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Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: 25 Sep 2015, 23:14 »
Hi Guys.

I'm having problems getting MIDI music to work on my tablet.

I'm using version 3.3.2 of the android port
I'm running it on an ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700T tablet running Android version 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean)
I've placed the MIDI patch file in the same folder as android.cfg and my game folders (/storage/emulated/0/AGS/) and named it patches.dat (file size 19MB)
I'm trying out all of the special edition Chzo Mythos games (5 days a stranger etc..) and am unable to get any MIDI music working (works on PC)

Did anyone else encounter this and have found a solution?


I always have the TV on, no matter what I do, except when I sleep, and it's always on on Cartoon Network unless I know there is something better someplace else

You're doing quite a Monkey Island marathon there

I'm not sure about it, but I believe Monkey.001 is not an archive, it's a file in the game itself, obviously, you should click on executable files (EXE), if you don't have it, you probably didn't download the whole thing.
If you are just missing the EXE than you can play it using ScummVM

General Discussion / Re:War unleashed...
« on: 24 Mar 2003, 17:42 »
Well, I don't know, they seem to be pretty certain about what they show, they actually show the map and draw lines to show how the tanks are going to cross the euphraties (probably a spelling mistake, but you and I know it as the biblical "Prat" river ;)) river, and how the choppers are supposed to provide the cover

General Discussion / Re:War unleashed...
« on: 24 Mar 2003, 17:29 »
I don't know if anyone raised this issue in this post, but I'm watching FOX News and they seem to be detailing all the plans of the coalition forces for the viewers, isn't that a breach of military intel?, I mean, won't Saddam's forces be able to forsee their movements and be better prepared by this? isn't there supposed to be a fog of war about military plans of action?

I wanted to divide the game into several resource files but that didn't work well with the VOX file, so reluctently I had to leave it as one large file and thats where the slow downs come from


You could also link to the ags games page from your sig. BTW.

I've tried that but it seem to be replacing all the & characters with &am or something, and naturally it doesn't go well with the ags games page

*** spoiler alert ***

The machine room is underneath the motel, you need to get access to it by first draining all the water from the pool, and than blowing a hole in the pool's floor

I remember Yahtzee vaguely, since he disappeared around the time I joined the community, I remember him writing all sorts of articles about adventure games, or am I confusing him with someone else?

WinAce (and WinZip for that matter) is not a download manager, there is no reason for it to take control of any download manager, it's like saying the new toaster oven you bought has taken over your TV set and started showing chick flicks while your were making dinner ;)

Here is what you need to do:

1) Download the file (or files if you want the talkie) using any download manager you want, or not using any download manager at all, however you want to download it, it doesn't matter

2) Go to the website, download and install their free program

3) Double click on the file and extract it using the program to whereever you want

4) Have fun

No... this is not a sequel... ;)

After being offline for quite a long time, Night of the Hermit is back online, so for all of you who haven't had the chance yet:



New project to be announced soon...

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