A Stranger...GRR! Barely Sane...ect.  )
Ren'ai ( romance aka dating game , visual novel , dating simulation , ect. )
Child / creature raising ( ala Princess Maker ...Oddballz....Creatures... ) games
Female knight ( I am currently enjoying playing as a female knight on The Elder Scrolls : Oblivion but it'd be awesome if there was an AGS game about a female knight too )
I've got another female knight character over at Adventure Quest RPG
More games like Spooks! , where you can play as a ghost / ghoul. ( boy or girl , doesn't matter...in fact I'd like to see at least one game where you can play as a male ghost and since you get to play as a female ghost in Spooks! I wouldn't mind at all if another female ghost story wasn't made...it would just be cool to see another one... )

So , how many guys here are interested in creature / child raising simulations and romance novels? lol

I also love "God gaming" / "survival" , anything where I can control little people to build me something or go hack down trees for materials , ect. makes me happy.
I forget what kind of simulations those are called...um , world building , I guess.
Games like Pharaoh ( which I often tend to misspell ) , The Sims , Black & White ,
Dark Cloud , ect.
I like anything where I can "build" stuff ( or have my people build it for me lol )
and control a creature / person...
I love to customize things.

Sorry if I'm missing anything , I am looking through stuff...

"Age of Discovery" games ( ie Skies of Arcadia / Legends of Arcadia )

Guys aren't the only one that are interested in pixel nudity / hentai games...so - Some naughty games for females ( Even though "Crave" is mainly geared towards males...so far I'm enjoying it too. It's not everyday I get to play as a naughty stick guy with an awesome power. lol I enjoyed what little I've played of LSL too )

Pirates. I know it's been done over and over....

Asian themed games
( Mahjong , Youkai related games , Go , an Asian RPG , Ninjas , Kaiju , ect. )
Youkai / Obakemono / Yokai - spirits demons monsters otherworldly creatures
Kaiju - huge monsters or even huge robots and such but mostly monsters...you know , like Godzilla? lol

A queen on a quest or a peasant girl on a quest to become queen or learns that she is destined to be queen...something like that. PLEASE , NO MORE PRINCESSES! lol

Short game in which you are a Beholder. LOL

A "mom" game that's actually interesting. ( in other words not a stereotypical female mother figure but one who can actually kick butt just as well as she cooks dinner or having a more realistic mom who may not be a great cook but is a lawyer or doctor or something like that )

Instead of mostly fighting monsters ( although you can still fight certain monsters ) , a game that is more about making friends with monsters than fighting them.

A knight that can also cast spells , an honest thief , various hybrids and mixed character / personality types.
( I get so tired of the "you can be a knight but if you choose to be a knight you won't be able to use magic" crap )

Play as a centaur , dark elf , vampire , dragon , or gorgon or something else , ect.

I think it'd be hilarious if there were a game about a lazy female knight who "saves" a guy from a dragon ( or better yet...he's being held captive by a troll! I love dragons so I often feel guilty about enjoying games in which I have to kill a dragon along with a bunch of other creatures....The traditional "tall ugly evil troll" however ....Let's hurt 'em. lol )

As you can probably tell I'm mostly into fantasy and adventure type stuff but I will give sports and "stupid but kinda fun" games like Saints Row a chance too.

I love Chess ( especially Battle Chess ) and Mahjohng

Hmm , I can't remember the names of them but some "non-games" games were really cool....being stuck in one area...having to do a certain task over and over....( a comment on life ) and surrealism....I love stuff like that.

Ok , changed the title.
Now to work on AGS , Ren'py / Re'nai , and ADRIFT stuff!
*sighs as she stares at her mostly empty folders*

Other ideas -
Survival Kids , The Oregon Trail , ect. - like games.

General Discussion / Re: Females , Unite!
« on: 29 Sep 2006, 23:44 »

Seriously though, why do you want a team of females only?

I thought I already explained my thinking in my first / the initial and original post.
And even though you were being sarcastic , you're right , females have...will...and do usually make games that males usually haven't / won't and will not do ( or in some cases not do correctly for a variety of reasons )
If I'm being insulting , I don't really mean to and I'm not wanting any gender wars or anything , like I stated already , I just think it'd be cool to have at least one all female gaming team here. ( or anywhere for that matter...even though they never made games it's a shame CLAMP broke up....they were an all female team who made Anime and Manga btw if you've never "heard" of them for some reason )

Geeze , I leave for a while and this thread becomes popular in a way I didn't intend.
It's really upsetting to come back and see that what you thought was a really good idea shot to hell like this.

I now predict that if I wanted to chat about Germans forming a game making team of only German gamers / creators ( assumming there's not one somewhere out there already ) , alot of people here would take THAT the wrong way too. >_<

Sorry for any and all bad spelling and THANK YOU to all the people that got it.
*hugs the people that got it and gives them chocolate chip cookies or whatever snack they prefer*

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Offer Your Services
« on: 25 Sep 2006, 10:21 »
I apoligize to any people I've let down that regularly check their email , pms , game threads , ect. and thanks to all the wonderful people
who work on games and especially thanks to the people that have requested my services.
I can't do voice acting anymore since I lost track of my computer microphone.
I'll probably get a new one someday anyway. Hopefully someday SOON. lol
Please don't give up on me and thanks again for everything.
I'm going to housesit for my mom , ( well it's really a favor to my brother ) , starting tommorrow so I won't be checking the forums for the next couple of days but I won't be gone long.  Apoligies if you try to reach me and I seem to take a while or longer to respond.

General Discussion / Female Gamers & Creators
« on: 25 Sep 2006, 10:09 »
I thought this would be the safest place to put this.
Any way , I think any and all females here should try and join as a team.
I'm an amateur at alot of things myself , so I apoligize if I'm not much help with games but I try and am always grateful for any interest in me and my limited skills. ^_^;

It would be nice to know just how many members here are female and it would be cool to have an all female group ( even a small one ) involved in helping each other and others out , creating games as a team , games that weren't made as a team but still by a female AGS member , blah blah blah.

What do you all think? ( and a note for male creators : thanks for any non-stereotypical female characters in your games and the ones that do make stereotypical female characters in their games...I want to hurt you. ;-P )

I'm still looking forward to the finished product.
Best wishs.

Strange , I loved the voice acting in the demo and stuff.
Maybe the version I got was different though , I dunno.

Any way , I can't wait to buy and play the full game.
The story , the art , the voices , ( I don't remember though what the music / sound effects were like...doh... ) , everything is great.

I have always been interested in Jewish culture and
it's about time somebody made something like this. ;-D

I haven't heard Limp Bizkit's stuff much and I never knew about this song / The Who's version or original or whatever....Now that I've heard both , I wish I would've known about them sooner. Both versions rock hard. LB's is creepier...but TW's version is....well , it's TW. Who doesn't like The Who? ( lol )

I disagree with some people about lyrical music ( or any music for that matter ) in games , if it's a really good song / good music then it's not going to get old quick or be annoying. In some cases it's only through games that have lyrical music that I find out about a "new" song or whatever. ( well...new to ME anyway...lol )
Thanks very much for making this game , without it I probably would still be totally in the dark about "Behind Blue Eyes" ...I love the song sooo much I even blogged about it. lol Often it's hard for me to like , let alone love , a song I haven't heard before right off the bat but for "Behind Blue Eyes" , nope...not the case / BOOM instant fan

Um , yeah , it was kinda predictable and everything , but it's still a pretty cool game.
My old computer has gone nuts recently and refuses to work correctly.
I stupidly didn't copy my Oddballz ( a great old game ) onto my new computer like I should have....had plenty of chances to and kept meaning to do so ....now that Neo Oddballz has been long gone and stuff , it's going to be like pulling teeth to get another working copy. For some reason some of the downloads from The Underdogs no longer work for me but others do. Unfortunately , the Oddballz program is one of the games I want that won't download for me anymore.
Any way , I downloaded AGS again but since it's been so long I'll have to reread how to do stuff....again. -_-;;
Thanks to everyone that makes games and all , glad to see people still very much interested in AGS and all.
Sorry for any and all off-topicness.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Alter Ego
« on: 08 Dec 2005, 04:29 »
Wow , this looks really cool.

Has anyone else noticed that lately these and other games that were previously on microtech are now down / the links aren't working? I'm sorry if this is bringing up an old thread and such but I thought people should know since nobody else has mentioned it. If anybody has this game and others that were previously on microtech , I would appreciate it very much if they sent me copies if they can to my email address - kara_vortex@yahoo.com

or we can try to work out something else if you're having problems for some reason sending them as attachments.
Please and thank you.

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