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Thanks for the shaming Grundy!!

So... When are you kickstarting? :P

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: AdventureX 2013
« on: 11 Dec 2013, 16:30 »
Also, Ali, I was disappointed at the inability to punish m0ds in the CYOA you did this year.

Must try harder :P

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: AdventureX 2013
« on: 11 Dec 2013, 16:25 »
I'd just like to say thanks to you guys for hosting this event again this year, and more importantly finally getting good old Cecil to come down and do a talk!!!

I hope you don't mind me saying it was a huge improvement on last year, if a little crazy with poor Kris and Tom getting dragged into panels to cover disappearing people.

Apologies to any people I didn't really get the chance to talk to. I "think" I saw custard there but was not too sure, and possibly Technocrat, whom I didn't get the chance to speak to last year either.

I spoke to Matt briefly who seemed to be half asleep after partying with DDQ all night (who ironically seemed rather fresh-faced). I never did get round to catching up with DDQ, I was pretty hungover (like m0ds last year but without the sleeping and feeling sorry for myself :P ). Hopefully all those love messages I left you on IRC will be enough when you next log in :)

Personal favourites would be the demonstrations of Her Majesty's Spiffing and Jason the Greek, which are approaching the end of their Kickstarter Campaigns:

I regret missing the Adventure Creator demonstration by Chris Burton, but there was a clash with a talk I wanted to see and unfortunately I had no idea which guy he was to go and pester him afterwards. If by any chance anyone has anything from that I would greatly appreciate it.

Slowly I'm afraid,

I don't have a lot of spare time these days (hence why you probably don't see me on here that often). I haven't done much since myself and miguel last spoke. I'm moving house in a few weeks that will take out my whole commute to work and free up some much needed time to work on it.

Hopefully we'll have a nice surprise for you some time next year.

I would love to know if Ghost is still working on Collateral Jelly and if not, he should :)

Also, what's going on with the whole Grundi-304 Reaper/Rebirth thingy?

Got the time off and the tickets booked so see you all there!

A few years ago whilst I was studying at university (around the time when ZP kicked off), a friend of mine watched them religiously whenever they came out and thought they were brilliant. I pointed out that Yahtzee had made some brilliant games in AGS but he didn't seem interested. Sad really, since we were both studying for a Games Technology degree. Yahtzee ending up becoming more popular for his ranting and whining than he ever did for his games.

I used to enjoy the ZP stuff when it started, but I guess the novelty wore off. I think he tries to hard to be funny in some of the episodes..

Ah well, maybe one day he will actually start making games again. I look forward to that

I'm not sure about the rest of the game but it looks like the English proofreading still needs a little work though - in the scene immediately after you go up in the hotel elevator, I came across "payed" and "surtainly", which should have been "paid" and "certainly".  I don't want to be nit-picky - I've certainly enjoyed the game so far - but it's something you should be aware of.

Thanks for digging those out CaptainD, I only got the latest script on Friday and I've been unable to work the weekend due to family commitments. I've amended the errors you pointed out and a few others ones I have noticed and the latest version has been sent to miguel to update as we speak.



If you are considering this how about (If recommended modules get hosted on the AGS Server) an installer that lets you select what modules you would like on install of AGS and retreives them from the server upon installation.

Alternatively a modules hub could be integrated into the editor that pulls them from the server similar to what programs like Netbeans does with it's plugins, Distros of Linux do with their update systems (ie apt-get guis) etc etc.

Regardless these are not really things I think are important. It's not hard to grab your modules from the forum.

Hints & Tips / Re: OROW 8
« on: 13 Jul 2013, 15:33 »
Thanks Adeel  :)

Hints & Tips / Re: OROW 8
« on: 13 Jul 2013, 14:40 »
Kanji Gakusei

How do I

Spoiler: ShowHide
 get the last / mountain kanji?

The Rumpus Room / Re: Let's do some insult swordfighting!
« on: 13 Jul 2013, 13:09 »

You fight like a dairy farmer!

How appropriate, you fight like a Ponch!


You are as repulsive as a Monkey_05_06 in a negligee

Papa Roach - Silence is the Enemy

sounds very Prodigy-y

The Rumpus Room / Re: Let's do some insult swordfighting!
« on: 30 Jun 2013, 11:41 »

Shame on you! Kids with toys are far more dangerous than you!

Listen boy, you need to stop waving that dildo around like a feather duster


My swordmastery is known across the seven seas

The Rumpus Room / Re: Let's do some insult swordfighting!
« on: 23 Jun 2013, 23:33 »

 > You are like ZERO "0". No matter how much I help you, yet you remain the same.

You hear that one from your mother? I guess she's to blame!


Your insults stink as bad as your breath

I'm sure I've seen a similar topic to this crop up before...

I found Udacity to be quite helpful. It's a lot more in depth and focuses on a little bit more than Web based programming

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 22 Jun 2013, 17:46 »
I have all sorts of these lying around. I buy humble bundle keys and then end up forgetting to claim them and buy them games twice (and then don't even play them  :-\ ).

Anyway may as well get rid of some more...

Cave Story+ and Binding of Issac + Wrath of the Lamb dlc are also sat unredeemed in this bundle. I have both already on steam...

Anyone want to claim these?

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 22 Jun 2013, 17:17 »
Legend of Grimrock anyone?

EDIT: As in I have a spare, anyone want it?


Is Charles Cecil actually confirmed this year?

The Rumpus Room / Re: Can you solve this riddle?
« on: 17 Jun 2013, 20:43 »
3) Pole Vault? I was thinking Rowing Paddles but you would leap backwards.

My other guess would've been the hammer throw.

Then as a last attempt I would say Pen. Because the pen is mightier than the sword, and sharp with wit.

If we are to keep in line with Rumpus Room, I would like to put forward rusty ski poles as an alternative answer

But it's not either of these is it Renodox?

2) Only thing I can think of is "air". I don't have any smart remarks for this one sorry.

Can we merge this into the other ridiculously long thread on religion that ultimately went nowhere?

@Monkey , Miguel, Adeel : Don't argue with an atheist, they will always question your beliefs. If you are happy with them, then good for you  :)

@Khris, Crimson & other atheists / supporters of this side of the debate : Don't argue with a religious person, they are just as stubborn about their faith as you are about your lack of it.

All religions have a deep rooted level of corruption in them. It's about taking the good things out of the stories and overlooking the stuff that is quite obviously bullshit. All religions when broken down to their basics provide a good foundation of morals and ethics. After that, it's up to the person themselves what story to believe / not believe.

As for the whole homosexual thing.. I have no idea where the thread derailed (not like it was railed in the first place). I personally don't see why it matters. If it means they are going to hell or whatever in your religion then so be it. It's not like it's your problem. If you are an atheist and have issue with it then I think it is quite hypocritical to have issue with people who are free thinking and as liberal as you claim to be.

Personally I feel a tiny bit uneasy when I see 2 men kissing each other in public, but then I think hetero couples go far too overboard with it all too and that makes me uncomfortable. I'm hardly going to go around locking up homosexuals or start executing them for their beliefs / lifestyle choices / way they were born (circle whichever one you think is applicable). That stuff is what lead to WWII (yeah I'm invoking Godwins law again). In some way I think it's quite admirable that they continue to show their feelings in public despite the fact there are still so many people intolerant towards it.

Now I'm kinda hoping my magical ability to kill threads is still working as I'm getting bored of these Religion threads popping up  :(

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