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It looks beautiful , I love Anime style games and RPGS / adventure games ..... Haven't played the demo yet , will edit post later when I have...lol

Thank you for making / working on this!
Best wishs.

As much as I love Oz , I love Alice In Wonderland more.
I don't get why people are so against certain games and stuff though. I love stories no matter how bright or dark , disney or American McGee , a slightly twisted Oz for kids and an even more twisted Oz for adults to enjoy reading about or playing in , ect.
It's all good.

Did you all know there's a series of figurines called "Twisted Land of Oz"?


Also , there's a "goth" version of Oz at otakuworld.com somewhere in the "KISS" ( kisekae aka electronic paper dolls ) section.

And like somebody else said , there's already been a movie about dorothy being sent to an asylum but it definately didn't have any brief nudity and stuff in it. *laughs*

( In my opinion American McGee's Alice should've been an RPG or adventure thing not a first person puzzler / doom-like crap ...the art and music are fantastic but the in game art at times were crap and the game was super slow...ok I only tried the demo...but still... )

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Older games / Dante's Day
« on: 17 Jun 2005, 10:05 »
Does anybody still have Dante's Day?
I'd like to have this old game again  , I tried the old thread but the link there doesn't work anymore and the creator didn't leave up an actual email address so I have no way of reaching him / her.  I can't think of any other old games with similar problems at the moment but feel free to add comments so that I'm not the only one complaing about the lack of being able to find an old game.  ;) Please and thank you.  If you need to be reminded about the story in the game , you play as a Jester and you have to take care of some stuff for the king , however the game has a very sad ending. I thought such a thread wouldn't really fit elsewhere so apoligies if this isn't where it's supposed to be.  I'd love to have Dada Christmas Special: Stagnation in Red & White again too.

When trying to download from the "all fixed" link , I got this message :

"Error, specified download could not be found"

I apoligize , I didn't know this was considered an old thread...I have been going through threads and downloading stuff , pm-ing people , ect. I usually PM people if it's an old thread so I wouldn't have done it had I known. 

This may help more than my earlier / initial complaint :

Suggestions of Worthwhile Servers To Upload Demos and Stuff To

General Discussion / Re :
« on: 17 Jun 2005, 03:14 »
Note : No , I'm not a moderator nor is it my intention to pretend to be one. I just don't want you all to keep getting into trouble and would be happy if there were less locked topics. Thank you. I apoligize if I've done anything wrong.

Please , dear newbies , PLEASE read the rules before posting
Help requests ( wether for hints or help with making your game ) do not go in the "in production" area / section and if you have a demo or "trailer" of your game ready ...please put up screenshots in your thread about the game.  A big part of why I initially made this thread was in hopes of more newbies not making the same mistakes other newbies have made. 

Please read each and every single thread that has the word rules in it so you won't get into trouble and we can enjoy an unlocked thread...even the ones not listed here so if you ever want to post in technical areas or some other subject , it's a good idea to read the rules first

In Production Games

Completed Game Announcements

Other Important Stuff

How To Post Screenshots

Production Thread Example

( in other words this is to give you an idea of how your thread is supposed to look when you start posting about your game in the "in production" area )

Suggestions of Worthwhile Servers To Upload Demos and Stuff

Another suggestion is to PM the creator of a game if you've got the urge to reply and you've been looking through threads , no matter how "new" a thread seems.   :-[

With all that out of the way , hello and welcome to the AGS forums!

AGS Games in Production / Re: LAPD(new screenshots)
« on: 16 Jun 2005, 19:53 »
Blue Force is another one to look into if you're a fan of cop games. It's free too.
I'm usually not a fan of cop games
but I sometimes play them anyway 'cause they can be interesting at times.
I haven't played all of the Police Quest games but the one I did play wasn't very fun.
Nice screenies.

Hints & Tips / Re: Dr. Kur
« on: 15 Jun 2005, 22:16 »
The teddy is one of the first objects in the game , remember the table at the start , one certain object is "take-able" but the others aren't.  Hope that helps.

Hints & Tips / Re: Dr. Kur
« on: 14 Jun 2005, 20:30 »
I've tried that already , ( sorry for not mentioning that in the last post ) , it says I can't use that on the remains / it doesn't do anything. Thanks though.  Also I tried restarting and trying to get it blessed before they released the spirits but that doesn't work either since whenever you're getting the object , that's when they start the seance.

Hints & Tips / Re: Dr. Kur
« on: 14 Jun 2005, 19:06 »
Seeing as how they "killed" the priest and others , how am I supposed to get the rosary blessed?


Completed Game Announcements / Re: Detention!
« on: 14 Jun 2005, 16:08 »
I love it when I can finish a game without using a walkthrough either through lack of patience or getting stuck on certain things / not being able to get past even the first level or task....
Thank you very much!


I use MS Paint along with any other art / graphics programs I can get my hands on. I especially enjoy using MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro , Paint is good for starting things and making basic stuff and Paint is good for effects , finishing touches , ect.
Not trying to be off topic just meaning that I hope you don't really give up on MS Paint since it's not that bad even though it is simple.
"When i need to use special effects on pic, MS Paint is not enough for it. "
Yeah , that's why I use Paint Shop Pro.
I thought you meant you were never going to use MS Paint for any graphics ever again or something similar.
I think you use MS Paint the same way I do , just for basics , then , like you say , using other programs for the special effects and any special patterns / style you want to use.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Peasant's Quest VGA
« on: 14 Jun 2005, 15:00 »
Yay , a game that uses / imitates the King's Quest interface without being a KQ game!
Also , I like the "Rather Dashing Swearing revenge on Trogdor the Burninator" preview the best. Great detail and a touch of humour yet obviously a bit of a serious moment at the same time.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Long expected Friday.
« on: 14 Jun 2005, 14:13 »
I can't even figure out how to make a cup of coffee , nothing "lights up" when I move my mouse over something when it comes to the kitchen so how can I interact with the kitchen / make coffee without the ability to use the sink , a cup , ect?

Anybody else having problems with the download link lately?

AGS Games in Production / Re: Rapstar 1.5
« on: 14 Jun 2005, 13:44 »
Sorry for getting off topic.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: The Elevator!
« on: 14 Jun 2005, 12:15 »
Even though you used borrowed graphics , it's great because I think it would've been less creepy with drawn / other art like how I and others can draw an elevator , have trouble with walking animations , ect.  I'm not saying we're bad or that we can't make creepy games , it's just easier to get freaked out I think by really good renders / 3D than drawn art. Especially when you have it so the PC is alone or seems alone. Even in games like Silent Hill 2, you mostly are going through creepy and disturbing situations alone. Maybe it's the mix of realism ( the textures and colors of the elevator and the character...ect. ) and surrealism ( being stuck in elevator and having no idea how you got there...no apparent way to get out...ect. ) *shrugs* Lastly , I can understand how hard it is to make "original" 3D because I've kinda tinkered around with stuff like that before and I was totally clueless , even supposedly easy programs like Daz....I played around a bit and quickly got frustrated and bored 'cause I was so clueless , ended up deleting it and have decided just to tell others who actually know how to use these things and stuff where they can find Daz. *laughs* I was disappointed with the ending , I was expecting / hoping that a monster or insane killer / robber was going to attack him or something like that.

I see no screenshots.
Were they removed because the graphics are "awful"?
I would be surprised if I was the only one interested in the screenshots issue so that's why I posted about it instead of PM-ing , just so people know.
I haven't played it yet but will soon.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Rapstar 1.5
« on: 13 Jun 2005, 02:41 »
I don't like rap much either and although it's kinda funny due to parodying real rap "artists" names , I agree that there are going to be people who normally hate rap who will like it and if they have a sense of humour , rap lovers who will enjoy it. On the other side , like somebody else stated rap lovers might hate it because it takes licenses with real rapper's names. *shrugs*  I usually only listen to rap by guys like Will Smith and Beastie Boys. It's funny , I know I can be quite a butt when it comes to the subject of "White" rappers but I love "you have to fight for your right to party" and some other songs by BB. 

"I'd say the same for rock. It's all noise and screaming to me."
Huh? You've never heard of Queen and other guys? It's not all screaming and noise.  Bohemian Rhapsody , November Rain , Under Pressure , ect. all qualify as Rock , right?  There's tons of rock out there that isn't "noise and screaming". I know you stated you were joking afterwards but I'm just saying.
I'm a music fanatic , especially a rock lover so if I seem a little touchy about it that's why. Heh.
( I love just about anything and everything except for rap and country ...so you might catch me listening to Deep Forest one minute and Cake the next )

If I was rap fan I'd help you with the English rhymes since I consider myself pretty good at that... Good luck and best wishs!

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's your favourite GAME?
« on: 13 Jun 2005, 02:17 »
It's hard to list just one game.

Computer : Total Distortion
The Kyrandia series
Woodruff & The Schnibble
True Love
Monkey Island series
Maniac Mansion fangames and commercial
Garfield fangame
Barn Runner ( strange and that's why I love it )
Leisure Suit Larry series ( unfortunately I only have the fan remake...someday I hope to own the commercial games )
5 Days A Stranger
7 Days A Skeptic
Goblins series
Kasuka and other original / fanmade Ren'ai ( aka romance simulation ) games
Tic Tac Toe , Tetris , Pac Man , and other "short 'n simple" games
Princess Maker 2
Zork series and other commercial interactive fiction games
Mourir En Mer
Galatea and other original interactive fiction games
Life In A Box
Amazing Adventures of Lucy Lavender
( ok so technically that was just a demo....but still )
and other games by Pappillon (sp.?)
Digital Spell
I Spy ( Reality On The Norm ) series
Super Girl fangames
Larry Loader
Ben Jordan series
Quest For Glory fangames and other silly parodies ( I know some people look down on them for the adult content but I think they can be quite funny )
Loom ( I don't have it yet but I already considered myself a fan a long time ago )
Amber ( Journeys Beyond )
King's Quest and other Sierra games
Simon The Sorceror
Elvira's Horror Pack
Sam & Max
tons of other games ,
some of which I have
...most I don't have yet
but I know about them
thanks to the internet
so I already think they're cool

Console : Legend of Zelda series
Mario Brothers series
Animal Crossing
Okage Shadow King
Stretch Panic
Devil May Cry
Pokemon Sapphire
Skies of Arcadia
Evolutia / Evolution 1 and 2
( World of Sacred Device and Far Off Promise )
Earthbound / Mother
Pokemon Emerald
Silent Hill
Chaos Legion
Kingdom Hearts
Mohawk and Headphone Jack
many others even though
I don't own alot of survival horror and other games

Other : Chess
a few others

Hints & Tips / Re: Hero of the infamous kingdoms
« on: 05 Apr 2005, 17:56 »
P.S. When / if my walkthrough ever shows up where its supposed to be , then I'm sorry to you all if I forgot to mention you....without these boards and you people helping others , ( yes I was stuck for a while myself so I had to look here ) ,  I wouldn't have been able to do the walkthrough at all 'cause I'd still be stuck. I'm going to have to redo it anyway since I , ( and I know other people will probably be annoyed as well ) , can't stand waiting. For some reason the last time I tried to update my site it wouldn't let things that I uploaded show correctly / at all , so hopefully when I put the walkthrough up at my site it will work. But of course first I have to work on that / upload it! I will put the url up after starting and checking , blah blah blah. Until then I apoligize for not being able to help in here since I've never been able to do the "hint" / "hide" thing in here correctly. *blush*
I hope people appreciate my efforts anyway! *laughs*

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