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People keep saying to look at the hints but I still can't find any rocks that he will pick up , I even tried starting over and clicking around the area where the rock you can move is but still he won't pick up a rock. I can only get as far as defeating the enemy and having jar of water and helmet in my inventory!
Cool game by the way , in my opinion the title is misleading ,  ( I don't remember any mention of having seven sense in the series then again it's been a long time since I've watched it....oooold Anime. ) , it makes you think it will be a parody or fan game based on / of The Sixth Sense or something , which of course have nothing to do with Anime. *laughs* Unless / until you see the screenies you're thinking other things and expecting other things in the game. At least that was / is true for me at least. ( sorry for using the slash symbol so much...*blush* )

The Rumpus Room / Re: Comprehensive list of AGSers Sites
« on: 02 Apr 2005, 15:16 »
Somebody suggested to me that I should put a list I made in some places other than in my newbie thread / that it was better suited here and another place. I think it's a good idea so I hope you all like it.

May Not Always Be Working Links

Working Links

Broken Links

Critics' Lounge / Re: Tutorials
« on: 02 Apr 2005, 15:13 »
Somebody suggested to me that I should put a list I made in some places other than in my newbie thread / that it was better suited here and another place. I think it's a good idea so I hope you all like it.

May Not Always Be Working Links

Working Links

Broken Links

I didn't want to start another topic about this , so I hope it's ok to put here. ( I don't know why it wouldn't be...*shrugs* )
Unless I start getting PM-s or something , asking me to change the post or whatever , I'm going to keep it here but now I'm going to have it in two other places 'cause I think one person had good suggestions about it. Thank you very much.

May Not Always Be Working Links

Working Links

Broken Links

Hints & Tips / Re: The McReed Case: stuck on monster
« on: 02 Apr 2005, 09:12 »
Grrr , I keep using the wrench on the bricks and did it five times too , so why am I still getting killed?!
Please help.
Thank you.

Hints & Tips / Re: Hero of the infamous kingdoms
« on: 02 Apr 2005, 08:01 »
I recently made and sent off a won't be there for a while ( "The game won't appear in the main list, until a moderator moves it there" ) but be on the lookout at :


Haha , this is fun!
I hope the next project(s) is/are more serious though.
And another one like this every great once in a while.
I am very excited about the merge.

Here is a piece of production art I constructed to give an idea of what we might like to do in places in the game.

  Whoa , that is awesome! *feels like she could faint anytime*

While I have mixed feelings about other screenshots ,  I know it's still a work in progress so hopefully everything will turn out allright / alright in the end.  I've long wanted a VGA version and it's great that you guys are working on it. Thanks very much.  Regardless of how it turns out , I still look forward to playing it. I may or may not ever do / complete it, but I had / have plans at my own attempt at a remake of this game myself someday.  So just to cover my butt in advance , it's not going to be a "rip off" people , it's just because I am such a huge fan and have the selfishness or whatever of wanting to do things myself! So , please , no name-calling. I am not saying you willl but I wanted to rant a little , heh. Sorry if you happen to not care and I just seemed to waste your time. Wasn't my intention. Thanks again for everything.

Odd , it won't work.
Not even in DOS mode , and I tried changing settings different ways a few times too in case something about that was the problem , dice.
Well , at least Life In A Box works.
Thanks again.

General Discussion / Re: The Sierra Network
« on: 24 Mar 2005, 05:53 »
Back then , I kept meaning to get involved with it but never did and then of course after things fell apart I despaired over not having ever gotten the chance to experience it. But if it was really that awful , maybe I should be glad that that happened...

Keep up the great work!

*claps* I'm an MM fan , ( I prefer to call it CM as in Crazy Mansion...but I still love the games ) , and sorta a ROTN ( reality on the norm ) fan so the idea of a ROTN - imitating MM series is appealing to me.
There's only two "official" MM games , right?
I doubt lucasarts or whatever are going to make a third one so any fan projects of MM are much appreciated.

You two should make a game about it!
( yes i have no comments about the previous subject and I concentrate on "in jokes" ...sorry )

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Life in a Box
« on: 21 Mar 2005, 05:33 »
I'd like a copy of this too , please and thank you.

I know this is an older game but anybody got a copy of it?
I also am aware that it's not really a "game game"  and the message is a commentary on life , that's why I like it.

Ok , downloaded and played both versions.
Thanks so much for the improvements in the new version!
The old version is good but it's always nice to see people go the extra mile to make things even better when they know that it could be better.
I liked how you added some extra humor about the fake supergirl too instead of having the real one just repeat jokes for each time she's talking about the fake's hair color.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Zooreal - January MAGS
« on: 21 Mar 2005, 04:14 »
I think I forgot to mention , but the other day when I was playing it , I _did_ eventually get the darn gate open and stuff.
A little annoying in parts but great game overall.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Robotragedy
« on: 21 Mar 2005, 04:11 »
I do like to wander around in a game unless of course it's a dungeon or maze / "battle every five seconds" rpg sorta thing.
It's funny that I keep saying I am so into rpgs but I hate them too 'cause they almost always have a maze / dungeon crawling feature / areas and battles every five seconds.
I'd rather just chat with characters , play with stuff , and explore the world.

"There has been quite a bit of progress made on Shadowplay, but not in an entirely positive direction. I've had to make some big decisions on the future of the project, and I'm sure that some people will be disappointed. I can't say too much about it right now, but expect another update in a week or two."
Uh - oh , that doesn't sound good.
I hope things won't be TOO bad as I was / am looking forward to seeing the finished game too...the screenshots looked / look great and although its been a long time since I've seen this thread it seems like it would be a great game if you can find some way to pick up and finish the way you intended....but it sounds like maybe you aren't going to be able to....Hmm...*worries*
( sorry if I'm not making much sense...I'm trying to.
I know ...I know...I probably shouldn't be posting when I'm grumpy and tired and stuff....and I know some people are going to think..."if you're tired...sleep" but I wanna stay up / can't sleep )

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